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Flower Gift Basket to Milan, Italy

25 Sep

When it comes to celebrating a very special occasion in the life of your dear ones, it’s important to be loving, caring, tasteful and, of course, generous. Nothing demonstrates your good taste and the desire to impress better than this absolutely stunning flower basket to Italy! In a large wicker hamper our professional florists have arranged a breathtaking selection of charming pink tulips, delicate blue irises, passionate red daisies, snow white lush roses and more. Say Happy Birthday, celebrate a wedding, congratulate business associates, welcome home a baby, or just cheer up your friends and dear ones with this beautiful and stylish surprise.


Fruit Basket to Jakarta, Indonesia

24 Sep

Autumn is here which means it’s time to start thinking about receiving enough vitamins and preparing your body for the cold winter season. The tastiest and most natural way of getting vitamins is by eating tons of fruit. Juicy oranges full of vitamin C, crispy apples as good source of fiber, sweet grapes which provide with antioxidants, pineapple as an excellent source of vitamin C, copper and vitamin B, cantaloupe full of potassium are just some of the fruits included in this delicious gift basket to Indonesia. Wish your loved one Happy Birthday, say Congratulations to a business associate or just demonstrate your dear recipients how much you care about them with this healthy vitamin surprise.


Gift Basket to Shanghai, China

22 Sep

I was looking for a delivery service in China for my boss. He wanted to congratulate his business colleagues. After a long online search I found your company. The customer reviews and catalog looked good and I decided to give it a try. I placed an order 8 days in advance. During the whole delivery process your representatives kept me updated and on the day of delivery I received a photo of the recipients with their gift basket. It was a great idea, my boss was happy with everything when I showed him the picture.

Thank you for a great service. I will come back with more orders and will recommend your company to everyone I know.

Nathalia S.

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Fruit & Flower Basket to Miami, USA

21 Sep

No celebration can be considered complete without these three essentials: flowers, chocolate and gift basket. Our gift experts have put together this wonderful surprise that has it all for a perfect holiday or special occasion. Luxurious keepsake hamper with exotic white orchids, delicate soft pink miniature roses, violet and yellow seasonal blooms make an unforgettable composition that will bring happiness to your recipients for weeks to come. For a sweet tooth with a delicate palette there’s a hamper filled with fresh fruit and cheese assortment that goes perfectly well with a good bottle of wine. And of course we couldn’t forget about all time favorite chocolates. A box of delightful chocolate for any taste will complete your gift to USA meant for loved ones, family members, and dear friends.


Gift Basket to Vilnius, Lithuania

18 Sep

Premium Scotch Whiskey is here, and it brings the company! Mark the special day in the lives of your loved ones or business associates with a festive wicker gift basket created especially for men. A bottle of the golden, smooth, all men’s favorite Johnnie Walker Gold Label is complemented with a delicious assortment of gourmet snacks including nuts, crackers, cheese and more. To round out the feast our experts added Lindt Dark Chocolate, a Toblerone Bar and some more sweet surprises for the special man in your life. Let your friends or colleagues know you are there with them, saluting them on their success when you’re sending our Golden Walk Gift Basket to Lithuania!


Bouquet of Roses to Almaty, Kazakhstan

16 Sep

I ordered a bouquet of long-stem roses for my Mom’s 70th anniversary 2 days before the celebration – from Canada all the way to Kazakhstan. Not only were the beautiful roses delivered on time, with a vase and a greeting card, the vase carried a sweet complimentary ribbon and I was e-mailed a picture of my Mom enjoying her gift! Needless to say we were all impressed by the reliable service and timely follow-ups. Giftbasketsoverseas has made it possible to show our love from half a world away – and we are really grateful for that! We shall definitely be using their immaculate service again!

Elvira G. (Canada)

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Happy Rosh Hashanah!

14 Sep

On Rosh Hashanah wishing you peace, happiness, good luck, God’s blessing and success. L’shanah Tovah! Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Many people celebrate New Year on the last day of December, but according to Jewish calendar it begins at sundown on September, 13. Celebrate Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashanah with your family, friends and business colleagues. Send them your love and wish a happy year with a sweet gift from our Rosh Hashanah gift catalog.


Flower Basket to Astana, Kazakhstan

11 Sep

Remember to love your parents. We are so busy growing up that we often forget that they also growing old.
Every good child wants to spoil their parents and demonstrate their endless love and care. Especially for the main woman in your life our florists have put together a lively floral basket full of color and cheer. Your recipient’s eyes will lighten up as she sees lush pink and white gerberas, green mums, alstromeria and so much more, all nestled in a whimsical keepsake basket. Say I Love You, raise the bar, surprise her on her Birthday or just brighten the life of those you care about with Cheery Flower Basket to Kazakhstan.


Romantic Gift to Copenhagen, Denmark

09 Sep

“I found this company after a horrible experience with ‘Pickupflowers’. My girlfriend lives in Denmark while im here in the U.S. and I wanted to send her something special and after reading some great reviews about ‘GiftBasketOverseas’, I decided to go forward with them. I would of given them five stars but couldn’t do that due to two small but annoying mistakes. First I asked numerous times and even included it as a special instruction requesting that when they call my girlfriend that they don’t tell her who the purchaser was, I at least wanted that part to be a surprise. All they needed to say is “we have a gift from a friend of yours and need your address” I didn’t mind the part of them calling her since I don’t have her address and asking myself would easily ruin the surprise plus I knew they would have to confirm she would be available for the delivery due to the nature of the gift contents. They assured me nobody calling her would even know who the purchaser is because the florist doesn’t have that information but what happens? I get a text from my girlfriend after their call to her bleeding with joy because somebody told her “hey we have a delivery from so and so and need your address” …well thanks!!! I mean I know she would of suspected it was me regardless but I could of played it off saying maybe the ‘friend’ is somebody else or a family member but nope, they took the joy for me right out of it! I still tried to play it off as best I could which didn’t work. I also should mention, my girlfriend told me later on that she did press the lady quite a bit on the matter BUT said it was mainly because the lady they had calling had a very harsh accent which was very hard to understand and she was almost ready to hang up on her, I understand this can be a touchy thing but maybe just consider having those of their home country call or use people with little to no accent. Secondly, they spelled my name wrong on the card and I confirmed several times that I submitted the signature correctly! Another small but annoying mistake because she wants to put this card up on the wall but it doesn’t look too good when it’s some random joes name on the card!! But all in all, my girlfriend was soooo overwhelmed with her gift and even though she knew ‘”something” was on the way, she had no idea it would be so beautiful!! I wish I could attach the pictures!!! The bouquet was full of lively roses amounting to between 35-40 roses after counting!!! Chocolates provided by the best Danish chocolate company in Denmark!! Surprisingly, good quality wine that we are waiting to pop together on my next flight out there!! and a nice teddy bear to top it all off!! And did I mention it came out $20 cheaper than with ‘Pickupflowers’ and it came with two extra gifts!! So overall, the good definitely outweighed the mistakes!!

D. (USA)

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Top 5 Gifts for Rosh Hashanah

07 Sep

Jewish New Year also known as Rosh Hashanah starts this year on Sunday September, 13 2015 and ends on Tuesday September, 15. This significant two day celebration commemorates the creation of the world, man and marks the time for purification and renewal.

Like any other important celebration in the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah is associated with traditional symbols and gifts. To make this coming holiday special for your dear recipients send them one of this top Rosh Hashanah gift ideas:

#1 Honey Dishes
One of the unique Rosh Hashanah traditions include eating various foods that symbolize all the good things Jewish people hope to have in the upcoming year. The most popular holiday food is honey which people often use for dipping apples and bread into, and pray for a sweet New Year. Select from a large variety of beautiful honey gifts to make sure your dear recipients have a delightful and delicious year.
#2 Round Challah
After apples and honey, Jewish challah bread is the second most important food symbol of Rosh Hashanah. This braided egg bread shaped like a crown symbolizes the cycle of the year, circle of life and continuity. Sometimes raisins or honey are added to the recipe in order to make the taste even sweeter.

#3 Kosher Gift Baskets
Most probably, there will be more than enough food at the festive New Year table but that doesn’t mean your dear relatives, friends or business associates wouldn’t be happy to receive their own Kosher gift basket full of Israeli all time favorite goodies. Filled to the brim with a variety of fruit, honey, challah bread, dried fruit, chocolate, wine, and other treats such gift baskets make one of the most desirable Rosh Hashanah gifts.

#4 Pomegranate
Cultivated in the Mediterranean for thousands of years, the pomegranate is referenced many times throughout the Bible. Jewish people believe that its many seeds represent holiness, abundance, and wisdom. On Rosh Hashanah festive table pomegranate symbolizes the number of good deeds that people hope to do in the coming year.

#5 Shofar
Is a traditional and one of the oldest Jewish instruments made of a hollow ram’s horn. Its trumpet like sound was historically used for number of purposes, from signifying the beginning of a holiday to a war. Now the shofar is mostly associated with the Jewish New Year and the shofar blowing is a symbolic way to recognize God as creator of all people.

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