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Best Gift Idea at Gift Baskets Overseas, the experts in international gift delivery, announced today that it has launched a new contest! Choose the best gift idea and receive it as a first prize!

The folks at Gift Baskets Overseas love planning pleasant surprises for their valued customers! Right on the heels of announcing the winner of their first Father’s Day competition, they’ve announced a new contest named ‘Best Gift Idea at Gift Baskets Overseas.

To win the contest all applicants should choose their favorite gift (with a maximum value of $100.00) at, submit its picture to the Contest page until the August, 23 2010, and briefly explain why they think this gift is the best gift idea. Participants are encouraged to be creative – who would you give this gift to, why is it perfect for them, how would you present it to the recipient? The person who receives the most votes for their choice and explanation will receive the first prize – the gift they chose!

How can I win a FREE Gift in 3 steps?

1. Choose your favorite gift (with a maximum value of $100.00) at

2. Save the picture of the gift you chose

3. Enter the contest – submit the picture (until August, 23 2010) and explain your choice

Take your chance and win!

The winner will be announced at Gift Baskets Overseas’ blog, on Facebook, Twitter and on the contest page on August 30, 2010! Hurry up!

PLEASE NOTE! Make sure to include your name, country, and contact information in your submission, please, or we won’t be able to let you know if you’ve won! Don’t forget, all submissions should be sent before August, 23 2010!

About Gift Baskets Overseas

Gift Baskets Overseas is a BBB accredited company based in the United States that specializes in delivering superior quality gifts all over the world. By maintaining professional relationships with established, local florists and gift delivery companies in each region, Gift Baskets Overseas has become renowned globally for its ability to provide online ordering convenience as well as multilingual customer service, and its dedication to providing secure payment options. Learn more about the company at

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