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Unwrapping The Land Down Under – Guide to Gift Traditions in Australia

Learning how to surprise the wonderful people of Australia can be as simple as a conversation. After all, Aussies are quite open about their lives and what makes them so unique from other countries in the world. However, navigating such a conversation can be somewhat tricky and can take a lot of time. Or rather, you’ll need time between the conversation and when you send the gift so that they aren’t expecting anything!

But if you want to plan a real surprise – then take a quick look at the gift traditions in Australia that will help you settle on what to send and when to send it. This blog aims to teach you a bit about the gift traditions in Australia. Pair that with a look into some of the major holidays celebrated there, and you’re ready to go! Dive in to get a head start on picking out the perfect gift to Australia!

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Gift Traditions in Australia: the Most Popular Holidays

Australia is a melting pot of many different traditions. You’ll find a lot of the world’s religions and holiday customs alive and well there. You’ll want to take care to surprise your friends and family on the holidays most dear to them. Below are some of the most popular holidays for sending gifts to Australia.


As it is in a lot of countries, Christmas is a time for celebration, family, friends, and gifts. Australia is no different than the Western countries when it comes to the majesty of Christmas and everything that goes along with it. Australia at Christmas time is not what you see on postcards and in the movies. 

Unlike the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas falls in the middle of summer for Australians. While Christmas bushes (Christmas Trees), festive lights, and Nativity Scenes are still popular decor, that’s where the similarities seem to end. To combat the heat, good ol’ St. Nick wears shorts and a tank top! Don’t worry; his long white beard remains intact! Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer get to take a break on this particular part of the gift-delivery journey. Instead, Santa’s sleigh is led by kangaroos!

Thanks to a certain popular movie, we all know how well a snowman would fair in Australian weather. Instead, people build sandmen, a more beach-friendly version of snowmen. In the summer spirit, barbeques are more popular than oven roasts for the holidays. Still, the spirit of generosity and joy thrives in the heat. Some of the most popular Christmas presents to send to Australia include beer, wine, and liquor! If your recipient is of age, of course. These kinds of gifts enable your recipient to extend their holiday celebrations!

Boxing Day

Another great holiday celebrated in Australia is Boxing Day. For those who might not be familiar with this particular holiday, here’s a quick reference. Boxing Day falls the day after Christmas. The origins of Boxing Day are a bit murky, with a few different origins of this holiday spreading around. Historically Boxing Day served as a day of extended gift-giving and charity. With the rich giving to the poor, employers to employees, and more.

Australians still celebrate Boxing Day today, with some modifications. Stores hold large discounts for this holiday, and many families go on group shopping trips to make sure of their many holiday gift cards. This makes surprising your friends and family in Australia with a gift card for Christmas an extra sweet gesture!

New Year

As it is around the world, January 1st is a time to welcome the New Year and new beginnings. The people of Australia take celebrating the New Year to a whole new level. The celebration for New Year’s Day starts on New Year’s Eve – and lasts through January 1st. This is one of many reasons businesses in Australia have extended closures between Christmas and New Year. The whole country is just too busy partying!

Theme parties are a hit for New Year’s events! From casual beach affairs to masquerade parties and everything in between. New Year’s Day is a time to gather friends and family, drink champagne, and toast to a New Year and a new you. If you’re looking for an opening to surprise business associates with a thoughtful gift, New Year’s is the time to do it. Just take care to send your gift earlier in December to ensure they have your bottle of champagne on hand for their party!

Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, passion, and romance. Australia certainly does Valentine’s Day similarly to other parts of the world, but they take it a step further. While young couples send flowers, cards, and gifts, Aussies also take this day to strengthen other relationships. In Australia, any kind of love is an appropriate reason to send a sweet Valentine’s Day gift. Many people will surprise close friends and family with Valentine’s flowers, cards, and sweets, as well as going over the top for their love. In short, there is no wrong way to celebrate love and romance in Australia! 

Easter Sunday & Monday

Easter Sunday is a beautiful moment around the world to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The difference between Australia and a lot of the world comes from the Monday following. While most celebrations end on Easter Sunday, the people of Australia continue through Monday. Businesses and Schools stay closed through Monday to continue the festivities. 

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How to Celebrate Birthdays in Australia

When it comes to mastering the art of gift-giving in Australia – stop thinking about the price tag. Anytime you give a gift in Australia, it’s truly the thought behind the gift that counts. This goes double for surprising someone in Australia with a birthday gift. Use their birthday as a chance to show off what you really know about them. Send them their favorite sweets, wine, or the next book in their favorite series!

If you’re curious about how people in Australia celebrate birthdays – take a look at some of the more unique Australian birthday facts below:

  1. Children are usually given something known as “Fairy Bread,” a popular snack of buttered bread and sprinkles. 
  2. Most Australian Birthday parties are Barbeques, and there is always something spicy on the menu. 
  3. Twenty-First birthdays are EXTREMELY special, and the ideal gift is giving them a key to your home. This tradition solidifies their journey into adulthood.
  4. Birthday gifts are not just for the birthday boy or girl. Most times, when you leave a birthday party or barbeque, you will also end up walking out with a gift of your own as a token of thanks. 

You’ll find that the combination of food, friends, family, and fun makes every Australian birthday party just a little unique. If you can’t make their party in person, try sending something sweet along with their birthday present. This way, they can add it to their birthday party snacks and know you were thinking of them. In the event that you forgot to send a gift until the last minute, don’t panic! A thoughtful apology and a bouquet of flowers will smooth over the whole thing! The important thing is that the gift gets there (eventually).

Common Gift Traditions in Australia

While Australians aren’t known for random gift-giving – they are good at finding reasons to give gifts. You’ll find that the green movement in Australia is quite large. Gifts there focus on eco-friendly packaging and other ways to ensure a low carbon footprint. Take care to make your gifts as eco-friendly as possible in order to leave the right kind of lasting impressions on your recipient in Australia.

Here are a few inside tips to gift giving etiquette in Australia:

  1. – If you’re invited to someone’s home for dinner, bringing a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers to the host/hostess is considered polite. 
  2. – Gifts are always opened when they are received. 
  3. – A gift certificate in Australia is called a gift voucher. 
  4. – A gift basket in Australia is called a gift hamper. 
  5. – When giving gifts to a large number of people in attendance, always choose the same gift for everyone. This is done to avoid hurt feelings and favoritism.
gift traditions in Australia - business people accepting a bouquet

Corporate Gift Etiquette in Australia

Giving business gifts in Australia is a growing practice. Companies there focus on giving gifts to celebrate accomplishments and milestones, as well as foster goodwill in the team and with business partners. Take care to time corporate gifts to business partners, associates, and colleagues in Australia well. Sending a gift to celebrate New Year or their birthday is a thoughtful gesture most professionals in Australia will happily receive. However, an overly expensive gift, or a gift sent for seemingly no reason could raise some suspicion.

To avoid any awkwardness in your recipient not being able to accept your gift, speak with their HR department first. Once you’re clear on their company policy regarding gifts, follow it closely. Be mindful of your business calendar with them. Don’t send gifts before any big business deal meetings. Though a bottle of wine to celebrate a closure is a sure hit!

When sending gifts to an entire team, keep their gifts similar in value and content to avoid any awkwardness. Better yet, try surprising the team with a gourmet gift that they can share in the office!

Romantic Gift Tips for Australia

When it comes to romance, Australians aren’t shy about spoiling one another. Whether your love is from there, still there, or just visiting, you can keep the romance alive with a few well-thought-out gifts! First – don’t skip out on Valentine’s Day! While people in Australia celebrate every kind of love on this day, it is still vital to pamper your lover as well. Bouquets reign supreme! But so does a good bottle of wine or an iconic beer.

The key to successful romantic gifts is thoughtfulness. Go above and beyond on your anniversary and Valentine’s Day, of course. But also take the time to send random romantic surprises. A bouquet here, a basket of sweets there. Dot the year with a handful of gifts to show your special someone just how much you think of them. For instance, if you know they’re planning to take a 4-day weekend to recharge and unwind, send a spa gift to help them do just that! If they’re having a friend’s weekend, send them some extra wine to make their night that much more exciting.

Whatever you do, do it for them, and do it with purpose. Your gifts should reflect how you’re thinking of them and how you plan to think of them for the rest of your romantic journey together. Get silly, have fun, be creative, and be spontaneous!

Wrapping Up

If you had to wrap up the rules of gift traditions in Australia in one sentence, that sentence would be: Send gifts meant to build relationships and spark joy. It’s that simple. Surprising your friends, family, and business associates in Australia should always have pure intentions and no pressure. The team at Gift Baskets Overseas strives to make sending those gifts quick and easy! Our customer service team is standing by 24/7, every day of the year. They’ll help you with everything from gift selection to notifying you when your gift has been delivered.

You’re an expert on gift traditions in Australia; now what?