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Father’s Day Around the World Gift Tips

Another wonderful family holiday, Father’s Day, is around the corner. Celebrated in over 50 countries across the globe including the USA, the UK, Canada, Ukraine, Mexico, France, Japan, China, Argentina, India, South Africa, Greece, and many other countries on the third Sunday of June (June 20, 2010) this holiday commemorates fatherhood and paternal bonds.

Although the date and style of celebrating Father’s Day may vary slightly from country to country, the spirit of the occasion remains the same: it’s celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm all around the world. People take an opportunity to send greetings to their fathers and tell them how much they are loved and appreciated. On this day people can also pay tribute to grand fathers, fathers-in-law, uncles, stepfathers, and those who play the father figure in our lives. Along with indulging daddies with breakfast in bed, get-togethers, games, and various activities on Father’s Day, it’s a good idea to present them with cards, flowers, and, of course, .

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Father’s Day in the USA

Father’s Day in the USA is a joyous event celebrated with big enthusiasm. This holiday is a time for family reunions, lively family dinners, and outdoor activities. Pampering daddies with breakfast in bed and Father’s Day gift baskets filled with his favorite items is a conventional way of celebrating Father’s Day in the USA.

Father’s Day in UK

Father’s Day celebrations in the UK are very similar to those in the USA. Along with honoring fathers with much attention and Father’s Day gifts, different clubs, schools, and cultural societies in the UK organize Father’s Day parties and gatherings with games to give people an opportunity to celebrate the holiday in a joyous and fun-filled manner.

Father’s Day in South Africa

Like in other countries, people in South Africa don’t miss the opportunity to express their love and gratitude to dads on Father’s Day. Traditionally, children give the beloved parent Father’s Day gifts and enjoy time with family, going out for picnic, fishing, or simply go out for a meal in a restaurant.

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