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Valentine’s Gift Delivery

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets Deliver Cupid’s Arrow on the Holiday of Love! reveals its romantic side with hampers for Valentine’s Day!

ARLINGTON, Mass., Feb. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —, the experts in international gift delivery, proved again today how easy it is to send Valentine’s Day gifts overseas with its fresh catalog full of luxurious romantic gift baskets for delivery in over 180 countries. Customers will find new twists on old romantic standbys such as chocolate, champagne and roses, as well as modern favorites like hand-dipped strawberries, fine chocolate cigars for him, and restful spa gifts. There are even appropriately heart-felt gifts for celebrating friendship and other relationships.

The genius of lies in the fact that regardless of where customers and their loved ones are, they can still celebrate together. Without the hassles of Customs, taxes, or exceptionally long delivery times, customers can send gift baskets to South America, vibrant flowers to Europe, excellent spirits to Asia, chocolates to the United States, and unique gift hampers everywhere in between. And a large selection of high quality confections, wines, flowers, and spa products arranged in beautiful Valentine’s Day gift baskets means customers can find their significant others’ favorite treats this holiday.

Business owners are reminded that Valentine’s Day is about how much one loves others, not only romantic relationships. Studies show that employees who feel appreciated work harder and better, and that customers who feel a personal touch from their favorite companies are customers longer. Corporate entities are encouraged to share the love with employees and VIP customers to encourage loyalty and boost the bottom line. They need look no further than‘s remarkable selection of fine corporate gifts when the time comes to show appreciation for customer loyalty or employees’ hard work.

“We love holidays, and we love making it easy for people to celebrate no matter where they are,” says David Skol , Chief Gift Officer. “We’ve worked hard to make sure that lovers and friends everywhere can find unique, exquisite gifts to share around the world.”

The freshly expanded online catalog at offers a one-stop-shop for Valentine’s Day. Customers have hundreds of gift options right at their fingertips, ranging from gifts for relationships new or mature, and even gifts for friends and employees. Customers will appreciate the ease with which they can order and have their Valentine’s Day gift baskets delivered quickly.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets from are artfully created to express your passionate emotions with elegance, beauty, and unmatched quality during Valentine’s Day as well as any special occasion. Visit their online catalog to order.

About is an A-ranked, BBB-accredited company based in the United States that specializes in delivering superior quality gifts to over 180 countries. is renowned globally for providing online ordering convenience, multilingual customer service, and secure payment options. Learn more at

Corporate Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day had changed its meaning long time ago. From a religious holiday celebrating Saint Valentine – the priest who lived long time ago – it turned into a worldwide celebration of love in all its forms. Love for husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, family members and friends… Everyone who matters. We know that without love our world would not exist.

And you know that your business would not exist without your customers… and without their love. They show you their love and appreciation every time they purchase from you. Why not take Valentine’s Day to show your key customers how much they mean to you?

For example, send them a gift that includes a variety of gourmet snacks, such as the Warm Thoughts In Winter gift set. Mince pies, biscuits, pudding, almonds and other snacks, along with a bottle of Rosemount Diamond Label Merlot will warm them up this cold winter.  Warm Thoughts In Winter

Or, send something tasty they will enjoy after lunch for dessert – like our I Love Chocolate Hamper Gift Set. The variety of chocolates included in it will make the whole team or office happy and ensure that every employee with purchasing decision will feel your love.

Order your gifts by February 11, and get 7% off your order with a coupon code 1NW02! We deliver practically everywhere in the world – select your country and start shopping today!

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International Valentine’s Gift Traditions

Every year on February 14 flowers, gifts and other romantic gifts are exchanged between loved ones in most parts of the planet and it’s all in the name of St. Valentine.

Though popular all around the world (in the first place among young people), St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in its own peculiar way in every country due to social and cultural differences (see articles Valentine’s Day Celebration Around the World #1, Valentine’s Day Celebration Around the World #2). Anyway, Valentine’s Day is always a whirl of hearts, sweets and good wishes in the form of bright, lacy, colorful cards, with loving symbols and amorous doggerel, saying: “Be my Valentine”. Boys and girls, husbands and wives, sweethearts and lovers, friends and neighbors, and even the office staff exchange greetings of affection on that day.

Actions speak louder than words and that is why people tend to gift the most valuable Valentine’s Day gifts. There’s no better time to let your loved one know how much you care or let your feelings flow to that special someone that you haven’t approached yet.

Valentine Gifts can be anything from classic flower baskets to elegant Valentine gift baskets filled with recipient’s dream items. So then, you can never drop short of ideas when it comes to Valentine Gifts.

Flowers and especially red roses, a traditional symbol of love, is a must on that day. Transcending language, flowers speak volumes about care and consideration. Heart-shaped accessories will give a valentine’s look to almost any bouquet or flower baskets for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic gift baskets are the great ways to express your deep love and affection. It’s a good idea to show your creativity and natural thoughtfulness by personalizing the gift that will make your sweetheart feel really special. When creating a custom Valentine’s gift basket you can include beautiful flowers, gourmet heart shaped chocolates, exquisite perfumes, cute teddies, choicest of vintage champagne, colorful balloons, scented candles or other items depending on his or her interests. Ready-made gift baskets like spa baskets, chocolate baskets, wine baskets, fruit baskets and other can also make a perfect Valentine’s gift.

Don’t forget that the love, attention and warmth from your heart will be the most cherished memory about any gift!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!