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Gift Baskets Overseas Launches First Annual Father’s Day Best-Basket-Builder Competition!

International gift delivery company Gift Baskets Overseas challenges customers all over the globe to build a better gift basket this Father’s Day!

Gift Baskets Overseas, the experts in international gift delivery, today announced the commencement of its first annual Best-Basket-Builder contest for Father’s Day—fathers all over the globe are sure to be in for a treat this year! Celebrated in over 50 countries around the world including the US, Canada, the UK, Mexico, France, Greece, Japan, China, Argentina, India, South Africa, Ukraine, and many other countries on the 3rd Sunday of June (June 20, 2010), this special holiday commemorates fatherhood and paternal bonds. This year, celebrants will have the chance to win a FREE Father’s Day Gift Basket of their choice (up to $120 value)!

How can you get in on the Father’s Day action? It’s simple! All you have to do to become a lucky winner is show off basket-building creativity by designing your very own Father’s Day Gift Basket with Gift Baskets Overseas’ unique basket builder option at Gift basket Builder page
(take a look at this how-to manual to learn the basics). Once you’ve designed your one of a kind Father’s Day Gift Basket simply make a screenshot of your masterpiece, think of a creative, catchy name for your custom gift, and submit them on our Gift Basket Contest page by June 5th, 2010.

Make your father feel special and appreciated this Father’s Day! Use your creativity, thoughtfulness, and consideration to let him know he’s number one. Take the initiative and make this Father’s Day a perfect one for your beloved dad with his own custom gift basket. First, think of things your dad adores, such as fishing, watching football, having picnic in countryside, or visiting a concert of his favorite band; then try to make his wish come true. In addition, make a lovely dinner with his favorite dishes, and, of course, present him with a Father’s Day gift from your heart. A beautifully decorated gift basket filled with your father’s favorite items is a sure choice.

At the end of the contest we’ll choose 5 candidates for the best picture and name combo, publish them on our blog, on Facebook.comas well as on our contest page. Then it will be up to you, the readers, to decide who will be the winner. The candidate who receives the most votes published in the comments underneath the photos at will get the first prize, a FREE Father’s Day Gift Basket (with a maximum value of $120.00) chosen from!

Although the date and style of celebrating Father’s Day may vary from country to country, the spirit of the occasion remains the same: it’s celebrated with enthusiasm and love across the globe. Make sure you take an opportunity to send greetings to you father, and tell him how much he is loved and appreciated. Don’t forget that Father’s Day is also for grandfathers, fathers-in-law, uncles, stepfathers or any paternal figure who has been there for you through thick and thin. Show him now much you care AND take your chance to become the Best Basket Builder in the World this Father’s Day!

How can I win a FREE Father’s Day Gift Basket in 3 steps?

1. Create a Father’s Day Basket with basket builder

2.  Invent a catchy name for your basket.

3.  Enter a contest – upload a picture of your Father’s Day Basket + add a name to on our Contest Page

How do I make a screenshot?

  1. Open the window with the basket you have created.
  2. Press PRT SCN (must be at the upper right of your keyboard) = Windows captures the entire screen and copies it to the clipboard.
  3. Open “Paint” or any other similar program, choose paste (or press ctrl+V on your keyboard) = Windows pastes the screenshot (that is in the clipboard) into a document or image you are currently editing.
  4. Save the file in a jpg. ,tiff. or png. format.
  5. Enter our contest , upload your creation to and enter to win a FREE Father’s Day Gift Basket!

ATTENTION! Make sure to include your name, country, and contact information in your submission, please, or we won’t be able to let you know if you’ve won! Don’t forget, all submissions should be sent at [email protected] before June 5th !

About Gift Baskets Overseas

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