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11 Travel Destinations for Gluten Free Foodies

When your diet calls for gluten free foods, international travel can be tricky. To help make planning your next dream vacation easier, below you’ll find 11 destinations with great options for gluten-free dining, how to pronounce “Gluten Free” in the local language as well as a few restaurants known for their gluten free options and delicious eats.

But don’t stop at the bottom of the infographic, we’ve got more restaurants listed in the post below.

International Gluten Free Travel Ideas for Foodies

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Ready to plan your next get away without sacrificing your love of food?  We’re ready to help!  Below you’ll find some of our top picks to help you find food while you’re exploring a new destination.

Paris, France
Pronounced: “sans gluten”

The City of Love is a foodie haven. From artwork and wine, to amazing foods and the first gluten free Michelin starred restaurant, Paris is a perfect option.  The city also boasts the first Michelin star rated gluten free restaurant.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • Auberge la Fiere is the first gluten free restaurant to win a Michelin star. It was created the when the chef’s daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease.
  • Shakespeare and Company Café is attached to a bookstore with views of Notre Dame and boasts numerous gluten free options.
    NOGLU Bakery is a gluten free bakery so you don’t miss out on the delicious traditional baked goods the French are famous for.

Rome, Italy
Pronounced: “senza glutine”

From fountains to breath taking ruins, Rome has been a destination for travelers since Ancient times. With a growing number of celiacs, they’ve begun to adjusting iconic dishes to remain a top place to visit for foodies and travelers alike.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • La Taverna dei Fori Imeriali is a family-run restaurant and right by the forums. Although their website doesn’t advertise its gluten free menu, travelers everywhere praise their alternatives for classic dishes.
  • Voglia di Pizza is a high-end and mostly gluten free restaurant, they even have beer options if you need a break.
  • Fatamorgana isn’t only known for its delicious gelato, it’s also the first gluten free option for this classic in Rome.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Pronounced: “bebas gluten”

With multi-cultural charm, iconic buildings and gardens, it’s no wonder this is a top destination for adventurous travelers. With its national dish “nasi lemak” being gluten free, they’re a clear choice for our top travel cities.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • Wild Honey has many gluten free menu items and was voted Diners’ Choice Restaurant of the Year in 2016.
  • Ashley’s Living Food is a high end restaurant that focuses on ‘raw’ food healthy living. Each item on the menu is clearly marked for dietary needs.
  • Justlife is an organic market with 5 locations in Malaysia and you can even order online.

Sydney, Australia
Pronounced: “Gluten Free”

From sprawling beaches and water sports to unique wildlife and the Outback, Australia isn’t only known for the Great Barrier Reef or iconic Opera house, it’s now a top tourist spot for adventurers with celiac disorders.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • The Sydney Tower Buffet is in the second tallest observation tower in the southern hemisphere. It features panoramic views, and has buffet dining with plenty of options for you to try.
  • Social Brew Café features a unique lamb burger on celiac friendly bread that people can’t stop praising.
  • Thr1ve is 100% free of gluten, with locally sourced food and an ever-changing menu.
  • D&B Dumplings and Beer is a highly rated and reasonably priced Shanghainese dumpling restaurant with a safe menu that meets your dietary needs if you;re craving something unique.

Mexico City, Mexico

Pronounced: “sin gluten”

Not only known for its ancient roots and ruins, Mexico City is a modern metropolis and vibrant community filled with culture diversity, acceptance and of course delicious celiac friendly foods.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • Por Siempre is a street vendor that is perfect when you’re on the go. They’re known for their gluten free options as well as vegan fare.
  • Antiguo San Angel Inn is perfect for a sit-down meal with traditional flair and lots of dining choices that you can enjoy including Mexican classics.
  • La Otilia is a 100% gluten free bakery and the wait staff is trained to be able to assist patrons with most other dietary needs.

Berlin, Germany

Pronounced: “glutenfrei”

Berlin has reinvented itself as a cultural icon with modern buildings, museums and food options for all tastes. Although meat and cheese platters are typical fare, producers everywhere are creating celiac friendly bratwurst, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes so you can enjoy modern gastro-dishes and German classics.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • Café No-Gluten is, as you’d expect, completely free of gluten and boasts rave reviews online.
  • Jute Backerei is known for their delicious fresh baked breads and pastries with plenty of options you can enjoy.
  • Simply Keto is a café and market with low-carb foods you’ll certainly want to check out.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pronounced: “glutenvrij”

You’ve seen waffles, fries and delicious bread-based goods, but almost everywhere you go they’ll be able to accommodate Celiacs. Narrowing down three options was tricky here.  It’s a must not only for the history and museums, but also for the awesome options that are celiac friendly.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • Pancakes Amsterdam has 3 locations in the city, including near the must-see Anne Frank Museum. Because Amsterdam is small in size, you can always look for one of them for a quick bite if you need a nosh.
  • Lavinia Good Food boasts 2 locations and is known for pastries and coffees. If you need a pick-me-up, this one is for you.
  • Café Piazza takes extra care for its gluten free customers. Your food may take longer to prepare, but they go the extra step by preparing delicious Italian food in separate environments to ensure you’re able to enjoy their food without worry.

Cape Town, South Africa

Pronounced: “Gluten Free” but it is important to know “glutenvrij” and “glutenfrei”

Besides safaris and world class wines, South Africa boasts a booming foodie community. Braai, pronounced ‘bry’, and means ‘BBQ’ or ‘roast’ and is not just a meal, it is a social custom and feast for the senses. You’ll find this across the entire city on a weekly basis.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • V&A Market on the Warf sells a variety of products perfect for a picnic to pack for safaris, vineyard tours or stocking up your hotel room.
  • Addis in Cape is a highly-rated Ethiopian restaurant that features dining alternatives if you want something unique. Although the menu doesn’t say gluten free, they have a ton of positive reviews from visitors with celiac disease.
  • De Grendel is perfect for romantics or a day of fun. Located at their vineyards, you’ll enjoy their food and customization as your server walks you through all of the alternatives that are safe for you to enjoy and too pair with your wines.

London, United Kingdom
Pronounced: “Gluten Free”

From the “eye” and Tower Bridge to Buckingham Palace and the West End theatre district, London has no shortage of options for celiac friendly dining. Here are a few you may want to try.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • Honest Burgers has multiple locations with numerous options if you need something quick and accessible while touring.
  • Ffiona’s Restaurant is a perfect option if you’re traveling with someone who is Paleo, vegan or has other specific dietary restrictions. They cater to you instead of you finding workarounds making them a great all-inclusive dietary option if you’re traveling in a group.
  • Niche is perfect if you’re looking for modern and traditional British fare. They locals love it!

New York City, USA
Pronounced: “Gluten Free”

The “big apple” has no shortage of options, so picking a place can be tricky. Here are a few that make you ready to plan your next visit to NYC.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • Eleven Madison Park requires about 3 hours of your time, but is a restaurant whose menu is always changing and offers gluten free alternatives for most dishes. Because your meal is between 8 & 10 courses, call ahead to let them know you need a celiac friendly menu so you can enjoy the full experience with a customized meal.
  • Senza Gluten is your number 1 stop for gluten free Italian food in NYC. The reviews stand with them saying they create delicious dishes without compromising on taste and texture.
  • Le Village French Bistro prides themselves on being celiac friendly as well as accommodating other allergies if you’d like to try some delicious French food.

Tokyo Japan
Pronounced: “Mu guruten no”

In this modern day marvel, you’ll never find a shortage of things to see or do. So when you need a break when touring Tokyo, here are a couple of food stops that are celiac friendly.

Restaurant recommendations:

  • Café Littlebird boasts an amazing selection of breads, pastries and foods. You’ll see why they are a local and tourist favorite while you take in the fresh foods each day.
  • Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai is better known for homemade tofu and ambiance set to help you feel like you’re dining in Japan 200 years ago, but their staff is ready to help provide you with delicious alternatives safe for you to eat.
  • Milktart is perfect if you want delicious desserts. They not only teach celiac friendly baking classes, but they’re building a following of loyal fans and it’s growing fast.