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International Valentine’s Gift Traditions

Every year on February 14 flowers, gifts and other romantic gifts are exchanged between loved ones in most parts of the planet and it’s all in the name of St. Valentine.

Though popular all around the world (in the first place among young people), St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in its own peculiar way in every country due to social and cultural differences (see articles Valentine’s Day Celebration Around the World #1, Valentine’s Day Celebration Around the World #2). Anyway, Valentine’s Day is always a whirl of hearts, sweets and good wishes in the form of bright, lacy, colorful cards, with loving symbols and amorous doggerel, saying: “Be my Valentine”. Boys and girls, husbands and wives, sweethearts and lovers, friends and neighbors, and even the office staff exchange greetings of affection on that day.

Actions speak louder than words and that is why people tend to gift the most valuable Valentine’s Day gifts. There’s no better time to let your loved one know how much you care or let your feelings flow to that special someone that you haven’t approached yet.

Valentine Gifts can be anything from classic flower baskets to elegant Valentine gift baskets filled with recipient’s dream items. So then, you can never drop short of ideas when it comes to Valentine Gifts.

Flowers and especially red roses, a traditional symbol of love, is a must on that day. Transcending language, flowers speak volumes about care and consideration. Heart-shaped accessories will give a valentine’s look to almost any bouquet or flower baskets for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic gift baskets are the great ways to express your deep love and affection. It’s a good idea to show your creativity and natural thoughtfulness by personalizing the gift that will make your sweetheart feel really special. When creating a custom Valentine’s gift basket you can include beautiful flowers, gourmet heart shaped chocolates, exquisite perfumes, cute teddies, choicest of vintage champagne, colorful balloons, scented candles or other items depending on his or her interests. Ready-made gift baskets like spa baskets, chocolate baskets, wine baskets, fruit baskets and other can also make a perfect Valentine’s gift.

Don’t forget that the love, attention and warmth from your heart will be the most cherished memory about any gift!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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