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Business gift for Christmas

Is it Christmas time, or any other holiday, and you are having trouble thinking of a good gift to give to your colleague, boss or just someone you don’t know well enough to know what they like? Here’s some help to find the perfect gift.

First of all, think of what you know about the person you are going to give a present to. This will help you to form at least a small personality profile on them and then you can start brainstorming on what types of things they may like.

Then, decide how much you want to spend. If your budget is not big enough and you are giving a present to your boss, you can ask some of the co-workers if they want to chip in.

Don’t waste your precious time trying to find a shop to buy an appropriate gift. Online shop is a perfect choice.

It’s very convenient and fast to buy one of the pre-made gift baskets or even better, cheaper and much more thoughtful is to gather items separately and create your own custom gift-basket. This way you can truly personalize the basket and buy items you know they will not only like, but truly love (i.e. their favorite sweets/spirits/snack).

If you absolutely can’t think of any gift, give flowers. It’s a really universal gift for both men and women that suits any occasion.

Consumable or disposable items work well since the person won’t feel like the gift is ‘just taking up space.’ For this purpose suit for example spa kits, gourmet baskets, fruit baskets, spirits and sweets.

Your boss or a colleague will be much more impressed if you give the present not by yourself but order a special gift delivery.

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We do our best to perform every single order

Not all the deliveries go off without a hitch. Sometimes it’s really hard to perform the order of delivery because the recepient can be not at home. In such cases we do not give in and try to complete the delivery some other time or, if this doesn’t work, to contact our client and to find out more contact details of the recepient.

Our customers really apprecitate our concern in fast and quality delivery and write a lot of thank-you letters to our company.

Couple of days ago we attempted to deliver an order but all our multiple attempts failed. Anytime the deliveryman came, there was nobody home and there came no feedback to our voice mails. We found out some other contact details of the recepient and managed to perform the order at last.

The client was completely satisfied:
“Thank you so much for all your personal attention to this order!
Our information is that M and Madam Valat have received the gift basket!
We appreciate all your efforts in this. Thank you very much for your
attentive service.
Shirley B.”

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Gift Baskets Overseas Introduces the International Basket Builder®

Many people find that designing and making gifts is not only enjoyable but also more personal, hence the popularity of the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) trend. Gift Baskets Overseas, an online, international gift basket delivery company, joins the trend with its Basket Builder® tool, which allows customers to virtually design their own gifts.

When sending a gift basket to loved ones or business associates who live in another country, the idea of making a customized basket, filled with all their favorites, probably sounds impossible. However, with Gift Baskets Overseas’ Basket Builder® tool, users can select the recipient’s favorite flowers, food items, drinks, spirits, and keepsake gift items to make a unique gift basket, which will be assembled and delivered by local gift delivery agents in the recipient’s city.

The virtual assembly process is simple. First, the size of the basket is chosen: small, medium or large. The user can view a large selection of gift basket items in a column on the left side of the screen. To select an item, the user simply drags the icon into the basket in the center of the screen. As the user progresses, he or she may decide to change certain selections; simply dragging an item out of the basket area will automatically remove it from the arrangement. Users can watch the gift basket fill right before their eyes. Many Basket Builder® users enjoy the freedom of selection while benefiting from the user’s control over the basket’s total price.

Gift Baskets Overseas provides gift basket delivery to international destinations throughout the world, with a concentration on European destinations. Corporations, the company’s largest client base, find that ordering for all their clients at one time, despite geographic location, is a huge time-saver.

Gift Baskets Overseas has established a large network of florists that assemble and deliver gift baskets purchased on Gift Baskets Overseas’ website. By creating a network of established, reputable florists and having multilingual customer service representatives based in the United States, Gift Baskets Overseas takes the guesswork out of finding a florist for those who want to arrange for international gift delivery.

Corporate clients who send gift baskets to clients or business associates enjoy the variety offered in the BasketBuilder tool, allowing them to create a gift basket for an entire office or for an individual. Additionally, themed gift baskets can turn a typical basket into a memorable gift in the minds of influential clients.

The Basket Builder® is expected to find the height of its popularity with the typical D.I.Y. crowd of 21-45 year-olds. Whether the user wants to make a funky, trendy arrangement or a more traditional collection of items, the BasketBuilder™ can make it a reality.

About Gift Baskets Overseas:
Gift Baskets Overseas specializes in sending high-quality gift baskets throughout the world. The U.S. based company works directly with established, local florists and gift delivery companies, providing clients with secure payment options, online ordering convenience, and multilingual customer service representatives. Learn more at

David Skol
Director of Marketing
[email protected]

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