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Easy Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe for Beginners

Here’s the gluten-free chocolate cake recipe ALL your friends and family can enjoy! As gift experts, we know the best celebrations include presents as well as something handmade with a personal touch. Nothing shows your love like baking a cake to go with their birthday gift basket or anniversary dinner, but for those with celiac disease, a flour-based cake is a painfully tempting gesture. Getting started with gluten-free baking requires some extra knowledge and practice. If you’re an amateur baker, learning basic baking tricks won’t help much, since they are often based on gluten-filled ingredients. But either an amateur or a pro, here we’ve got an easy, celiac-friendly gluten-free chocolate cake recipe to get you started.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe for Beginners

There are plenty of gluten-free cakes recipes out there. Some are too wordy, others are too complicated, or just include too many uncommon ingredients. To make sure you first gluten-free baking experience is completely positive, we’ve chosen a simple, classic recipe anyone will enjoy (both making and eating!). A gluten-free makeover of an old time favorite chocolate cake, this recipe includes only 11 ingredients and is made in 8 simple steps. Happy gluten-free baking!

Your Guide to the Folklore, History & Culture of India [infographic]

India is a vast country with glowing temples, natural landscapes, and architectural marvels. Whether you’re planning a trip or want to learn more, this infographic will act as your guide.  You’ll discover how many of the things we use and know today started with research and science in this ancient country as well as some fun facts you may have never known.  You’ll even learn what is lucky and unlucky as well as acceptable and faux-paux in case you ever need to send a gift to India for a wedding, to a friend or even to a business partner for the holidays.

A Guide to the Folklore, History & Culture of India
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Easter Basket Ideas For Grown-Ups

Easter Basket Ideas For Grown-Ups

Somewhere between not believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa, we gave up on the Easter Bunny too. It’s no wonder! As we got older, Easter got less and less about hunting for the Easter Eggs, more about hiding them. Less about dyeing eggs, and more about minimizing the mess younger kids made as they dyed. It’s time to take Easter back for the adults! What better year than one where Easter falls on April Fools Day?! Here are our favorite Easter basket ideas for grown-ups.

Easter Basket Ideas For Grown-Ups: Skip the egg hunt

The first step in making Easter adult friendly, surprising each other with baskets. You planned the parties, baked the cakes, hid the eggs, made the food, and fired up the grill. Make sure you and other adulating bad-asses out there have an Easter basket to sink into Sunday evening when the kids are tucked into bed, and the dishes are looming in the sink.

What does one send a successful man or woman who could buy whatever they want for themselves you ask? EASY! All of the things you know they’ll talk themselves out of in favor of adulating. Easter is about Spring, fun, family, and being thankful.

The Differences & Similarities Between Easter & Passover

Although Easter and Passover are both holy holidays and occur in Spring, they are not the same.  There are similarities like how you see Jesus in “The Last Supper” by Leonadro Da Vinci having a Seder dinner, but the two are very different.  The easy to follow infographic below is a perfect way to learn or teach how they are related, why they are different and it makes a great printable for a classroom at your local place of worship or a religious studies course.

The differences between easter and passover
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Are Easter and Passover The Same?

Although both are important holidays and celebrations, they are not the same. Here are the similarities and differences between Passover and Easter.

What is Easter?

Easter – (ee-ster) noun – A Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In modern times it is celebrated by attending church, having a dinner with family and friends as well as participating in festive traditions like coloring hard boiled eggs and hiding plastic ones filled with candy or surprises.

What is Passover?

Your Guide to International Women’s Day Gifts & Celebration

March 8th is right around the corner; so many are looking for Women’s Day gifts and planning celebrations. Others aren’t sure what the holiday is all about. Whether you’re the former or the latter, a little history about the celebration is in order. International Women’s Day is an official holiday celebrated around the world on March 8th. It commemorates women’s long-lasting fight for equal rights, and their outstanding contributions to the world. The holiday recognizes their accomplishments in all spheres of life, from economic and political, to cultural and artistic.

Women’s struggle for equality is not the story of a single feminist or organization, but the efforts of everyone who cares about human rights. International Women’s Day means different things to different people. For some it’s a call-to-action to empowering women around the world to stand up for themselves. However, for others it’s similar to Mother’s Day: a time to honor mothers, wives, daughters, and colleagues with Women’s Day Gifts. There’s no wrong way to celebrate, no one person to notice: it’s a day for all women. Everything from a hug to a gift basket is a welcome way to thank them for being amazing.

Bouquets are great Women's Day gifts

Gluten-Free Baking 101: Perfect Gluten-Free Cake

We know it can be difficult to spoil your family and friends who have celiac disease, and who need to avoid gluten – and we’re here to help. Maybe you’ve already read Choosing Gluten-Free Gifts & Foods, but you want to add a personal, homemade touch to their next celebration, alongside a gift. Mastering gluten-free cake isn’t easy, but with this guide, it’s definitely do-able. The first thing you should know about gluten-free baking is that it requires extra studying.

It may sound contradictory but to learn how to master gluten-free baking, you have to understand what gluten actually does. To put it simply, gluten is a protein that creates structure in the baked goods and holds them together. Creating tiny air pockets in the batter, it is also responsible for fluffiness and tenderness. So, the question is, how do you make moist, light, fluffy and flavorful gluten-free cakes and other baked goodies without using gluten? Follow these handy baking tips and never have a tough and heavy gluten-free cake again!

Gluten-Free Baking 101

Set the Mood with Aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day

We may not be able to brew a love potion for you, but we can teach you the best aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day to help you push that spark of interest into a burning inferno this February 14th. Who needs Viagra when you can get into the mood for Valentine’s Day by eating delicious, sexy foods? Still not convinced they’re real? Well, it’s true. The best aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day are foods that have chemicals in them that help raise your serotonin or otherwise regulate your sexual hormones.

So yes, they are real, but your mileage may vary. For the best results we recommend switching it up, trying several, and finding one that’s as irresistible to you as your partner. Get the evening hot and steamy – not only in the kitchen – by offering your partner any of these sexy Valentine’s Day gifts:

Aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day

5 Easy Ways to Have a Long Distance New Year Celebration

Without having to commit to stupid long drives, dry overcooked dinners, annoying children, or being drunk without your own bed to pass out in.

Celebrating the New Year with all of your friends, family, and loved ones is pretty much impossible in this day and age. With the internet and international travel making long-distance relationships a norm in most people’s lives, it’s a safe bet that you have multiple people you want to see spread across a few continents. So how do you throw long distance New Year bash and celebrate with everyone? How can  you really connect with loved ones this New Year when they’re all so far away? How do you start 2018 with no guilt and no extra stress?

Who needs decor with a long distance New Year celebration?
Image by Shari’s Berries

Okay, so not even we can solve everything. But here are a few tips to help make your long distance New Year a success. We’re giving the advice, all you have to do is pour the drinks. And hey, if you’re looking for liquor we can send that, too!