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Make Mom Smile On Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is a great time use some of that good advice Mom gave you growing up. Like planning ahead! This year, impress her by ordering early and letting her know she has a sweet surprise coming her way. Take your time to choose the perfect Mother’s Day gift just for her. From soothing spa baskets to wash away her stress, gourmet gift hampers with world’s most famous wine that will go perfectly with her favorite meal, to decadent chocolates, beautiful bouquets of her favorite spring flowers or whatever she likes, you’re sure to find it with us for worldwide delivery!

Order early with code GBOMOM16 and you’ll SAVE $10 on your gifts until April 25, 2016.

As an additional bonus: If you buy gifts marked with a pink ribbon from now until May 8, 2016, we’ll donate 10% of the retail price to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

Summer Hill Essentials Spa Gift Set | Spa Gifts to Canada

  Morning Kiss | Bouquets to Canada

    Starbucks Christmas Gift Basket | Tea and Coffee Gifts to USA

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Mother’s Day Gifts Against Breast Cancer

Gifts Against Breast Cancer by with National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. is joining National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (NBCF) in providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. For each of these gifts purchased, will donate 10% of the retail sale of the gift to NBCF for such programs as Beyond The Shock©, the National Mammography Program, and Early Detection Plan.

As many as 230,000 women & 2,350 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year; this holiday, you have the chance to make your gift twice as powerful.

This Mother’s Day, share the love with your Mom and all the women of the world: send one of the gifts from our Mother’s Day catalog!

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Flower Basket for Mother’s Day

Honor your dear mother or wife on a very special upcoming holiday – Mother’s Day! Celebrated in many countries around the world on the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day is the day to pay our humblest tribute to dear moms and thank them for giving us birth and providing with lots of love, support and care throughout our lives.

Giving beautiful flowers is the best way to honor  your mom on Mother’s Day. Choose her favorite flowers on and be sure she has a day full of joy and happiness!

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Global Gift Company Goes All Out with Mother’s Day Gifts and Ideas

ARLINGTON, Mass., April 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —, the experts in international gift delivery, announced today its plans to help customers celebrate Mother’s Day, May 11, 2014, which include an exclusive line of gifts for moms for delivery in 180 countries, as well as the publication of a guide for creating the perfect celebration for all the different kinds of mothers in the world. Additionally, the company’s teams of gift experts will be connecting with its customers to offer gift ideas and – of course – gift basket delivery via Facebook, Twitter, phone, and email. In fact,’s multi-lingual support team is waiting 24 hours a day to assist customers in delivering their Mother’s Day gifts around the world on time.

Besides expanding offerings of ideal gifts for important occasions, and consistently providing high quality customer service, the team at GBO has also been working to offer its customers even better access to its collective knowledge and expertise. The company has begun creating and maintaining a collection of fun and educational articles and PDFs geared toward helping customers understand the origins of holidays around the world, cultural variations in their celebration, expert knowledge about appropriate gifts, and more. Mother’s Day is no exception to the content creation and curation: customers who want to know more about where the holiday is celebrated, how it is celebrated in different regions, and ways to get creative with Mother’s Day gifts, can visit GBO’s Mother’s Day entry.

While other gift delivery services stop at the gift, GBO is working to create an online shopping experience that customers can enjoy and that is as immersive as they want it to be. Informative articles and ideas are easily available to the customer, but do not hinder the streamlined gift ordering process. Instead, they assist customers to explore other options, find fun facts, and engage with information immediately relevant to sharing their love and best wishes.

GBO has been built on its founder’s and its employees’ belief in cherishing friends and family. And the team reports being excited to celebrate moms, and moms to be. Dmitriy Peregudov, Chief Gift Officer, has kicked the season off announcing, “Being a mother isn’t just having a child, it’s nurturing another life. Providing unconditional love and support that helps another human being grow into an extraordinary adult. We’re thrilled to be providing more than gifts to the families who understand that mothers are more … than everything.”

About is an A-ranked, BBB-accredited company based in the United States that specializes in delivering superior quality gifts to over 180 countries. is renowned globally for providing online ordering convenience, multilingual customer service, and secure payment options. Learn more at

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Mother’s Day Celebration Around the World


A special day in the honor of mothers, Mothers Day is celebrated in many countries around the world on the second Sunday of May. Though the dates and traditions may vary the spirit of the holiday remains the same: children pay their humblest tribute to mothers and thank them for their endless love, support and care.

Mother’s Day  in US

Mother’s Day is the third largest holiday in the US after Christmas and Valentine’s Day observed on the second Sunday in May. On this day kids express love and gratitude for their mothers by treating them with breakfast in bed, helping with household duties, performing skits and plays, and preparing handmade gifts and cards. The practice of giving flowers and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts is also widespread. The most popular flower and symbol of the holiday are carnations. People buy red or pink carnations for the mothers who are living and place white carnations on the graves of the mothers who have passed away. Taking mothers out for dinner is another popular way of celebrating Mother’s Day in US.

Mother’s Day in Australia

The symbol of Mother’s Day in Australia is a carnation. Australians  just like Americans not only give them as gifts but also wear on their clothes. A colored carnation signifies that a person’s mother is living while a white carnation is used to honor a deceased mother. Chrysanthemums are also a very popular floral choice for the holiday, because mothers in Australia are called Mums.

On Mother’s Day, besides their own mothers, children honor grandmothers, aunts, and other women who love and care for them as a mother does. As a mark of respect, children ponder the role of mothers in their lives and acknowledge the hardships they endure while raising them. It is customary to show appreciation for moms by treating them to breakfast in bed as well as giving Mother’s Day gifts and cakes.

Mother’s Day in Canada

Mother’s Day is the most popular festival in Canada after Christmas and Valentine’s Day. On this day, people pay tribute to their mothers and thank them for their endless love and support. In Canada, cards and flowers are the most popular way of expressing love for moms. Many people also take their mothers out for dinner and pamper them with lavish gifts and a day off from kitchen duties.

Mother’s Day in Brazil

In Brazil, Mother’s Day is one of the most commercial holidays of the year, second only to Christmas. Brazil commemorates this special day on the second Sunday in May with children’s performances and church gatherings, which are often followed by large family dinners and gift giving for dear mothers.

Mother’s Day in Germany

German Mother’s Day, or Muttertag, became especially popular after World War II when it took on political significance as the day to acknowledge women and encourage them to have more children. Even special medals in gold, silver or bronze were awarded based upon how many children were in the household. After the war, the holiday acquired a softer feel, with the giving of Mother’s Day gifts and having festive meals with the family members. Presenting mothers with special holiday cards and flowers is also extremely popular in Germany.

Mother’s Day in Japan

Mother’s day celebration, or ‘haha-no-hi,’ became popular  in Japan in 1931 when the Imperial Women’s Union was established. The symbol of the holiday is carnation which represent the gentle strength of mothers who are revered in Japanese culture. Carnations along with roses and cards make the most popular gifts for Mom. Like in many other countries, Mother’s Day in Japan is a day of pampering for moms – kids help out with the household chores, make cute crafts or draw pictures for their mothers, organize a special family meal, like sushi or eggs and try to demonstrate their love and gratitude in every possible way.


Though Mother’s Day celebrations around the world may vary, the emotion and love that ties families together remains the same. Mother’s Day, no matter how or when it is observed, simply serves as a reminder of everything moms do for their children every single day and the honor they deserve because of it. Wish Happy Mother’s Day to the dearest person in your life and show her you remember every hug, every kiss, every talk, every moment of her love, by sending yours!

Happy Mother’s Day! Feliz Dia de las Madres! Furaha Ya Mama Siku!

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Preparing Mother’s Day Gifts with Kids

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate mothers all around the world! Children are especially excited to show appreciation for their moms by making them beautiful and sentimental gifts and crafts. These crafts projects are easy for kids to make, and they will mean the world to their mothers! Let them treat mom like a queen on her special day. Give them some ideas for small tokens they can create with a little adult supervision. Whether the gifts are decorative keepsakes or useful household items, mom will treasure them for a lifetime.  Consider Mom’s favorite colors, flowers and hobbies to come up with ideas she will love. Here’s some tips how to get started making this Mother’s Day the best ever.

Make a Card

No Mother’s Day is complete without a handmade card. Cards are easy and fun to make for kids of all ages. Sit down with your children with some simple materials like card-stock or a piece of paper or cardboard to fold into a card, crayons and paints, cut-out pictures and glue, stickers, glitter, buttons or ribbons which will help to create a pretty one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day card. You can easily turn the card into a gift by adding a bookmark made from a long rectangle of card. Decorate the bookmark to match the card. Write a favorite saying or short poem on the bookmark. Be prepared for a mess to clean up, but it will be worth it when Mom opens the card and there are tears in her eyes. Remember, there’s nothing more special to a mother than her child’s art work! There will always be a place for it on the refrigerator or in a scrapbook.

Make a Bouquet

Flowers bought in a store are definitely nice and easy to get but… it’s springtime! Take the kids out for a walk in a field, forest or garden and pick fresh spring flowers for your own bouquet. Tie the flowers with a bow or arrange them in a vase, use glue to attach pretty ribbons or cloth. If you want to be even more creative give the children a clean, empty metal can or bottle without a lid and ask them to glue colorful construction paper around it. The children can also decorate the cans with stamps, glitter and markers. That’s their creativity and thoughtfulness that Moms appreciate the most!

Make a Photo Book

Make a memory photo book for Mother’s Day. Attach pictures on one side of a photo album page. On the other page write stories or poems about your favorite memories with Mom. Let the kids make the cover of the photo album using family pictures, stickers, and any other arts and craft materials.

Make a Dinner

Giving your mom a day off from kitchen can be just what she needs on Mother’s Day! Unfortunately all restaurants are often crowded and hard to book on this day so why not packing a picnic instead! A few plates, sandwiches, and a drink may not be a gourmet meal but it’s fun, the family is together, and Mom still doesn’t have to clean the kitchen afterwards.

Instead of a picnic you can always make a surprise dinner for Mom. Cooking is another fun thing to do for children! Choose Mom’s favorite dish but make sure it will be easy enough to prepare together with the kids. Treat her with a homemade cake or cupcakes for a dessert. Be creative with the design and don’t forget to embellish it with a simple piped message such as “Best Mom Ever,” “I Love You, Mom” or “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” better than a complimentary handmade keepsake from children given together with a main Mother’s Day gift. What better day to combine children’s love of creative expression and gift creation than Mother’s Day? Simple crafts allow younger children to make tokens of their love while embellished or complex crafts can be executed by older kids. With a little creativity and preparation, you can help children of all ages create a homemade craft for mom she will treasure for a lifetime!

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