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Thanksgiving Gift ideas

Top Thanksgiving Gift Ideas 2015

With Thanksgiving just round the corner, many people have already begun the hunt for thoughtful Thanksgiving gift ideas to share with family, friends, and colleagues at work. To help you with the search of a surprise that will never disappoint your dear recipient we’ve made a list of 5 most thoughtful holiday gifts ideas you should definitely consider this year.

Fruit & Gourmet Gift Basket

A colorful and delicious gift hamper filled with a variety of fruit and gourmet treats is perfect for sharing with family at home or friends at work during Thanksgiving. It’s quite affordable, beautifully adorned with holiday themed decorations and contains a variety of fruit (mandarins, oranges, grapes, apples, etc) and Italian style snacks (cheese, crackers, nuts, olives) that will satisfy any palate. Great choice for foodies but easy on the budget of the sender this gift basket made it to the top of our list.

Wine Baskets

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages enjoyed by millions of people around the world and the centerpiece of any celebration. Nothing brings people closer together than a good glass of wine which can not only have a lot of health benefits, including antioxidants and vitamins, but also just tastes great and lift the spirits. To double the positive effect it’s usually paired with an assortment of cheese, chocolate, fruit and other gourmet snacks. A great choice for wine connoisseurs, business colleagues and anyone with a great taste a wine basket presented in a stylish way will compliment the decor in homes and offices. It contains premium quality components crafted with a great attention to detail and can even be used after to store valuables and organize office equipment such as documents and pens.

Thanksgiving Flower Basket

Any good hostess will appreciate a gift that will add an elegant touch and just the right glow to their holiday table. A beautiful centerpiece is a wonderful way to enhance a dining room for Thanksgiving, especially if your recipients are hosting dinner at their house. The holiday flower arrangement spins the magic of the fall season with each sun-kissed petal to set the gathering space aglow with blooming beauty. A combination of stunning Asiatic and Peruvian lilies, gerbera daisies, roses, assorted greens and other seasonal flowers and decorations create the perfect addition to the biggest fall celebration. Create warmth around the table with fall flowers, and share the spirit of gratitude with those you care about.

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How to Throw Best Thanksgiving Party

Kick-off the winter holiday season with a warm and welcoming Thanksgiving for the whole family! If you want to throw the best Thanksgiving party ever then you need to come up with the right ingredients. These may differ for different family and friends, but some of the basic elements will remain the same. The following tips should have you well on your way to planning the best Thanksgiving party ever!

House / Table decorating

Demonstrate your holiday excitement with creative Thanksgiving-themed decorating ideas. Brainstorm color schemes, centerpieces, and other little details that create a festive mood. Celebrate the holiday with a display of warm and inviting colors, fall scents and fall décor. Incorporate a color scheme of red, orange, yellow and brown in your decoration. Include these fall colors in your Thanksgiving dinner table ideas, centerpieces, place settings, place cards, and even food presentation. For a warm glow and special atmosphere, place votive candles with an apple, cinnamon or pecan scent all over the house.

Thanksgiving Food

It’s no secret that Thanksgiving is all about food. If you plan on having a great Thanksgiving party then your holiday table should be overflowing with plenty of delicious dishes!

Have a variety of foods on hand. You will need to have plenty of turkey, ham, sides, bread, and more desserts than you think are enough! Serve the traditional Thanksgiving food with a roasted turkey as the centerpiece, but keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit and adding some cultural foods or some of your family favorites. Who knows, they might just become tradition over time! Remember to always cook enough that if some unexpected guests show up you still have plenty. Giving doggy bags to the guests after the party and eating leftovers for the next several days is a part of Thanksgiving tradition, so having extra won’t hurt.


To really loosen your family members and friends up consider having some wine, liquor, or beer on hand. In fact, you could even plan on just wine, mixed drinks, beer, or a mixture of the above. If you don’t want to go to too much trouble then choose a drink that complements the meal the most and stock up on that particular one. As long as your guests can have a drink or two they will relax and really enjoy the party. Remember that it’s better to serve the drinks after the meal to make sure your guests have room for food and don’t get drunk even before the dinner is served.

Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

Entertain your guests during Thanksgiving dinner with some fun activities suitable for all age groups. Choose games that allow for a number of different players so you can adapt the game for the group. Play a combination of user-friendly board games to play with family and card games. Plan a game of “Go Fish,” play a round of Monopoly, or have fun with a challenging game of Uno. Offer prizes to motivate guests, especially the little ones to participate in the games. No matter what Thanksgiving activities you plan to do, enjoy and cherish the quality time spent together with family and friends!

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Thanksgiving Gift Basket Ideas

Second most popular holiday in the US after Christmas, Thanksgiving Day is annually celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It was first observed in 1621 when Pilgrims and Native Americans gathered together for a three-day feast to celebrate a successful harvest. Sporadic days of Thanksgiving followed and only in 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday to be annually observed on the last Thursday in November.

Thanksgiving means many things to different people but for most Americans it’s the day to express gratitude to the loved ones for their support and give thanks to God for all His blessings and mercies. The holiday is also associated with the festive meal featuring roast turkey, parades, football, spending time with family and friends, and exchanging Thanksgiving Day gifts.

Thanksgiving Gift Basket Ideas

Traditional foods play an important role in Thanksgiving celebration. It’s hard to imagine the holiday without roasted turkey, sweet potatoes, cornbread, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce which make the centerpiece of the festive table in each family. The preparations of the dishes for Thanksgiving start well in advance before the holiday and usually the entire family is involved in the process. But you can significantly ease the life of your family and friends by giving them a Thanksgiving gift basket filled with traditional holiday gourmet foods. Various side dishes, sauces, fruit, cheese, snacks, wine, champagne or any other treats of your choice are all beautifully packed in a keepsake hamper to satisfy your recipients and their guests.

Send a gourmet gift basket for Thanksgiving to your dear ones in another city or country, colleagues, friends next door, or bring it along to the Thanksgiving dinner and be sure the hosts will be grateful for your thoughtful and kind gesture.

Sweet Gifts for Thanksgiving

There are so many dishes to be prepared for Thanksgiving that sometimes there’s no time left to think about the dessert. Take care of your relatives and friends by giving them a sweet Thanksgiving Day gift that is sure to satisfy their cravings. Choose between a classic pumpkin pie, cheesecake, chocolate, cookies, fruit basket or any other sweet treat that will finish the dinner off in a perfect way. A sweet gift is also a great idea for the kids in the family who will appreciate your choice like no one else!

Thanksgiving Day Flowers

Not less important on a festive table than traditional foods is a Thanksgiving Day flower arrangement. It not only captures the true spirit of the holiday but also makes a beautiful centerpiece for the dining table. Fresh fall bouquets usually come in appealing warm colors like yellow, orange, red and are perfect for setting up the holiday mood and adding some cheer to any home before arriving of the guests.

If you can’t make it home for the holiday or attend a dinner with friends, show your love by sending delightful Thanksgiving gifts and flowers to the ones you care for. Make sure that your dear ones know they are in your thoughts this Thanksgiving!