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Corporate Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day had changed its meaning long time ago. From a religious holiday celebrating Saint Valentine – the priest who lived long time ago – it turned into a worldwide celebration of love in all its forms. Love for husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, family members and friends… Everyone who matters. We know that without love our world would not exist.

And you know that your business would not exist without your customers… and without their love. They show you their love and appreciation every time they purchase from you. Why not take Valentine’s Day to show your key customers how much they mean to you?

For example, send them a gift that includes a variety of gourmet snacks, such as the Warm Thoughts In Winter gift set. Mince pies, biscuits, pudding, almonds and other snacks, along with a bottle of Rosemount Diamond Label Merlot will warm them up this cold winter.  Warm Thoughts In Winter

Or, send something tasty they will enjoy after lunch for dessert – like our I Love Chocolate Hamper Gift Set. The variety of chocolates included in it will make the whole team or office happy and ensure that every employee with purchasing decision will feel your love.

Order your gifts by February 11, and get 7% off your order with a coupon code 1NW02! We deliver practically everywhere in the world – select your country and start shopping today!

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