International Gift Delivery to Yemen!

International Gift Delivery to Yemen

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Republic of Yemen is the second largest country of the Arabian Peninsula located in Southwest Asia and bordering Saudi Arabia, Oman, Red Sea and Arabian Sea. With the size of the country being similar to France, Yemen’s territory includes more than 200 islands with capital in Sana’a.

Formerly divided into two nations, the modern Republic of Yemen was formed in 1990 when traditional North part of the country and Communist South merged together after years of conflict. Since unification Yemen has been slowly modernizing and opening up to the world.

The population of Yemen is ethnically Arab. Arabic, the language of Islam and the Koran, is used on formal occasions. The spoken dialects, whose areas roughly correspond to several cultural zones, are used in everyday life. The most widespread foreign language is English. In some parts of the country people still understand and speak Russian.

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