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Back-to-School Gift Baskets 2013

Carefree summer time is almost over and students all over the world will soon return to their studies. Coming back to school or college is always exciting, especially for newcomers, as well as their parents and teachers. Make the beginning of a new school year even more special for your children, relatives and friends with some great gift ideas.

Giving Back-to-school gift baskets is a perfect way to celebrate returning to the halls of learning and to ease kids, teachers and parents into the flow of school life. The baskets can be generic, with all of the school basics, or they can be customized and filled with goodies based on the recipient’s interests and outfitted for their age or vocation. All it takes to choose the right present is a little time, desire and creativity on your side.

Back-to-School Gifts for Students

An ideal back-to-school basket for a student should contain some items that are utilitarian and some that are pure fun. So, if you decided to give necessities like note pads, books, writing instruments, desk organizers and so on, don’t forget to throw in your basket some popular edible goodies such as popcorn, chips, pretzels, chocolate, nuts, cookies and beverages. Giving a cake with a personalized message on it and a bunch of colorful balloons will also work as a great back-to-school gift idea.

Depending on the age of the recipient, monogrammed items are also a nice touch. Pens with student’s name on them, t-shirts, mugs and plush toys are only some of the items you can personalize and give for the occasion.

Back-to-School Gifts for Parents

There’s no doubt that we all enjoy spending time with our kids, but summer vacation can sometimes take its toll on both you and your children. Routines are often tossed by the wayside, not to mention that it can be tough to juggle your work life and find ways to keep your energetic kids who have more free hours during the holidays entertained and happy. For this reason, for many parents the beginning of a new school year is a time to take breath and celebrate.

To help your friends or dear ones unwind after the busy vacation with the kids send them a spa basket. When students are finally back to school give the parents a reason to have a moment to themselves, indulge in a home spa and reduce the tension. After a long summer, they certainly deserve it. Another good way to relax and celebrate peace and quiet that has returned to their house is with some tasty libations. A bottle of champagne or good wine will be a great choice especially if accompanied with some gourmet snacks or sweets.

Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers

Prior to the beginning of every new school year teachers work really hard setting up the classroom and developing the curriculum. That’s why it’s so important to show educators your gratitude and appreciation on the first day of school. Giving teachers small gifts is a great gesture which will set the right tone for the rest of the school year.

A bouquet of roses or seasonal flowers accompanied by a box of gourmet chocolate is a classic and simple choice you can never go wrong with. If you want something more practical go for a gourmet gift basket stocked with fruit, nuts, chocolate, candy and other snack-sized foods that can be easily eaten at school during a break. A basket filled with coffee, tea or both and complimented with a nice mug is another great idea any teacher is sure to appreciate and use on a daily basis. For keeping your educators in good mood, give a pretty plant in a pot or help keep organized with an office gift set.

Be a thoughtful parent, friend, brother, aunt or grandparent. Make the beginning of a new school year even more significant for your children, relatives and friends with some thoughtful Back-to-School Gifts that are sure to please any recipient on your list!

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