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Why do we Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

 What did one Irish ghost say to the other?

Top O’ the moaning to ya!

Hopefully, we’ve put a smile on your face and given you a little chuckle! You might have already guessed that we want to talk about one of our favorite world-renowned holidays, rooted in Irish heritage, and you’re right! Beautiful parades, beer, good luck charms, and all things green! We’re talking about Saint Patrick’s Day! Let’s take a deep dive into the luckiest holiday and let us help you find out how Irish you are with our short and sweet Irish quiz! So, why do we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

Why do we celebrate saint patrick's day: saint patrick's day green gifts, coins, and irish clover.

Why do we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day: Origins

Saint Patrick’s Day — observed every March 17th — is celebrated in Ireland and throughout the world by the Irish and non-Irish alike. It is associated with parades, leprechauns, pots of gold, shamrocks, and the “wearin’ o’ the green.”

This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on Friday, March 17th, the very end of the working week. Sláinte! (the luck of the Irish!). But, before you head out to the pub or enjoy the parade, it’s good to take a moment to discover why we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day each year.

Many people recognize Saint Patrick as the patron saint of Ireland. Did you know he was born in Britain? Yes! Saint Patrick arrived in Ireland when he was just 16 years old, and quickly grew an interest in Christianity. He began teaching others about this religion.

Saint Patrick’s Day is now celebrated yearly on March 17th as it is believed to be the day of his passing.

Wow! Did Ye Know?

Did you know that the color blue was the original color people associated with St. Patrick’s Day? Because of Ireland’s national symbol, the Shamrock, as well as its bright and beautiful green landscape, green is now the official color associated with this splendid holiday. Green is the new black you might even say! (or shall we say, blue?) 

Don’t want to get pinched? — wear green on St. Patrick’s Day! Many believe this color can make you invisible to leprechauns, who will pinch anyone they see. If green isn’t your color, then at least make sure you have a pint of Guinness on hand. People worldwide drink 13 million pints of Guinness beer within 24 hours on Saint Patrick’s Day! We bet that having this beer in your hand will give you the leverage you need to appease the pinching leprechaun with the most famous Irish drink! 

If the leprechaun is not a huge beer fan, try to hide somewhere in the crowd. With countless parades occurring on this special day, featuring Irish dancers, music, multicultural performers, and award-winning bagpipe bands, they’ll have a hard time spotting you amongst the festivities.   In Chicago, there is a tradition of dyeing the city’s river a vibrant green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

And there’s no celebration without food! Eating corned beef and cabbage is a part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and this dish has quickly become a holiday staple. Restaurants across America often offer corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Life’s too Short Not to Be Irish!

There is a popular Irish saying: “There are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those who wish they were.”

Sadly, not everyone can claim to be born in Ireland or even have an Irish Great-Granny.

But, we believe that no matter what your birth certificate says, you could still be Irish. So, take a lil’ o your time to find out just how Irish ye are! We invite you to take our lil’ Irish quiz here, and maybe you’ll find your knowledge is as full as a pot o’ gold at the end of our rainbow! 

Below, you’ll find a list of some fun and serious-minded facts. If it refers to you, give yourself 1 point. If no – 0. In the end, count your points and find out how Irish you are. Luck o’ the Irish to ya!

Our Ye’ Old Irish Quiz!

1. You love St. Patrick’s Day more than you love your birthday.

2. Your first word as a child was “Guinness.”

3. No matter where you’re going, your feet always take you straight to the pub.

4. You can’t help but dance when you hear Riverdance, U2, Van Morrison, or Dropkick Murphys.

5. Nobody asks your favorite color because everyone knows it’s green.

6. “Are you wid me now?”, “I will, yeah,” and “Away with the fairies” are your most popular expressions.

7. Your favorite meal the morning after a big night out is a chicken roll.

8. You have ‘O’ somewhere in your surname.

9. You drink tea or Irish coffee in any weird or difficult situation.

10.  You genuinely believe that Leprechauns exist, and, therefore, quarrel with anyone who says otherwise.

11.  You have an image of a shamrock (clover) on your phone screen.

12.  You LOVE to talk…. A lot! You talk about anything from the weather to what’s on TV.

13.  You never refuse to eat Irish stew, or beef and Guinness pie.

14.  You can call yourself an incredibly welcoming and friendly person.

15.  You often dream about St. Patrick’s Day, and you can’t wait to celebrate it.

Why do we celebrate saint patrick's day: man and woman dressed in saint patrick's day attire.

Now it’s time to count your score!

0 – 4 points. Oh, such a pity! It’s just not enough to just love beer and learn a couple of Irish words. You’re a little too genteel to be the true epitome of Irishness. It’s hard for you to pretend. Just be who you are and enjoy!

5 – 10 points. Friends and pals often ask if you have Irish relatives. You are only a couple of points away from being truly Irish. You need to improve a little bit to be taken as one of their own.

10 – 15 points. Congrats! You can call yourself a true Irish person. You have green blood running through your veins, and probably wondering why you even took this test.

Snacks, Whiskey, and Beer: How You Can Spoil the Irish This Saint Patrick’s Day

Are you looking for a way to get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate your favorite Irish person? If you are, you have the luck of the Irish on your side! We offer a wide variety of Saint Patrick’s Day Magical Gifts that are just as good as a pot of gold!

Pure Irish Whiskey: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by sending your favorite person a decadent bottle of Whiskey! And, we bet this will soon become their drink of choice.

Beer Gift Baskets: Beer is a great addition to any St. Patrick’s Day party!

Snacks Sets: You can make your neighbors green with envy by sending your friends and family one of our St. Patrick’s Day gift baskets of snacks and gourmet treats.

Why do we celebrate saint patrick's day: man wearing saint patrick's day green glitter glasses

Now You Know Why We Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! Now what?

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