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Remote Motivation: How to Keep Your Team Motivated While Social Distancing

It’s no secret that this is a difficult time for everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and companies are no exception. With the restrictive measures that governments around the world are taking, many of the employees who worked from the office, now had to move to their home offices and adopt working remotely. Today, let’s think about keeping your team remote motivation under these difficult circumstances.

Remote Motivation: How to Keep Your Team Motivated While Social Distancing
Work environment is really different now. How to sty focused and motivated? Gives PPE to Doctors & Nurses Fighting COVID-19

ARLINGTON, Mass., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — is humbled to be serving doctors and nurses around the USA by raising funds to send protective gear to hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients. On April 1, 2020, Masks For Doctors launched its fundraising effort with a team of professionals who are committed to direct action & serving the needs of heroic medical staff in the wake of the pandemic.  In less than a week, the organization has raised over half of its initial $50,000 goal. To date, their fundraising page has received over 350 donations, and 1,000 shares on Facebook.

Shields Like This Are Important To Slow The Spread of COVID-19 & Are Reusable

Episode 8: One Immigrant’s Journey Across the World in An LDR

Migration has always been uneasy, but for a loving couple, it is even more challenging. Especially in the case when both need to migrate at different times, with all the uncertainty and risks being faced not once, but twice.  Our new guests Vrunda and Yatharth know how to get through such times best, and they are happy to share their story with you here, in our new episode of Long Distance Short! Don’t worry, their story has a happy ending, and this is awesome because they’ve managed something amazing! So why are you still on this page? Click on “READ MORE”! 🙂 Matches Dollar Donations to Send PPE to Hospitals Fighting COVID-19 With Help From Partners in China

What can you do to support front-line efforts to treat Coronavirus? is proud to announce its efforts to provide critical personal protective gear to hospitals in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and urges its customers and fans to help. As the Western world starts to see the first deaths and worsening projections from COVID-19, one thing is clear: Hospitals are being flooded with cases, while doctors and nurses lack gear needed to protect themselves and others from virus transmission. Sadly, without sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the very people capable of helping others survive this illness risk succumbing to it and becoming vectors for it themselves. According to George Gao, director-general of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of the most important pieces of PPE are masks that can reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Another thing has become clear: To fight COVID-19, we’ll all have to work together to do our parts, from social distancing to making sure everyone gets what they need, we’re in this together. That’s why we’re making it possible to add your donation of KN95 masks to hospitals with every gift you send. Plus, for every $4 mask donation you apply to a gift, we’ll match your donation dollar for dollar, doubling the number of masks we can deliver to hospitals on your behalf.

Donate masks through Gift Baskets Overseas website

Unwrapping Islam’s Biggest Holiday – A Look Inside Celebrating Ramadan

Soon, Muslims around the world Muslims will be celebrating Ramadan. This year, 20202, it falls from sundown April 23rd until the evening of May 23rd. Many people who don’t celebrate it recognize this month-long holiday as a month of fasting. But Ramadan is so much more than that, it is a sacred month to Muslims with a long and rich history of celebrations, many unique to their regions. Ramadan sweet treats

Episode 7: Why should we listen to Ally, Our Host?


In our new episode of Long Distance Short, we answer such a vital question as “Why should we listen to Ally, our host?” Be the first to learn the touching LDR love story that crossed an ocean! Discover how to overcome the biggest challenges and recognize true love and what the pros of a long-distance romance are (yes, they exist!). Together with our frequent guest Sempronia, Ally opens up her soul and shares the experience with her beloved listeners. Don’t miss such useful information, who knows, maybe it will turn your world upside down!

Creative Approach to Corporate Gifts for Leads or Clients: My Very Own First Attempt to Build a Basket

When a request for an interview came in, I was quite excited. What are the questions going to be? How exactly should I look and sound? The host of Real Life Matters, Darlita DBoss Bostic, is a popular video blogger and podcaster among the immigrant community in Toronto. She wanted to tell her audience about Gift Baskets Overseas and how we make corporate and personal gift delivery happen so fast to any country in the world. That was definitely a topic of interest for her followers who are newcomers to Canada, with families and friends around the globe. Plus, I was eager to share, and try a creative approach to corporate gifts myself!

Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Okay Valentine’s Day is on its way, and if you’re like me you’re really only just starting to notice. So it’s too late to book the most popular places, and you probably don’t want to even look at flights to Paris right now. Don’t stress, you’re going to get through this. We’re going to get through this. For all the pressure Valentine’s Day brings us, it also brings endless opportunity and ideas to make a magical moment for you and the one you love.  Follow these tips for Valentine’s Day survival and you’re going to make it through any romantic moment, just fine.

Episode 6: Can I Love More Than One Person? Unboxing Polyamory

Just imagine that one day your loved one announces, “I want to be in polyamorous relationships from now on”. What will your actions be? Do you need to run away from it OR maybe you’re curious to give it a try? In our new episode of Long Distance Short, we’ll explain how things in polyamory work and what it really is. More than that, we will show you what and why you need to learn from people in polyamorous relationships. Don’t hesitate to learn about something that can be a future of social relations, all you need to do is to click a Play button!