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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

27 Nov

When autumn leaves are falling and Thanksgiving time is near
 It warms the heart to think of those
 Who mean so much all year.

A wonderful family holiday, Thanksgiving Day is here! Celebrated this year on November, 27 this popular holiday is usually observed with family and friends. The highlight of the celebration is a festive dinner that features such holiday favorites as roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, dishes with pumpkin among other traditional food. During the meal family members usually express their gratitude to God for all His blessings and thank each other for their support.

If you are not able to spend Thanksgiving with your dear ones this year but want them to feel your love and care, sending a beautiful and delicious gift basket is a great idea! Sophisticated gourmet baskets with French and Italian cheeses, crackers, savory chocolate, complimented with good wine will become a perfect choice for the whole family, as well as business associates or colleagues. A fruit basket bursting with a great selection of local and exotic fruit will be a good choice for healthy eaters, sweet tooth and families with kids. Fresh bouquets or flower baskets can either compliment your tasty surprise or be given on their own. Elegant and cheerful they will help to set up the right mood and become the centerpiece of the festivities.

Let your recipients feel your care even from far away. Send them a tasty Thanksgiving gift basket and make sure they have a wonderful day filled with love, smiles and holiday cheer!


Flowers to Toronto, Canada

25 Nov

If you want to impress your significant other, friend, colleague, business partner or boss with an extravagant gesture this floral arrangement is exactly what you need. Classic pink roses and red carnations are accentuated with exotic Asian lilies and tropical bamboos to create a unique design. Delivered in a stylish package, this gift to Canada promises to be unlike anything your recipient has ever received before! Sophisticated and elegant it was artistically arranged by our florist to last for weeks.

Wish them happy holidays, anniversary, birthday or congratulate on other important occasion in their life with a surprise that will leave them amazed!


Send Healthy Gift Baskets Worldwide

24 Nov

Savory gifts can and MUST be healthy! Our food experts created guilt-free baskets overflowing with fresh veggies, crackers, cheese, jams and other gourmet treats that will satisfy their cravings and make the snack time enjoyable and wholesome.

A fruit basket is a great healthy alternative for a sweet tooth. Our baskets come only with the freshest local and exotic fruit complemented with gourmet chocolate, nuts, wine, or any other ingredients of your choice.

Just in time for major holidays has significantly updated their catalog and added a great many new gift baskets for delivery worldwide. Among others there’s a plenty of healthy gift hampers overflowing with ripe fruit and vegetables. Full of vitamins and essential ingredients for boosting the immune system this gift will become a perfect choice during cold winter season. Either you want to wish a happy Thanksgiving, say Merry Christmas, Get Well, Congratulations or just cheer them up, a healthy and delicious hamper from our new catalog will please any recipient on your list.

Start shopping for holiday gifts now and save 10$ off your order with the coupon code WSG14. Hurry up, the offer is valid until November, 30!


Birthday Gift to Christchurch, New Zealand

21 Nov

“I’m very impressed, this was a truly outstanding customer service! The service delivery surpass any that I have dealt with before. My recipient contacted me right after he received the gift and sounded extremely satisfied with everything. He informed me that the people who delivered the gift basket were very courteous and produced a great impression on him with the presentation. I highly recommend GiftBasketsOverseas and give them 5 stars.

P. Liebenberg (South Africa)

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Chocolate & Wine Basket to Luxembourg

20 Nov

Pulling late evenings at work can leave your dear friends, relatives or colleagues with little time to relax together. This festive gift basket was created to help your recipients unwind and dive into their own comfort zone. A keepsake wicker hamper boasts a tempting selection of rich dark and milk chocolates, gourmet cookies, and other sweet treats complimented by a fine bottle of sparkling wine from the prestigious wine collection. Entice them into a long weekend home, thank your team for going above and beyond, welcome a new boss or wish happy holidays with this sophisticated gift basket to Luxembourg.


Romantic Gift Basket to Almaty, Kazakhstan

18 Nov

Red is the color of love and passion, that’s why our gift experts chose it to represent your romantic feelings to the special lady in your life. In this keepsake wicker hamper they skillfully put together all time women’s favorites. In the garden of opulent fresh roses they placed an adorable teddy bear holding a heart that says “I love you”. They went even an extra way hiding in the basket delicious gourmet chocolate she enjoys so much. Bring a smile on the face of your beloved one and let her drown in your love and care when you send this stunning gift basket to Kazakhstan.


Fruit Basket to Shanghai, China

17 Nov

Thank you very much! You guys are the best so far! I have never used your company before but already impressed with your professionalism! Being able to deliver my order in one day without the correct phone number of the recipient is quite impressive! I’ll contact you again soon for my Christmas gifts. :)

Warmest regards,

Anastassia G.

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How to Throw Best Thanksgiving Party

14 Nov

Kick-off the winter holiday season with a warm and welcoming Thanksgiving for the whole family! If you want to throw the best Thanksgiving party ever then you need to come up with the right ingredients. These may differ for different family and friends, but some of the basic elements will remain the same. The following tips should have you well on your way to planning the best Thanksgiving party ever!

House / Table decorating

Demonstrate your holiday excitement with creative Thanksgiving-themed decorating ideas. Brainstorm color schemes, centerpieces, and other little details that create a festive mood. Celebrate the holiday with a display of warm and inviting colors, fall scents and fall décor. Incorporate a color scheme of red, orange, yellow and brown in your decoration. Include these fall colors in your Thanksgiving dinner table ideas, centerpieces, place settings, place cards, and even food presentation. For a warm glow and special atmosphere, place votive candles with an apple, cinnamon or pecan scent all over the house.

Thanksgiving Food

It’s no secret that Thanksgiving is all about food. If you plan on having a great Thanksgiving party then your holiday table should be overflowing with plenty of delicious dishes!

Have a variety of foods on hand. You will need to have plenty of turkey, ham, sides, bread, and more desserts than you think are enough! Serve the traditional Thanksgiving food with a roasted turkey as the centerpiece, but keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit and adding some cultural foods or some of your family favorites. Who knows, they might just become tradition over time! Remember to always cook enough that if some unexpected guests show up you still have plenty. Giving doggy bags to the guests after the party and eating leftovers for the next several days is a part of Thanksgiving tradition, so having extra won’t hurt.


To really loosen your family members and friends up consider having some wine, liquor, or beer on hand. In fact, you could even plan on just wine, mixed drinks, beer, or a mixture of the above. If you don’t want to go to too much trouble then choose a drink that complements the meal the most and stock up on that particular one. As long as your guests can have a drink or two they will relax and really enjoy the party. Remember that it’s better to serve the drinks after the meal to make sure your guests have room for food and don’t get drunk even before the dinner is served.

Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

Entertain your guests during Thanksgiving dinner with some fun activities suitable for all age groups. Choose games that allow for a number of different players so you can adapt the game for the group. Play a combination of user-friendly board games to play with family and card games. Plan a game of “Go Fish,” play a round of Monopoly, or have fun with a challenging game of Uno. Offer prizes to motivate guests, especially the little ones to participate in the games. No matter what Thanksgiving activities you plan to do, enjoy and cherish the quality time spent together with family and friends!

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International Gift Delivery Company Unveils Big Changes

12 Nov Introduces a New Website and Customer Care System – Just in Time for the Winter Holidays!

ARLINGTON, Mass., Nov. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —, the experts in international gift delivery, has launched a brand-new website design along with an upgraded customer care system. The company’s look, colors, logo, and even internal systems, have all gotten a major overhaul just in time for the holidays. The changes the site has rolled out over the last few weeks have been months in the making.  Owner Dmitriy Peregudov said, “Growing and changing the company has been hands-on and, at times, tough. But the effort is well worth it. Now, our customers will be able to place orders even more easily, and they can expect even faster processing times, for even the largest orders.” He went on to say that the company will continue to grow, and that customers can expect continuing updates.

The company has given its image a more approachable look by using attractive blues and creams as well as a logo that fits its brand image better. To go along with this external facelift, behind-the-scenes mechanics have been further upgraded. The website now offers more payment options, smart fields for customer information, and even a faster way to choose gifts available in a wide number of regions, for customers who send gifts to multiple countries at once. The company has also implemented a brand new customer relationship manager (CRM), making customer interactions with gift specialists even easier and more intuitive. Employees will have better and faster access to order history, customer information, and relevant regional information that may impact orders. is more ready than ever to tackle this holiday season, with a larger, more organized catalog, easier to handle site, and more active social media team, ready and eager to take suggestions online in real-time.  The company’s gift experts have just finished extensive training on the up-to-date CRM, so the best customer service in the industry just got a whole lot better, and shockingly even easier to reach via phones, chat, and, now on social media.

About is an A-ranked, BBB-accredited company based in the United States that specializes in delivering superior quality gifts to over 200 countries. is renowned globally for providing online ordering convenience, multilingual customer service, and secure payment options. Learn more at


Romantic Gift Basket to Bergen, Norway

11 Nov

Beware of Teddies bearing gifts to Norway, for the tantalizing tastes this adorable plush toy is bringing might get addictive. Soft and cuddly Me to You Teddy Bear comes with an assortment of the best Belgian treats – mouthwatering flaked truffles, crispy caramelized waffles, savory almond thins, and more – all lovely packed in a romantic wicker hamper. To compliment the basket and create an unforgettable impression the surprise comes with a stunning bouquet of long-stemmed red roses. Picked fresh by our local florist they will last long bringing smile on the face of your dear recipient each time they lay their eyes on them.