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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration in China

09 Sep

The Moon Festival also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional holidays in China, and can be compared by its significance to Christmas and Thanksgiving in the Western culture. Annually observed during the full moon on the 15th day of the 8th month according to Chinese lunar calendar, the festival marks the end of the summer harvest.

Moon festival is very important and popular among Chinese population around the world including such countries as China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and other. Moon Festival is joyful time for family, lovers and friends to reunite, take a break from work and pay homage to the moon on the clearest night of the year by reading poems and eating mooncakes. Those who have settled overseas and can’t come back and celebrate with their loved ones send them their best regards along with small gifts for Moon Festival.

Moon Cakes
Eating moon cake during the Mid-Autumn Festival is a long standing tradition. People sacrifice moon cakes as offerings and eat them to express their gratitude to the moon and celebrate harvest.

Moon cakes come in various flavors which change according to the region and can be filled with red bean paste, walnuts, peanuts, ham, dried flowered petals and other ingredients. These round pastries symbolize happiness and reunion, making it an indispensable food for the holiday and great gift to China for relatives and friends as a wish for a long and happy life.

During the festival people buy plenty of moon cakes and give they to people they know. On this day everyone gets a moon cake from friends, relatives, bosses and government.

Gifts for Moon Festival

Don’t forget to send your best wishes on Moon Festival to relatives, loved ones, friends, business colleagues and employees in China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and other countries with a large Chinese population. Choose between a great variety of gifts from classic beautifully decorated gourmet baskets filled with authentic festival treats to beautiful plants and flower arrangements. Select a gift that suits your recipient’s taste and your budget and be sure your wishes of luck and prosperity will be delivered right on time for this Moon Festival!




Spa Gift Basket to Bangalore, India

04 Sep

If there’s someone on your list who needs some extra pampering, send them this luxurious SPA gift basket to India. With everything they need to indulge in the relaxing spa treatment right in the comfort of their own home, like moisturizing lotion, gentle scrub, body wash as well as decadent chocolate and much more, their next day off will feel like a vacation!


Gourmet Gift Basket to Cork, Ireland

03 Sep

To show your appreciation, gratitude and support to the colleagues, business associates or employees, send them this wonderful gourmet gift basket to Ireland. Filled with delicious gourmet treats, chocolate and a bottle of bubbly it’s absolutely perfect for sharing on a special occasion or just because.


Fruit Basket to Madrid, Spain

30 Aug

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Flowers & Gift Basket to Amadora, Portugal

29 Aug

When you’re choosing a gift for a female recipient, either your beloved one, friend, colleague, employee or boss, make sure to include fresh flowers. Suitable for any occasion they will complete your gift to Portugal, make it more heartfelt, and show the recipient how thoughtful a person you are.


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28 Aug

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Birthday Gift Basket to Calgary, Canada

13 Aug

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Kind regards,

Valerie W.”

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Rosh Hashanah Gift Baskets Ideas

10 Aug

Starting at sunset on September 4, 2013, is one of the holiest days of the year in the Hebrew calendar, Rosh Hashanah or Jewish New Year. The holiday commemorates the creation of a man and is considered to be the time for visiting synagogues and reflecting on the mistakes made in the past year and planning for self improvement in the following one.

Similar to the rest of the world Jewish New Year is celebrated with a big pomp. The festivities last for two days and are accompanied by various traditions including blowing a shofar (a horn used for Jewish religious purposes) and eating symbolic foods such as apples dipped in honey and other.

Sweets for Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah is a time of sweet celebration, and the foods eaten during the holiday reflect that. Eating sweets during Jewish New Year is a part of the tradition and it represents sweet promises, hopes and opportunities in the upcoming year.

The main symbol of hopes for a sweet New Year in Jewish culture is apples dipped in honey. Another traditional treat is sweet bread called challah. The round shape of challah symbolizes the never-ending cycle of life and is usually eaten with honey symbolic of happy life and success.

If you’re sending a gift for Rosh Hashanah to your relatives, friends, loved ones or business colleagues, make sure it includes these symbols of Jewish New Year which will bring your dear recipients fortune and luck.

Fruit for Rosh Hashanah

Fruit are sweet, delicious, healthy and very appropriate at a festive Rosh Hashanah table. The ritual of eating fruit during the holiday reminds people to appreciate the fruits of the earth and being alive to enjoy them. Along with apples dipped in honey people traditionally eat pomegranates on the second night of Rosh Hashanah. A pomegranate is often used as a “new fruit” – meaning, a fruit not yet eaten this season. Its abundant seeds symbolize fertility, hopes for good deeds and merits in the upcoming year.

When searching for a fruit basket for Jewish New Year choose hampers which contain traditional symbolic fruit as well as all time favorites like dates, figs, nuts, dried and fresh fruit. Consider the number of recipients and choose the size of the basket accordingly. Make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy your delicious token!

Kosher Gifts for Rosh Hashanah

Jewish holidays often center around food and Rosh Hashanah is no exception. Jewish New Year is traditionally celebrated in a big company of relatives and friends who share the festive meal together.

There can never be too much food at a festive table that’s why giving gourmet gifts for Rosh Hashanah is a great idea. But since many Jews stick to number of strict eating regulations, you should consider giving Kosher basket which will suit any taste and diet. Chocolate, cookies, baked goods, cured seafood, wine, we can ensure that your recipients will enjoy each and every product because our Kosher Rosh Hashanah gifts baskets are designed to reflect holiday traditions and satisfy any cravings.

Wish L’Shana Tova – Happy Sweet New Year – to your family, friends, or business associates in Israel, US, or other country worldwide. Treat your recipients to any of our Rosh Hashanah gift baskets that will convey your warmest, sweetest New Year wishes and bring happy smiles of appreciation and gratitude on their faces.


Cake & Fruit Basket to Tampere, Finland

07 Aug

Looking for a gift that is classic and practical but also stylish and appropriate for any occasion? Go for this sweet choice of a delicious freshly made cake and a gift basket to Finland loaded with healthy fruit and accompanied by a bottle of white wine. Suitable for at least a party of two this gift will certainly hit the spot!


Bouquet & Gift Basket to Malmo, Sweden

06 Aug

This August send your dear ones, friends, or business colleagues a fresh arrangement of seasonal flowers and a delicious gourmet hamper. Such amazing gift to Sweden will be appropriate for any occasion including birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, back-to-school or just because.