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It’s Easter Gift Hunt Time!

Easter Bunny HopEaster is celebrated on April 24! The holiday of pure joy, celebration and fun for all ages, Easter brings together families and offers all kinds of fun activities to enjoy. Easter crafts, egg painting, Easter egg hunt, and, of course, a surprise from the Easter Bunny – a colorful gift basket full of treasures and treats.

Even though you might not be a bunny, you will still find great pleasure in sending Easter baskets and gifts to your loved ones.

Easter Gift Baskets For Kids. We at offer a great selection of gift baskets that will make kids smile and enjoy Easter even more! They are full of yummy treats, fun little gifts and, of course, plush bunnies! Choose Easter Bunny Hop for kids who love jelly beans, tootsie rolls, fun dip and more, Easter Fun for those kids who love being outside as it includes a beach bucket and sideboard chalk for their creative expression; or personalized gift baskets with their name on it which will make Easter truly special.

Easter Gifts for Adults. This is a different kind of fun! Kids are not the only ones who deserve to enjoy Easter – send a gift basket to a kid at heart who loves gifts! Wine and Sweets Easter Basket includes Kiarna Chardonnay Monterey, Godiva chocolate, flake pastry and other treats, all in a lovely Easter Bunny basket. Or, send them this Easter Mood basket which will decorate their house for the holiday.

There’s more to choose from, check out our Easter catalog to select the right one! We deliver practically everywhere in the world – select your country and start shopping today!

Place your order by April 24, and get 7% off with coupon 1NW04!

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