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Easter Worldwide Celebration & International Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is one of the most significant festivals in the Christian calendar. It is celebrated across the world with great pomp and show on the first Sunday after the 14th day of the new moon, usually falling between March 22 and April 25. There are a few things, such as Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, spring flowers, and chocolates that are common to Easter celebrations worldwide. Yet, we can see many interesting local customs and traditions during the Easter festival in different countries.
Easter in US
Easter is one of the most popular festivals across the United States. Though Easter has a religious background, it has assumed more of a secular character over time. In New Orleans, an annual Easter carnival is held with a parade, jazz music, and a bumper party.  A most popular Easter game for kids is the Easter egg roll. Painting the Easter eggs and conducting Easter games for kids is what many American parents are busy with during the Easter week. Traditional American Easter food include baked ham, potatoes, vegetables, and hot cross buns.

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Easter in England
The name Easter comes from ‘Oestre,’ the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility and springtime. Easter in England is celebrated through the exchange of Easter Eggs and other Easter gifts like clothes, chocolates, or holiday packages. Easter bonnets or baskets filled with daffodils or mini eggs are also very popular gifts in England. Hot-cross buns, sweet fruit buns with icing crosses on top, are one of the most popular foods on Good Friday.

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Easter in Germany
Easter In Germany, also known as Ostern, is mostly enjoyed  by children who have about three weeks off for the Easter holiday. Good Friday, Easter Saturday, and Easter Sunday are three official holidays when everyone in the country stays off work. On Easter Saturday evening there is often a big Easter bonfire, a symbol of the end of the winter and bad luck, which is very popular with Germans.  On Easter Sunday, children get a holiday surprise from their parents who hide Easter baskets full of sweets, eggs, and small gifts for them to find. Hand-painted eggs decorated with traditional ornaments are also exchanged among friends.

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Easter in Mexico
Semana Santa (Holy Week ) and Semana de Pascua (from Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday )are two separate observances that form a significant part of Easter celebrations in Mexico.  The holiday begins with the Carnival festival which culminates in a huge parade before Ash Wednesday that features floats, costumes, street performances, and traditional foods. Easter in Mexico is not celebrated like in other countries with bunnies and jelly beans, Mexicans prefer to take a vacation instead. Since all Roman Catholics are expected to attend mass services and take Holy Communion to mark the holiday, all the churches throughout Mexico are also full of people during Easter time.

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