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The Origin of Father’s Day: Celebrating Dads Around the World

There’s no point talking about the origin of Father’s Day if we don’t first talk about the man in question: dear old dad. He may have questionable style and insist on doing things the ‘old-fashioned way’ (no matter how often you tell him that there’s an app for that now). However, he is ‘dad,’ you adore him, and you’re a part of him. In fact, science proves that, genetically, we are more like our fathers than our mothers! So yes, we’ve all got more dad jokes in our DNA that we’d opt for. 

But, besides their somewhat loveable absurdity, fathers play a vital role in shaping and preparing us for the real world. This means that being a dad is one of the most important jobs one could ever have. And, you’d have to agree that anyone who takes on this role deserves to be celebrated. That’s why we’re diving into the origin of Father’s Day and how it’s celebrated around the world. Plus, we have unique gift ideas for you to make this Father’s Day the most memorable one yet, no matter where dad may be. Read below to learn more.

The Origin of Father's Day: Smiling father and daughter having fun while preparing cookie dough in the kitchen. Baking - happy family time.

What is the Origin of Father’s Day?

The origin of Father’s Day all started with a man named William Jackson Smart. He was a civil war veteran and a single parent looking after his six children. His daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, would advocate for a day to honor Fathers after hearing about Anna Jarvis’s Mother’s Day in a church sermon. However, she wouldn’t find success until the end of the 1900s. 

Americans resisted the holiday for years. Many saw it as an attempt to replicate the commercial success of Mother’s Day. So, Sonora created a Father’s Day Council through the help of a New York men’s wear retailer. And by using the negative, but often humorous, opinions of the public and media in their own adverts, they eventually won America over. Father’s Day became an official public holiday after 40 years of rejection, and it was first celebrated on June 19th, 1972.

Today, Americans celebrate Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday of June every year.

Which Countries Celebrate Father’s Day in June?

The USA is considered the birthplace of Father’s Day. But, since 1972, the celebration has made its way around the world. Today, over 111 countries celebrate this tradition in their own unique way. However, there are some that honor the origin of Father’s Day and celebrate it in June. We have listed a few of these countries and how they celebrate below:

Father’s Day in the UK:

Like the USA, Father’s Day in the UK is celebrated annually on the 3rd Sunday of June. Father’s Day traditions are pretty similar as well. However, there is one unique and much-loved custom of gifting your father with a tie. Father’s Day cards are also an important part of celebrations in the UK. And they are often handmade by the children.

origin of father’s day: A Father and his kids celebrating Father's Day with Cards and Gifts

The Origin of Father’s Day in Canada:

Having also adopted the celebration from the US, Canadians celebrate Father’s Day with roses. Many wear roses to honor their fathers and father figures. A red rose signifies that your father is still alive, while a white rose symbolizes that your father has passed. Dads are also showered with gifts such as chocolates, cards, electronic gadgets, and men’s accessories.

Father’s Day in Costa Rica:

Known as Día de Los Padres, Costa Ricans celebrate Father’s Day with family and feast on a delicious roasted pig. Their most cherished Father’s Day tradition is to honor fathers who are no longer with them. A son usually donates money to charity in their father’s name to pay tribute to their soul. A beautiful custom that has been upheld for many years.

Father’s Day in Japan:

The significance of Father’s Day in Japan is similar to many other western countries. The Japanese call this day chichi no hi, and offering gifts is the most common way they celebrate. A survey by Rakuten shows that in 2018, the average budget for Father’s Day gifts was 6294 yen ($58). So, a father in Japan can definitely anticipate being spoiled with gifts on this special day.

Which Countries Celebrate Father’s Day in Other Months?

Although June is the most common month to celebrate Father’s Day worldwide, it isn’t the only time to celebrate. Many other countries have their own origins and inspiration surrounding Father’s Day. Meaning that they also celebrate with unique customs that could differ from conventional traditions attached to this day. Here are a few countries that celebrate Father’s Day a little differently.

Germany: Dad’s Day Off

The origins of Father’s Day in Germany date all the way back to the Middle Ages, with a ceremony honoring ‘God the Father.’ By the 1700s, it had transformed into ‘Vaterdag’ – a family day honoring the fathers of each household. And by the 19th century, it had turned into ‘Männertag,’ now known as a ‘boy’s day out. 

Fathers in Germany are still spoiled with gifts and shown appreciation. But they most look forward to having the day off to drink with friends, play games, and even do pub and bar tours. They celebrate every year on the 40th day after Easter, usually in the middle of May.

The Origin of Father’s Day in Brazil: Saint Joachim’s Day

Celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of August, Father’s Day in Brazil is known as Dia dos Pais. Celebrations first began in honor of Saint Joachim, the patron saint of fathers and grandfathers, in the mid-1950s. Today, children often give their fathers and father figures handmade items. Schools also put together concerts and special ceremonies to commemorate the day. 

Since this day falls on a Sunday, dads in Brazil often anticipate a whole weekend of activities. From delicious lunches to family outings, Father’s Day is a festive time in Brazil.

Australia: Dad’s Down Under

Australians celebrate Father’s Day on the 1st Sunday of September each year. Many say this is just to evenly space it from Mother’s Day (the 2nd Sunday of May). Nevertheless, this day has become synonymous with gift-giving and special traditions. 

Australian Father’s Day activities include outdoor experiences with the family, charity activities, picnics, barbeques, and Father’s Day church services.

The origin of father’s day: A Man and his daughter outside laughing and smiling together

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Find Something Special For Your Old Man

Does your dad love to snack? Of course, he does! A Father’s Day gift basket is the perfect gift if you want to send him his favorite treats with style. You can even build your own basket and mix it up with both sweets and men’s accessories. 

Grooming Kits 

Everyone loves looking and smelling good, and your dad is no exception. Give him the tools he needs to stay groomed with a modern shaving kit for Father’s Day. You can even help him relax at the same time when you send a relaxing spa gift.

An Experience Gift 

Give him the kind of gift he’ll never forget with a ticket to watch his favorite show, a big game, or even an outdoor activity. Sure, a new watch has its novelty, but he might appreciate being at the heart of the action even more. 

Electronics and Gadgets

So, these gifts are only ideal if your dad, or grandad, is comfortable using the latest technology. If so, electronic gifts can have you going a little beyond your budget, but the smile on his face will make it worth it! 

Happy Father’s Day

We celebrate and love our fathers and father figures for many different reasons. But we celebrate Father’s Day because the world is in agreement that it’s not an easy job! How will you be showing your dad appreciation this Father’s Day? We hope this blog and some of our Father’s Day gifting tips have helped you answer that question.

You’ve learned a ton about the origin of Father’s Day worldwide; now what?