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Honoring Office Professionals on Administrative Professionals Day!

The Wednesday in the last whole week of April is a day you’ll want to highlight. Whether you know it as Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary Day. This day gives your office a chance to celebrate and recognize your hard-working administrative team. Now, you should be showing your employees appreciation year-round. However, this week the public holiday shines a spotlight on your efforts to show your appreciation to your office MVPs.

This blog will give you a brief overview of the history of Administrative Professionals Day. We’ll also dive into tips on just how to spoil your hard-working administrative staff. You’ll get tips from the gifting experts on how to surprise your team with ideal gifts. This year, and every year, make Administrative Professional Day about ensuring your team knows just how much you appreciate them. This kind of recognition and reward is sure to drive up team morale and loyalty. After all, a happy team is a productive team!

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The History Behind Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day recognizes the contribution of the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, and other office professionals they make to the workplace. The holiday is widely observed in the US and other countries worldwide on Wednesday during Administrative Professionals Week, which annually falls on the last week of April.

Administrative Professionals Week was originally held as “National Secretaries Week” by the International Association of Administrative Professionals and a consortium of office product manufacturers. Facing a problem of shortage of skilled office workers president of the National Secretaries Association and the president of Dictaphone Corporation came up with an idea for a secretaries week campaign. The first National Secretaries Week was held in 1952, and 3 years later, its date was changed to the last full week of April.

Administrative Professionals Day is one of the biggest workplace observances outside of employee birthdays and major holidays. According to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics, there are over 4 million secretaries and administrative assistants and around 9 million people working in various administrative support roles in the US alone. Millions more work in offices all over the world.

To highlight the importance of office professionals, many employers and supervisors arrange special events to show appreciation for their work-related skills. It is customary to take their administrative assistants out for lunch on this day, give cards, flowers, or other gifts of appreciation.

Administrative Professionals Day Time to Honor Office Professionals Who Make Offices Work!

Show your appreciation for the administrative professionals in your company by celebrating Administrative Professionals Day with your administrative assistant, secretary, and other office support staff. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

Take Them Out for Lunch

Make a big deal about taking your administrative professional out for lunch. They don’t often receive many pats on the back, so this fanfare will be greatly appreciated. It’s increasingly common for your office staff to work from home. This makes taking them out to lunch a creative adventure. Consider giving them a gift card to their favorite food delivery service. Try making this a virtual event by inviting everyone to an informal hang-out meeting during lunch. Encourage team members to give short presentations on a hobby or passion project.

Alternatively, if you’ve had the time to really get to know them, you can surprise them with a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Make sure you include enough so they can bring a friend!

Give a Money Bonus or Gift

Your employees work hard but don’t always get paid what their contribution to the company is worth. Why not supplement your administrative professional’s income by presenting them with a bonus, or a gift, or maybe both? Rewarding your employees with a bonus for excellent work is a great way to keep them motivated. However, a physical gift shows a more personal connection. Consider both a bonus and a thank-you gift for those employees that consistently go above and beyond.

Give Them Some Paid Time Off

Give your employees a little paid time off on Administrative Professionals Day so that they can spend more time with their families or just enjoy themselves. The company won’t suffer from a big loss, but such a gesture will definitely make a big difference to your administrative professionals and show them that you care.

If your team structure allows, you could also consider adopting a hybrid office style. Allowing your team members to pick certain days when they can work from home. This flexibility provides a better work/life balance. It also demonstrates trust and respect for your team members. After all, we’ve all had days where we would just be more productive working in our pajamas!

Get a Gift for Their Desk

A nice gift that will sit on their desk all year is a great idea and also a reminder that their hard work and effort are greatly appreciated by the company. A picture frame, beautiful plant, or a gift basket filled with goodies. Try to choose more fun and personal gifts rather than something they would use just for work.

Office accessories make for excellent gifts! Their consistent use serves to remind your team daily of the appreciation your team shows them.

Tea and coffee gifts remain a practical and personal surprise for your office VIPS. Try signing your office VIPS up for monthly baskets filled with tea and coffee. Starting this subscription on Administrative Professionals Day sets a positive tone for the rest of the year.

A bouquet of flowers adds beauty and brightness to their desk. Pairing this bouquet with a sweet treat and thoughtful card makes the gesture even more impactful.

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Give a Speech of Appreciation

Appreciation and recognition go a long way towards motivating employees. Take a few minutes to tell everyone in your office how much you appreciate all the hard work of your employees and they will keep up the good work! Make the message more personal by putting together a video recording of the team saying thank you. An internal email highlighting the hard work of each member of your administrative staff will ensure everyone gets the recognition they deserve.

Send More Personal Gifts

Rewarding long-term employees on Administrative Professionals Day requires something extra. Loyal long-term staff are the backbone of any successful team. Showing them how much they mean to your office with a personal office shows you’ve gotten to know them.

Spa gifts help your employee unwind. Show them you’ve been paying attention by getting their favorite scent.

Wine gifts treat your recipient to well-deserved decadence. Surprise them with their favorite bottle, plus a new bottle, to give them an extra indulgent treat.

Sweet gifts are nostalgic favorites for a reason. Try surprising them with these goodies at home, with enough to share with friends and family. This shows your investment in their overall happiness.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, make sure you thank your office professionals for all their effort. Because sometimes, it’s just a sincere “thank you” we need to hear to feel recognized and appreciated.

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You’ve learned how to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day: now what?

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