Creative Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day, a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating paternal bonds, is a popular family holiday that’s been observed for more than 100 years on the third Sunday of June in many countries such as USA, UK, Japan, France, Mexico, South Africa, India, Greece, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Canada, Bulgaria, Argentina, and many others. Nevertheless, in some countries the day of observance varies. In Austria and Belgium it’s celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of June; in El Salvador and Guatemala on June 17th; in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Uganda on June 21st; and in Poland and Nicaragua on June 23rd. But no matter you observe Father’s Day, don’t forget to make this day special for your dear father! Here are some of creative ideas on how to show your Dad you care.

Prepare a breakfast for your dad

Start your father’s day with a breakfast in bed; that’s something no one can resist. Bringing him a morning newspaper he usually reads, making his favorite breakfast foods, and making coffee just the way he likes it is a good way to start his special day on a positive note.

Make it a family event

How often does your dad get to see his adult children and other relatives all together? Father’s Day is a family holiday, so you can use it as a chance to gather the whole family together for a fun day. Inviting all the male population of the family like husbands, future dads, step-fathers, uncles, and brothers – as well all their spouses and children – is a good idea for making Father’s day an extra special event.

Organize the activity your dad enjoys the most

Regardless of your dad’s hobby, you can always share it and organize a special activity he’s sure to enjoy. You can go fishing, play golf or tennis together, go to a football match, enjoy a family picnic in the park or beach, or make a barbecue on the backyard of your house. No matter what you prefer, remember that it’s your care and effort your dad appreciates the most!

Be creative

When preparing a gift for Father’s Day, let your own creative abilities shine and make him something special: bake a cake, cook his favorite dish, write a poem, make a handmade card or photo album. Even if you don’t have the time to put together a handmade gift, you can always give your dad a gorgeous Father’s Day gift basket filled with his favorite beers, snacks, and other treats he adores. Though shy to admit it, men love flowers no less than women, so giving your dad a bouquet of Father’s Day Flowers is a nice gesture that is sure to put a smile on his face, no matter what.

Be thoughtful and loving

Being a father is a tough job. Be sure to show your dad how much you love and respect him. Reassure your dad that you’re proud of him and all he’s done for you. For many fathers, the most rewarding part of paternity is feeling that your children support and love you.

The best advice is to use your imagination and your heart; you know your dad best, and any gift you put thought, effort, and love into is sure to make his day. For more Father’s Day gift ideas including gourmet gift baskets; beer, wine, and champagne gift sets; premium chocolates and sweets; and floral gifts for Father’s Day and anytime, make sure to visit With hundreds of gifts delivered to over 130 countries around the world, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for someone you love – no matter where they are.

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