Flowers & Gift Basket to Linz, Austria

Scientifically speaking, a rainbow is a full spectrum of light reflected in the sky. For most of us though, it is something magical, inspiring, and caused by a true wonder. Creating this gift basket to Austria our gift experts were inspired by rainbow phenomenon and called it Gourmet Rainbow. The variety of goodies in it represents the spectrum of colors, as it features various kinds of finger-licking treats from sweet and savory to healthy and guilty pleasures. Your dear recipient will start the feast with gourmet salmon, cheese and crackers; continue with healthy jam assortment, fresh fruit; and top it all of with a cup of English Breakfast Tea, milk and dark chocolate and delicious cookies. Meant for really special occasions is a complimenting bouquet of seasonal flowers. Our florists have hand-picked only fresh, bright blooms of superior quality making sure it will be a hit with any recipient on your list.