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7 Creative Ways of Decorating Easter Eggs

Colored eggs is the universal symbol of Easter, and the tradition dates back way to Mesopotamia. With Easter right around the corner, you may want to start thinking about some fun ideas for coloring Easter eggs with the whole family. Of course, you could always buy the Easter egg dye at the store, but let’s be honest, decorating them yourself is always much more fun! Forget dye-in-box kits – these amazingly creative egg decorating crafts are way cooler. Best of all: they’re super easy for kids of all ages and can be made with stuff you probably already have at home.

To get your creative juices flowing, here’re some creative non-traditional ways of coloring Easter eggs – some of them are so pretty that it’s gonna be hard to crack and eat the eggs later!

First Things First

Hollow or hard-boiled? Decorated Easter eggs may be either hard-boiled or blown out of their shells. Hard-boiled eggs are traditional and easier for kids to work with. Hollow eggs on the other hand are the best if you want to keep your work of art as long as possible. To make blown shells, use a long needle to make a small hole in the small end of the egg and a bigger hole in the large end. Stick the needle into the yolk to break it. Shake the egg large-end down until it’s empty inside. Rinse the shell under cool running water and let it dry.

How to boil Easter eggs?

Unless you are using natural dyes, you need to hard-boil your eggs prior to decorating. Place the eggs in a large saucepan and add cold water so that it covers the eggs. Place on medium-high heat and bring water to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer eggs for 9 minutes. Remove from heat and fill with cold water. Note that the eggs must be completely cool and dry to decorate successfully.

1. Glitter Dot Eggs


These elegant Easter eggs will become the perfect addition to Easter baskets, centerpieces and egg hunts, but creating them is as easy as eating the ears off a chocolate bunny!

What You’ll Need: hard-boiled or blown eggs, glue stick, glitter and/or colored sugars; a pen or pencil

How to Do It: Use a pen or pencil to mark the spots on the egg where you want to place the dots. Using a glue stick, apply some glue to the marked areas. Roll the eggs in glitter, allow the glue to dry and voilá your stylish Easter eggs are ready within a few minutes!

2. Washi Tape

Coloring Easter Eggs with Washi TapeScreen-shot-2011-04-21-at-8.06.51-AM

We love this adorable decorating technique not only because it makes a very interesting Easter basket, but it’s also completely mess-free! Your kids will love using different colors and patterns and you’ll love the hassle-free clean-up and the gorgeous results.

What You’ll Need: Japanese washi tape in different colors and patterns

How to Do It: Choose one or several tapes you want to use for your eggs. Cut pieces of varying sizes and shapes, and press onto the egg. Use your imagination, the pattern possibilities are endless!

3. Crayon Shavings
Coloring Easter Eggs with Crayonsdiy-craft-springtime-easter_eggs-colored-dyed-decorated-tutorial-egg_hunt-easter_ideas-11

This method allows you to use up all those broken crayons you have hanging around the house, and your kids will absolutely love the tactile experience of dipping their hands into the shavings.

What You’ll Need: Paper towels, a grater and crayons

How to Do It: Unlike other methods, to color your Easter eggs with crayon shavings, you need to do it before letting the eggs cool down. While your eggs are boiling, remove the wrappers from the crayons and grate a bunch of different colors over a bowl or paper towel. As soon as the eggs are done, drain the water and dry the eggs. While they are still warm, roll them in the crayon shavings. The heat will melt the shavings, leaving you with beautiful designs on your eggs. The results are pretty, vibrant and unique!

4. Men’s Tie


Using this method will finally give you an excuse to get rid of your husband’s old ugly ties!

What You’ll Need: old 100% silk ties, vinegar and a pillowcase cut into pieces.

How to Do It: Cut the ties apart so there is no lining. Wrap the egg inside the shiny part of the tie and close it up with string. Grab the pillowcase pieces to wrap around the eggs. Place the eggs in the bowl with water, add ¼ cup of vinegar and boil for 20-30 minutes. Cool the eggs, remove the fabric, allow them to completely dry and watch that lame old tie turn into an Easter egg masterpiece!

5. Tie-Dye

No old silk ties available? No problem! This simple method calling for family teamwork will also bring great results!

What You’ll Need:  Baking sheet, paper towels, vinegar, food coloring, disposable gloves

How to Do It: To tie-dye your Easter eggs, prepare your work space by lining a baking sheet with 6 or more layers of paper towels. Wearing disposable gloves, dip half of a paper towel into vinegar. Squeeze out the excess vinegar and wrap an egg in the paper towel. Place the egg on the baking sheet and squeeze some food coloring onto the paper towel-covered egg. Rotate the egg applying different colors until the entire thing is covered. Remove the paper towel and let the eggs dry.

6.Duct Tape Eggs

Duct Tape Eggs IMG_6276

Kids love tape, and helping them make the patterns can also be a fun lesson in geometry. The results of your efforts are pretty and easy to achieve with the help of basic stuff you probably already have.

What You’ll Need: duct or electrical tape, small bowls of water, food coloring or other dyes

How to Do It: Cut the tape in varying lengths and widths and apply to your eggs, leaving some white space. Dye the eggs and wait for them to dry. Remove the tape, and, if desired, reapply to create a pattern and dye with another color.

7. Bubble Wrap Eggs

indexbubble_wrap_eggsbubble wrap eggs 2

This method uses materials we all have at home and it creates cute eggs that can be decorated before or after they’re dyed, for a multi-colored effect. Really fast and easy way of making your Easter eggs stand out!

What You’ll Need: bubble wrap, acrylic paint and paintbrushes.

How to Do It: Use a paintbrush to coat the bubble wrap with the paint. Then roll your eggs over the paint. That’s it!

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