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Easter Celebration & Easter Gift Ideas 2013!

Easter, celebrating Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is the oldest and one of the most significant festivals in the Christian calendar. Catholic Church which follow the Gregorian calendar celebrate Easter on the first Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox on March 21. Therefore, Easter is observed anywhere between March 22 and April 25 and this year falls on March, 31. Orthodox Christians on the other hand use the Julian calendar and typically celebrate the holiday a week or two after the Western churches.

Easter being the central event of the Christian faith is widely celebrated all around the world with great fanfare.  Though some traditions of celebrating Easter may vary from country to country, there are a few things, such as Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and chocolates that are common to Easter celebrations worldwide.


Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are a symbol of spring and new life.  The tradition of exchanging and eating Easter eggs now popular in many countries is very old and goes back to pagan times. The dyeing of Easter eggs comes from an Orthodox and Eastern Catholic tradition of coloring eggs red to represent the blood of Christ. Another explanation for this custom is that eggs were not allowed to eat during the Lenten season, so people started decorating them to mark the end of fasting, and then eat them to celebrate the holiday. Although nowadays people give each other Easter eggs made of chocolate, many Eastern European countries including Russia and Ukraine still keep the tradition of painting hard-boiled eggs and presenting them to friends and family members.

Easter Bunnies

­Rabbits are a symbol of fertility and new life, and therefore, of Easter. The Easter Bunny is said to originated in Germany in the 16th Century. The first edible Easter bunnies appeared in Germany during the early 19th century, and were made of pastry and sugar.

The Easter Bunny, like Santa Claus, has become a popular children’s character. On Easter Sunday well-behaved kids enjoy hunting for chocolate eggs hidden in the house or garden by the Easter bunny.


Easter Gift Baskets  For Kids

There’s a great selection of Easter gift baskets that will make kids smile and enjoy the holiday even more! They are full of yummy treats, fun little gifts and, of course, plush bunnies! Choose Bunnies Easter Gift Tower for kids who love jelly beans, tootsie rolls, fun dip and more, A Child’s Easter for those kids who enjoy being outside as it includes a beach bucket and sideboard chalk for their creative expression; or personalized gift baskets with their name on it which will make Easter truly special.

Easter Gifts for Adults

Kids are not the only ones who deserve to enjoy Easter! Send a gift basket to a kid at heart who loves gifts and has a sweet tooth! Wine and Sweets Easter basket includes Chardonnay and Merlot wine, Pralines, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Honey Mustard Pretzel Nuggets, and other yummy treats.  Godivas Spring Assortment  is a perfect gift for your friends and family this Spring. A beautiful presentation along with 36 chocolates from Godiva’s most-loved Gold Collection makes the perfect combination for a great Easter offering. For health-conscious recipients fruit basket is a perfect chocolate replacement for Easter. Premium Bounty Chest, Fine Fresh Fruit Basket, Simply Elegant Fruit Gift Basket there’s a lot of ways to satisfy the most discriminating palates! An Easter GardenFloral Spring and Blooming Callas are great Easter flowers ideas that will put a smile on the faces of your dear recipients and become a centerpiece of the celebration. Or, send them an Easter Mood basket which will decorate their house for the holiday.

May your basket be full of blessings this Easter!

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