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Ramadan Gifts and Eid Gift Baskets

Contemplate Spirituality, Practice Charity, and Celebrate Patience with Ramadan Gifts

The biggest Muslim holiday Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, starts in 2017 on May 26 and ends June 24. In the Muslim tradition in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, and other countries it is the time to pray, reflect, and explore the spiritual side of life. People observing Ramadan will also refrain from eating and drinking, from dusk till dawn – a tradition which requires a lot of dedication and discipline.

Ramadan Gifts Ideas

The end of the fasting period of Ramadan is marked with the significant holiday of Eid Al-Fitr, the time of sharing and giving. During the holiday people visit their relatives and friends, give sweet gifts to children, adults, and especially the needy – no one is to go without experiencing the richness of the celebration at this time. If your family and friends are far away, send them special Ramadan gifts to feel closer and let them know how much you love and care about them. is offering a great variety of gourmet foods, exquisite sweets, and other gifts for Ramadan and Eid that will satisfy the dietary needs of your dear recipients. Send a delicious, meaningful, and beautiful gift basket to your Muslim—and even non-Muslim—friends and relatives who are far away and keep the family spirit together even when you are apart.

Ramadan gifts              Ramadan gifts            Ramadan gifts

Chocolate Gifts

During Ramadan, the Muslim holiday of sharing and giving, great joy and charity, there’s nothing more important than to demonstrate the significant people in your love how much you love and appreciate them. Send your warm wishes and blessings to family, friends, and colleagues this Ramadan by giving them a gift basket filled to the brim with all time favorite sweets. A large selection of premium chocolates will be enough for everyone in the family or office to share and indulge in great feasts to celebrate the victory of Ramadan, the attainment of higher spirituality, and forgiveness.

Ramadan Gifts             Premium-Bonbons-Gift-Set            Lavish-Surprise

Healthy Fruit & Nuts Gifts

Want to demonstrate your family, friends, or colleagues how thoughtful and caring a person you are? Indulge them with an assortment of all time favorite Ramadan healthy treats. Mouth-watering chocolate covered and almond stuffed dates, crystallized and dried succulent fruit, heavenly nougat, an assortment of nuts are sure to turn a challenging fasting period into a delightful ritual. Just choose a presentation and the size of the basket depending on how many people on your list you want to please and prepare to receive a lot of thank you calls from the happy recipients!

Ramadan gifts            Ramadan Gift to UAE            Ramadan gifts to USA

Iftar Gifts

Iftar is a traditional Ramadan feast, when the whole family gathers together for a special meal after dawn, when the fasting is over. Select a gift basket full of traditional Iftar delicacies that will make your recipient’s celebration truly special. The meal usually starts with eating of a date, like Prophet Mohammad used to do, and our Iftar gifts include very delicious Dates Stuffed With Almonds. It also has a variety of delicacies such as Pumpkin Seed Flatbread, nutritious peanuts, gourmet chocolate, and much more treats to satisfy any palate!

Ramadan is the most important month of the year for the whole Muslim world. It can be rather difficult to find appropriate and nutritious food allowed to eat after the fast, but is offering a great selection of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr Gift Ideas to meet the dietary needs of your dear recipients. Make an unforgettable impression, and share your love with style and taste — not only on sacred days, but anytime you need to send a special message!

You’ve Got Great Ramadan Gift Ideas – Now What?

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