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Ramadan Gifts from Gift Baskets Overseas to Contemplate Spirituality, Practice Charity, and Celebrate Patience

World renowned gift delivery company Gift Baskets Overseas invites the world to discover patience, help the needy, and rise above petty concerns with sweet treats, fine foods, and beautiful flowers—all guaranteed to bring a smile—for Ramadan this year.

Arlington, MA (Press Release) August 10, 2010 – Ramadan is just around the corner, and to celebrate Gift Baskets Overseas—the experts in International Gift Delivery—has launched a line of exquisite gifts to send to Turkey, Egypt, and UAE – among others – to commemorate Ramadan around the world with style and beauty. This year, for the entire lunar month lasting from August 11th to September 9th on the Gregorian calendar, the Muslim people will refrain from food and drink during the day to cleanse their spirits and practice patience. During this holiday they also send gifts to those in need to commemorate the gift of the Qur’an to the Prophet Mohammed. At the end of the month, there is a great three-day festival full of delicious foods, beautiful clothes, and still more charity. This year, make sure you’re a part of the gift-giving and good works by sending gifts to Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar – major countries in which Ramadan is celebrated.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the year according to the Islamic calendar; during this month the Muslim people refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking during the hours from sunrise to sunset each day. This difficult activity is meant to teach them patience, spirituality, and modesty. During this time of fasting, performed for Allah who is said to have made the practice obligatory, the Muslim people also pray more than usual to ask for forgiveness, request guidance, and cleanse their spirits. Although this is a time of spiritual enlightenment, the Muslim people are not expected to be superhuman; after the time of prayer at sunset, they are allowed to break their fast and eat whatever they want until sunrise the next day. This is the perfect time to share delicious gourmet gift baskets and decadent sweets hampers with friends and family in Turkey, UAE, and Egypt.

Charity work is also a very important part of Ramadan; during this time the Muslim people are commanded to give food, drink, clothes, and shoes to those who cannot afford them on their own. The holiest night of the year, Laylat al-Qadr (The Night of Decree, Night of Power, or Night of Measures), is celebrated on an odd-numbered date during the last ten nights of Ramadan; although the exact night of celebration can vary according to diverse traditions, most people will celebrate it on the 6th of September. It is said that this is the night that the Qur’an was revealed to the prophet Mohammed.

At the end of the month, the fasting is ended with a lush three-day celebration called Eid ul-Fitr (Festival of the Breaking of the Fast). At this time, Muslims dress in their best clothes, visit family and friends, and indulge in great feasts to celebrate the victory of Ramadan, the attainment of higher spirituality, and forgiveness. It is a time of great joy and charity, and people give gifts of rich foods and sweets to children, family, friends, and especially the needy – no one is to go without experiencing the richness of the celebration at this time.

“This Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr we’re offering rich foods, delicious sweets, and wonderful gifts to people in UAE, Egypt, Turkey, and others so they can spend their time in prayer, fasting and feasting, and sharing spiritual enlightenment rather than worrying about how their gifts are getting where they’re going,” says David Skol, Chief Gift Officer at Gift Baskets Overseas. “We want to bring people closer together—even if they are on opposite ends of the earth—by sharing gift-giving practices and making it easy to participate in them. This year we’re offering a wide selection of delicious, fun, and beautiful gift baskets. We invite everyone to send gifts to their Muslim—and even non-Muslim—friends; we offer parents the opportunity to teach their children about diverse cultures; and we make it easy for corporations and business-owners to be sensitive to the religious practices of their employees.”

Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr Gift Baskets from are designed to meet your dietary needs, make an unforgettable impression, and share your victories with quality, beauty, and elegance—not only on sacred days, but anytime you need to send a special message. Take a look at the new catalog and find the ideal gift for your special celebration today.

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