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christmas gift delivery Wishing You Merry Christmas!

During the rush of the holidays, take time to slow down and enjoy the things in life that really matter. Take in the serene moments spent with friends and loved ones, and may the wonder of Christmas surround you throughout the holiday season. is wishing you much happiness today and throughout the New Year!


This Christmas,
may you have the fulfillment
of seeing around you
the people you love the most.
May you have the satisfaction
of creating special memories
they will remember with pleasure forever.
This Christmas,
may you feel peaceful and contented,
knowing what Christmas means,
and celebrating it your way! Wishing You Merry Christmas! Read More »

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

The biggest and one of the most joyful holidays of the year, Christmas is almost here! There’s no other festival that is celebrated with such vigor and enthusiasm in so many countries around the world. Although Christmas traditions may slightly vary depending on the local customs this holiday is all about Christmas trees, festive meals, family time, and of course exchanging Christmas Gifts.

Christmas in Germany: “Frohe Weihnachten!”

Christmas season in Germany starts with Advent 4 weeks prior December, 25th. A wreath of evergreens with four red candles each lit every Sunday before Christmas is placed in every house.

On Christmas Eve after visiting church families feast on a big meal featuring traditional roast goose or duck stuffed with apples, fish, Christmas bread and marzipan treats. Before the dinner is the presentation of the Christmas tree. While children are waiting in the other room one of the parents brings out the Christmas tree and decorates it with apples, sweets, cookies, angels, and lights. When all is ready they call everyone to the room. It is under the Christmas tree where the following morning children find their Christmas gifts that are believed to be brought by Father Christmas – ‘Der Weihnachtsmann’.

Christmas in France: “Joyeux Noël”

Like in many other countries, the Christmas season in France begins with Saint Nicholas’ Day, December 6th. The preparations for the holiday start a few days before Christmas with the decoration of the Christmas tree and displaying a Nativity scene with figurines.

At midnight on Christmas Eve families go to church for a Christmas mass. Young children usually stay at home and go to bed early to dream of their Christmas gifts. Before going to bed, they leave their shoes by the fireplace to find it the next morning filled with gifts from Santa Claus (“le père Noël”).

The main Christmas dinner called ‘Le Reveillon’, is a grand feast served after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The dishes are usually quite elaborate and vary according to the region.

Christmas in Mexico: “Feliz Navidad!”

Every year, Mexicans celebrate Christmas, Las Posadas for a full nine days leading up to Christmas or Holy Eve. Christmas is the time for church and family. After church services on Christmas Eve, families gather together for a festive dinner that starts with oxtail soup with beans and chili, followed by roasted turkey and a special salad of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The most important part of Mexican Christmas for children is pinata party. The pinata is a large clay or papier-mache figure shaped like a star or animal covered with colorful paper streamers. The pinata is filled with candy and small gifts and hung from the ceiling. The blindfolded children take turns trying to break it open and race to gather as many candies as they can.

Christmas in Russia & Ukraine: “Schastlivogo Rozhdestva!”

Christmas Day in Russia & Ukraine marks the birth of Jesus Christ according to Christian Orthodox church. Although banned during the Soviet Union, Christmas has finally regained its popularity and religious meaning in Eastern Europe. Observed on January 7th according to old ‘Julian’ calendar it is declared a national holiday.

People in Russia & Ukraine celebrate Christmas by preparing a festive dinner, attending Christmas liturgy, visiting relatives and friends, and exchanging Christmas gift baskets. There is a 40-day Lent preceding Christmas, which ends with the first star in the night sky on January 6 – a symbol of Jesus Christ’s birth. The first star also signals the start of the Christmas dinner. For many secular Russians, Christmas is a family holiday but it is not as important as New Year’s.

Christmas in Japan: “Merii Kurisumasu!”

Even though only 1% of the population in Japan is Christian and many people don’t know exactly what the origin of Christmas is the Japanese have adopted many Western customs related to observing Christmas. Along with decorating Christmas trees, hosting parties and exchanging Christmas gifts they have their own unique traditions. Eating special Christmas cakes on Christmas Eve is one of them. Stores all over carry versions of this Christmas cake and drop the prices drastically on December 25th in order to sell everything out by the 26th. Christmas Eve has also become a night for lovers to go out and spend romantic time together at fancy restaurants or hotels.

Without a doubt Christmas is very enjoyable time of the year for Japanese people, but New Year’s still remains a much more popular holiday.

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Canastas de Regalo Internacionales

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International Gift Delivery Company Unveils Big Changes Introduces a New Website and Customer Care System – Just in Time for the Winter Holidays!

ARLINGTON, Mass., Nov. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —, the experts in international gift delivery, has launched a brand-new website design along with an upgraded customer care system. The company’s look, colors, logo, and even internal systems, have all gotten a major overhaul just in time for the holidays. The changes the site has rolled out over the last few weeks have been months in the making.  Owner Dmitriy Peregudov said, “Growing and changing the company has been hands-on and, at times, tough. But the effort is well worth it. Now, our customers will be able to place orders even more easily, and they can expect even faster processing times, for even the largest orders.” He went on to say that the company will continue to grow, and that customers can expect continuing updates.

The company has given its image a more approachable look by using attractive blues and creams as well as a logo that fits its brand image better. To go along with this external facelift, behind-the-scenes mechanics have been further upgraded. The website now offers more payment options, smart fields for customer information, and even a faster way to choose gifts available in a wide number of regions, for customers who send gifts to multiple countries at once. The company has also implemented a brand new customer relationship manager (CRM), making customer interactions with gift specialists even easier and more intuitive. Employees will have better and faster access to order history, customer information, and relevant regional information that may impact orders. is more ready than ever to tackle this holiday season, with a larger, more organized catalog, easier to handle site, and more active social media team, ready and eager to take suggestions online in real-time.  The company’s gift experts have just finished extensive training on the up-to-date CRM, so the best customer service in the industry just got a whole lot better, and shockingly even easier to reach via phones, chat, and, now on social media.

About is an A-ranked, BBB-accredited company based in the United States that specializes in delivering superior quality gifts to over 200 countries. is renowned globally for providing online ordering convenience, multilingual customer service, and secure payment options. Learn more at

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Tea Gift Basket to Utrecht, Netherlands

For those who can not start their day without relishing a cup of invigorating tea we created this Tea Lover gift basket to Netherlands. Filled to the brim with everything needed for the perfect tea ceremony, such as different kinds of premium tea, sweet treats, chocolate and even a tea pot with a cup, this hamper is not only an amazing but also practical gift for your dear ones or business colleagues. With Christmas just round the corner, this basket will make a great choice for anyone on your list!

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Christmas Around the World Traditions & Gift Ideas

Christmas in Western Countries

Catholic Christmas is the biggest and most significant secular and religious holiday of the year. It is traditionally observed on December, 25 in many countries around the world including US, UK, Australia, Canada, Western Europe, etc.

Christmas is not only the biggest but also the most favorite holiday for both children and adults. For grown ups Christmas is the time for vacations and family reunions, while for kids it’s a magic holiday associated with Santa Claus who brings all obedient children their Christmas gifts.

On Christmas Eve all faithful Christians attend a holiday midnight mass. The next day families and friends gather together for a festive meal featuring traditional menu. The celebration is followed by the exchange of Christmas presents.

Orthodox Christmas in Eastern Europe

Such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Serbia belong to Orthodox faith and celebrate Christmas on January 7. The date is different because Eastern Church uses Julian calendar instead of Gregorian calendar adopted on the West.

The official Christmas and New Year holidays in Russia and other Orthodox countries last from December 31st to January 10th. Although Christmas is treated somewhat secondary in comparison with New Year’s Day it includes many beautiful traditions.

For faithful people Christmas start 40 days earlier with a lent which ends on the evening of worship service on Christmas Eve. On January, 7 people go to church, have a festive family dinner and exchange Christmas gifts with loved ones and friends.

Christmas in Asia

Although Christmas in Asia is not a big holiday because only a small part of the population belongs to Christian faith it’s becoming more and more popular.

In Japan, South Korea and China there is no official celebration of Christmas, but there is an unofficial widespread secular observance of the holiday due to the influence of the Western culture. Christmas in this countries is more a commercial event, celebrated mostly by the young generation and couples who gladly use the holiday as a reason for Christmas gift giving.

In Hong Kong, on the contrary, Christmas is a big holiday, because there are Christians of most denominations. Christmas in Malaysia is both a public and religious festival. The local Christian community observes all Christmas traditions including Advent and fasting.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift exchange is very important for establishing personal and business relationships. Sending Christmas gift baskets overseas for you loved ones, friends and international business associates is a great way of showing your love, respect and care.

Gourmands on your list will appreciate a gourmet basket filled with delicious and exquisite treats. Wine connoisseurs will be grateful to receive a gift hamper of good wine, fruit or gourmet snacks. A classic wine gift will be also perfect for your boss, client, employee or colleague. For chocoholics and kids there’s no better surprise than a sweet basket full of chocolate and candies. For female recipients a holiday flower arrangement in addition to a gourmet or sweet gift will be a great choice.

For more personal and business gift ideas for Christmas please visit

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Christmas Gift Baskets Delivery for Everyone!

Are you already busy packing tons of Christmas gifts for all your numerous relatives and friends? No need to stress out anymore as the online international gift delivery company has a much better offer for you! After 10 years of delivering gifts to over 180 countries around the world and bringing people joy and happiness, we know the exact needs of our customers. As a result, we update our holiday catalog every year! will not only help you choose the best personalized Christmas gift basket, but also deliver it on time, without hassle and unexpected delivery charges.

Check out our Christmas gift catalog 2012, it has over 10,000 gift ideas for any budget starting at just $60!

Christmas Gifts for friends and relatives


Our family and close friends are the biggest treasure we have. Parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews – the more, the merrier! Make sure they all receive a little something from you this holiday season. Gourmet gift baskets, Fruit Gift Baskets, Wine Gift Baskets are all excellent choices for a family get-together. Chocolate Gift Baskets, Gift Towers, and Sweet Gourmet Gifts are great options if there are kids among your recipients, even though adults with a sweet tooth will also be delighted with such a gift!

Romantic Christmas Gifts


We know how hard it is to celebrate Christmas far away from your loved one. We will make sure your significant other receives their Christmas gift basket that will not only remind them of your love and all the wonderful time you spent together, but also make their celebration away from you more joyful, memorable and oh so tasty! Gourmet gift baskets and Fruit Gift Baskets for foodies, Chocolate Gift Baskets or Sweet Gourmet Gifts for those with a sweet tooth, Flowers, Spa Gifts, Jewelry and Watches for aesthetes, Candles, Champagne, or Wine Gifts for romantics… There are gift baskets for everyone’s taste!

Business & Corporate Christmas Gifts


Choosing Christmas Business Gifts is probably one of the most stressful and time consuming thing we all have to deal with each year before the holidays. Clients, business associates, co-workers, employees, bosses, there so many business recipients on the list. To guarantee a great celebration for them, either at home or work, order our classic Wine Gift Baskets, Gourmet gift baskets, Fruit Gift Baskets, Champagne Gifts, Beer Gift Baskets and more.

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Christmas Gift Baskets Delivery for Everyone! Read More » Launches New Order Management Program Set to Speed Christmas Gift Delivery, the experts in international gift delivery, today announced the launch of its new Order Management program – just in time for sending international Christmas gifts. Used internally, the new program allows gift specialists to process orders, answer questions about existing orders, and deliver gifts – all more quickly. To celebrate the program launch, is translating the time savings into dollars savings for their corporate customers. Customers who place bulk orders for international corporate Christmas gifts with 5 or more recipients will enjoy savings starting at 10% off for orders of $1,000.00 USD or more.

Besides their sleeker service and steep discounts for customers who order Christmas gifts for clients, the company has also unveiled a new line of Christmas gift baskets for delivery in more than 180 countries around the world. From individual Christmas gifts to large corporate Christmas gift hamper orders, has an even larger selection of Christmas gift baskets to Asia, Europe, the United States, and locations in between. Customers who are searching for wine or spirits, an assortment of fine foods, or relaxing spa products can find something for everyone on their Christmas list inside each country’s updated catalog.

Moreover, is never satisfied with delivering to almost all the countries around the world, so this season, they’ve launched completely new online catalogs for gifts that can be delivered to new countries. Customers looking for gifts to send to various locations are encouraged to visit‘s website to find out if their countries are served.

About is an A-ranked, BBB-accredited company based in the United States that specializes in delivering superior quality corporate gifts to over 180 countries. is renowned globally for providing online ordering convenience, multilingual customer service, and secure payment options. Learn more at Launches New Order Management Program Set to Speed Christmas Gift Delivery Read More »