Wine Gift Set to Mariupol, Ukraine

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 I would like you to know how pleased I am with your company! My personal interactions have been with Margaret, Helen and Katherine, but I know there are many others to thank for the flawless execution of delivering the French Delights/Box of Chocolates I ordered sent to Ukraine. 
I wanted to send a Valentine’s Day present to my friend who is in Mariupol, Ukraine and began planning this present on January 29. He let me know that it has taken him many weeks or even months to have mail delivered, so I knew I was already late to start my task. After having so much trouble finding a company that delivers ANYTHING to Ukraine, I stumbled upon your website,
First, the website is easy to navigate. The website suggested “gift for men” for Valentine’s Day, and I was able to find French Delights, which is suitable for my price range. The options for add-ons were plentiful and helpful. I chose the Box of Chocolates to make the gift more celebratory. I also was able to use a discount code. Because of the Ukrainian mail warnings, I chose to have the gift delivered at the earliest possible date, Sunday February, 2.
Shortly after completing my order, I received a phone call from Margaret. She had noticed that I ordered a Valentine’s Day gift to arrive much earlier than Valentine’s Day and informed me that your company could have the gift delivered on the actual day. I thanked Margaret and told her that I just wanted the gift to arrive before to make sure there weren’t any hiccups; she responded that the gift could arrive on Monday, February 3. She was courteous, pleasant and overall helpful. I was taken aback by the thoughtfulness of our conversation.
Last night, February 2, I received an email from Helen Bright asking for an alternative phone number for the recipient. I knew he was traveling, so I was unsure about how to respond. This morning, I responded with his email address. As soon as I responded, the recipient contacted me to let me know he received the gift! Five minutes after my email was sent, Katherine Moore responded to my email, and I replied that the gift was received. My final received email was a polite “You are welcome!” from Katherine.
I appreciate every interaction from your company: ease of navigating and finding a gift on your website; thoughtfulness to call and confirm my order dates; attention to delivering my gift on time; confirmation of receipt from recipient; prompt responses to emails. My experience was beyond what I expected, and I am more than happy to be used as a testimonial. Thank you again so much for your help. It means a lot me and my friend!

Lauren T. (Baltimore, MD)

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