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Send Ramadan Gifts And Iftar Treats Overseas!

Ramadan is here! In 2011, In 2011, the Islamic month of fasting falls on August 1 through August 29.

During this month, the Muslim tradition is not only to fast from dusk till dawn, but also to pray, read Quran, be charitable, share and give.

Traditionally, the whole family gathers together for Iftar – a big Ramadan feast that starts after dawn, when the fasting is over. Over time, Iftar has grown from a simple family meal to a true banquet, when family members, friends, neighbors and sometimes the whole communities gather to eat, talk, and spend time with each other. Send food trays like Dried Food Tray which includes traditional dates and other treats; or treats such as Ramadan Gift Basket, and share the joy of the meal with your family even if they are far away.

The end of the fasting period of Ramadan is marked with the holiday of Eid ul-Fitr. Usually, it is a big celebration and a big sharing time. Food is donated to the poor, everyone in the family dresses up to look their best, and traditionally people visit their relatives and friends, it is also the time of sharing and giving. If your family and friends are far away, send them special gifts, and you will feel closer. Check out our Ramadan catalog to pick a gift you like.

Don’t have time to browse? We have a perfect pick for you – Holiday Sweetness. Holiday Sweetness gift basket is just perfect for this time, as it includes a beautiful collection of premium chocolates, snacks and other treats. Send one, or more – luxury should have no limit!

Ramadan is celebrated in all Muslim countries of the world, including UAE, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, and more. We deliver practically everywhere –  select your country and start shopping today!

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