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Romantic Gift to Yokohama, Japan

18 Mar

First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to applaud the great customer service I received from Miss Olivia Greenfield. Although, my Valentine’s Day shipment was delayed because of the couriers overload due to so many deliveries, Miss. Olivia Greenfield offered to call my wife to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day on behalf of a deployed Air Force Active Duty Service Member and explain the date of the delivery.

With this stated, Miss Olivia Greenfield followed up on her promise and also emailed me directly to let me know. Afterwards, I received a delightful email from my wife thanking me and looking forward to the delivery.

So, I wanted to take this time to write a survey about my positive experience I received with Giftbasketoverseas Customer Service. Although, many unfortunate events can happen, the fact that Miss Olivia Greenfield cared enough by her clients to follow through on her offered pay huge dividends and lets me know how you all value your customers. Again, thank you again for the great Customer Service. I look forward to being a future customer for special occasion such as Valentine’s Day.


Sidney J. Zeringue Jr.

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Easter Traditions Around the World

16 Mar

Kids in the US grow up expecting a delivery of eggs and candy from the Easter bunny each year, though it may seem strange to an outsider. Brought to the New World by German immigrants in the beginning of the 18th century, the practice is rooted in the belief that rabbits and eggs symbolize fertility and rebirth. While this may be the norm in US, other cultures have their their own, unique customs. Here are some of the most interesting Easter traditions from around the world and the history behind them.


Egg rolling is an important part of the Easter celebration in US that usually takes place on Easter Monday. The Egg Roll is an annual race, where children push hard boiled eggs through the grass with a spoon. The custom originated in Germany and was brought to America along with other traditions such as the Easter bunny. Another way of celebrating Easter in US is participating in Egg hunt. An Easter egg hunt is a fun festive game, during which decorated eggs (usually made of chocolate or filled with candy) are hidden outdoors or indoors for children to run around and find.


According to Gregorian calendar Orthodox Easter in Russia is observed 7 days after Catholic Easter. Preceding the holiday is a long 40 days Lenten fast during which no meat, dairy products, fish, eggs, or alcohol are allowed.  It ends on Easter Sunday when all the food prohibited during the fast is served along with famous Paskha (type of Russian cheesecake made from curd cheese in shape of a truncated pyramid) and Kulich (Russian Easter bread made with butter, eggs, raisins, and nuts).


Pouring water on one another is a Polish Easter tradition that has its origins in the baptism of Polish Prince on Easter Monday in 966 AD. To this day on Easter Monday, boys try to drench with water everyone around and especially the opposite sex. According to the legend girls who get soaked will marry that year.


Jews do not celebrate Easter. They do, however, have Passover this time of year. The eight-day festival also known as Pesach commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. The most important part of the Passover celebration is the ceremony of Seder, an elaborate festive meal that takes place on the first two nights of the holiday of Passover. ‘Seder’ translates as ‘order’ and thus, all its rituals are observed in a particular order on this day.


A popular Easter tradition in Hungary also revolves around water and is known as “Sprinkling”. On Easter Monday men of all ages playfully spray perfume, cologne or just plain water, on girls and women and ask for a kiss. In the old days people used to believe that water had a purifying, healing and fertility-inducing effect.

Czech Republic & Slovakia

Men from Czech Republic and Slovakia went even further and on Easter Monday they follow the tradition of spanking women with long handmade willow whips decorated with colorful ribbons. Of course such playful spanking is all in good fun and not meant to cause pain. According to the legend, the willow is the first tree to bloom in spring, so the branches are believed to bring women the tree’s vitality and fertility.


Norwegians have an interesting Easter tradition of reading crime novels known as “Easter Thrillers”. At this time of year many people read mystery books or watch the televised crime detective series on national television. The tradition has started in 1923 when a book publisher promoted its new crime novel on the front pages of newspapers. The ads looked like real news and people didn’t realize it was a publicity stunt.

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Gourmet Hamper to Novi Sad, Serbia

12 Mar

Every gift brings joy and delight to both the giver and the recipient. With a gift basket to Serbia that features a wide selection of delicious gourmet treats that can be enjoyed by the whole family or office, the joy multiplies! Let the favorite foodie in your life know you’re thinking of them by sending a hamper of delightful flavors they’re sure to rave about. An assortment of best French and Italian cheeses, gourmet crackers, and other savory snacks are complemented with dark chocolate, fruit and a bottle of great wine. Thank an employee for their hard work, contribute delicious snacks to the family dinner, or wish happy holidays to the ones you care about with this Gourmet Delight to Serbia!


Gourmet Basket to Panama City, Panama

10 Mar

“I’m very satisfied with the customer service and company overall. I placed an order on their website on February, 4 and my girlfriend received her romantic gift right on time. The lady from customer support kept me informed about every stage of delivery which is quite rare these days. My recipient was very happy with her bouquet and Godiva chocolates. She sent me a picture and it looked exactly like on the website.

I will definitely use GiftBasketsOverseas again in the future and will recommend their service to everyone.”

Alexis Fernando

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Gift & Flowers to Astana, Kazakhstan

08 Mar

Celebrate spring and womanhood with a bright gift to Kazakhstan that is put together by our experts to make your dear recipients smile. Their eyes will light up when they see the rainbow of fresh flowers in a beautiful package accompanied with a bunch of colorful balloons! A vibrant burst of lilies, roses, gerbera daisies, and irises in shades of stunning red, deep blue, cheerful yellow with hints of baby pink are set against stunning glossy green leaves and wrapped in contrasting white and red paper. Whether you special someone, family member, friend or business associate is celebrating a birthday, upcoming spring holiday or you just want to demonstrate your appreciation, support or love, send this Floral Fiesta Bouquet that will please anyone on your list!


Sweet Gift Basket to Lviv, Ukraine

05 Mar

“There’s nothing better than a friend, unless it’s a friend with chocolate.”
Charles Dickens

Some chocolate connoisseurs believe that chocolate is actually divine in origin, a gift from the heavens above. This amazing gift basket to Ukraine brimming with the best world renowned sweet treats is sure to please the most picky chocolate aficionado in your life. We will include a large assortment of premium gourmet chocolate to make sure your beloved one, dear friend, or business colleague has enough to indulge and find themselves in sweet paradise, because chocolate is ground from the beans of happiness!


Sweet Gift Basket to Barcelona, Spain

25 Feb

“My sister is in Spain for a 4 month internship and since she has been feeling homesick I thought that it would be nice to send her a Valentine’s day surprise. So I found and decided to try it out. I ordered her some chocolates and wine, set to be delivered on Feb 14th. My sister however decided to leave town for the weekend. The gift was delivered however no one was there to accept. I had not expected this but the staff at Giftbasketsoverseas kept me informed the whole weekend. We communicated via email and they were very patient with me. They wanted my gift to be delivered to her as much as I did. I ended up providing them with my sister’s email address and they were able to contact her and schedule the delivery. My sister loved her gift 🙂

I’m so glad I could trust this company to deliver a gift so far away and I would totally recommend them, and use them again in the future!”

Diana Marivel Gomez

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Beer Gift Basket to Chicago, USA

23 Feb

Time for a party? Make it a special one even if you can’t be there to enjoy it. Enough to please your dear recipient and their friends this wicker basket is filled to the brim with a rainbow of party essentials. From a rich variety of great beers for every taste including Corona, Heineken, Red Stripe, Guinness Stout to delicious sweet and savory complimentary treats that pair perfectly with each of the beers. They’ll start with crunchy nuts, crackers, cheese straws, salted nuts and finish with yummy cookies and gourmet chocolate. Whether your dear recipient is celebrating birthday, housewarming, graduation, successful business or just a day off work this assorted gift hamper to USA will become the highlight of their day!


Chocolate Gift Basket to Gomel, Belarus

19 Feb

When it’s time to celebrate and relax this decadent gift to Belarus will make a great surprise for any recipient on your list. They’ll indulge in delightful Ferrero Rocher Bonbons, gourmet cookies, imported ground coffee and other delicious treats that pair so well with a bottle of famous Hennessy Cognac. Your family, friends, or business associates will love this combination that will make a perfect addition to a get together on a cold winter day. Warming in every way this wonderful gift set will be appreciated by anyone who loves the idea of fun, for any occasion – so send one now and celebrate!


Gift Basket to Beijing, China

17 Feb

This is my 2nd year working with Irina Fossil (customer support representative) and she has always been exceptional! I’ve had deliveries to a number of countries and they were all received at the schedule date. I am very happy with the services at

Best regards,

Tabitha T.

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