Wine Basket to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I ordered a basket for Cambodia, initially to be delivered for Friday. Unfortunately, the date was rescheduled to Saturday. The recipient, however, was only able to get it on Monday since it was a business address and he was not in his office during the weekend. The delivery was actually postponed because of the consecutive Cambodian holidays, which resulted in some technical difficulty for the courier.

Considering the days of delay, one might think that this would be a negative review. However, overseas delivery is a tricky business, and I completely understand how the date was pushed back.

But more importantly, the team in Giftbasketsoverseas were extremely helpful with all my queries, and were able to assure me of the successful delivery of the gift basket. I was probably in contact with around five customer service personnel in the course of three days, either through confirming if the order was being processed or for confirming that the delivery was actually made. They also contacted the intended recipient, first to remind him that there was a gift waiting for him, and second to confirm if he was able to receive it. In all these instances, the team was able to answer my concerns, and were patient and attentive.

Overall, the service is excellent! I definitely recommend Giftbasketsoverseas for any overseas deliveries to your loved ones.


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