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Journey of a Gift: From Your Click on a Button to Their Joy on a Platter

It’s a beautiful morning; you woke up, stretched yourself, practiced those yoga poses, and thought: today, I’m ordering a gift for my overseas daughter, friend, or grandson. That’s a fantastic idea, and I support you in this endeavor, not only because I’m from the Gift Baskets Overseas Customer Support team. I applaud your determination to make it finally happen. Surprising your loved ones with a carefully chosen gift brings them happiness and delight; part of these heartwarming feelings makes you feel fantastic. Strengthening family bonds when you’re miles apart, sending a gift as a token of appreciation for someone’s efforts, or contributing to the abundance of scrumptious treats on their party table will give you good vibes.

The journey of a gift: a woman and her child are on a video call enjoying their treats.

Now, you’re all set and ready to order a stunning gift basket. Recent advice from a friend or a Google search lands you on our website. You might be pondering: what now? Here we are to explain how to order and tell you about the entire journey of your gift evolving from just a thought in your head to something tangible in the addressee’s hand.

From Contemplation to Confirmation: The Journey of a Gift

To begin with, you should determine the cordial, or better, cardinal, direction of your gift. Where are they now? Are you sure they still reside at the same place as years ago when you mailed them something? I recommend double-checking the recipient’s address before you get to the next page. It’s so crucial to know their whereabouts; thus, please have the complete delivery address at your fingertips ready now to save your nerves later. You don’t want to burn your fingers typing an email heatedly to us later to correct the address, do you?

Done checking? Let’s then scroll the whole list down and find that country. Yes, even in customer service, I still have to look twice to locate the name in the list, like someone mischievously hides it every time! But here it is; you click it and realize our website is genuinely user-friendly. There can, however, be some confusion when choosing a destination country.

Please make sure you are aware that:

  • We have a separate catalog for the Bay of Islands. Whenever you need to order a gift there, restrain yourself from selecting New Zealand; no matter how tempted you are, it has its own catalog. It’s like they’re on a different level — even if they are level quality-wise.
  • Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao have their respective gift catalogs nowadays, too. The Netherlands Antilles, which this trio were separate parts of, was dissolved in 2010. It’s like they decided to re-gift themselves!
  • The British Virgin Islands and, surprisingly, the Channel Islands (even though they’re practically in the UK’s backyard) don’t fall under the same destination category as the UK. They’re like eccentric uncles who prefer to sit at their own table during family gatherings.
The gift journey: map of the world made of assorted sweets.
  • Sicily has its own catalog, different from the Italian one. The same goes for Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal; France, Martinique, and Monaco are different entities for us; Northern Cyprus is neither Cyprus nor Turkey: it’s Northern Cyprus, and it has its own gift providers. Talk about having an identity crisis!
  • Ireland and Northern Ireland mean two different catalogs. Ireland has its own, while Northern Ireland, regardless of its stone-throw proximity to the neighbor, shares a catalog with the UK. Think of them as siblings with different passports.
  • The two Samoas of the world have two separate catalogs in the Gift Baskets Overseas world, too. It’s like having twins with different birthdays!
  • Spain, the Canary Islands, Ibiza, and Majorca also boast separate gift sets. They’re like the assorted chocolates of the gift basket world.
  • Last but not least, the petite but important Vatican also has a separate section on our website. They say good things come in small packages, right?

The Practical Part

Once you define your selected destination country, which is like double-checking if you have everything before embarking on a trip, you commence your journey with us! Congratulations! Feel free to surf the ocean of boundless gift ideas to pick the one you’ll cherish. Will it feel like bushwhacking through the options or rather strolling leisurely through the (gift) fields? We’re not to know, but we have divided all our products into easy-to-navigate categories by gift-giving occasion, holiday type, type of recipient, and the kind of set you might be seeking. If you have hit a roadblock but at least know your gift budget, call us, and we’ll share some of the most sought-after options and even complete the order on your behalf.

Imagine you’ve added the perfect gift to your cart and are now in the cart screen. If you feel something is missing, don’t let your feelings sell you short! We won’t either; that’s why adding something extra on the next page is available at a wallet-soothing 25% discount. But before you advance, apply one of the discount codes we carefully slip you like a refreshing glass of water you get at home after a walk. After that thirst is quenched, let’s resume your journey (just remember to click ‘continue’ at the bottom of each page), heading into the grove of budget-friendly treasures. Do have a look there; adding a delightful box of chocolates, a cheese crate, or a richly-flavored fruit basket is always a splendid choice. It’s like adding a cherry on top of a sundae!

The life cycle of an order: a man shopping online surrounded with gifts.


Last Steps to Success

Then, a couple more steps follow (remember, you’re on a journey, an effort is needed, but we’re always alongside): fill in your email address, to which we’ll send your order confirmation, complete the order forms with your and your recipient’s contact information, and choose the delivery date. The greeting card section is the last page before you’re invited to submit your payment. Your heartfelt words will serve as a meaningful addition to the gift and help convey your emotions. The message on the card and the giver’s signature hold practical value, too: they help prevent confusion and misunderstanding on the recipient’s end. If no message is needed, please mention it in a special order comment.

Onward you go; the final frontier awaits your unwavering focus — the payment page. It’s the thrilling climax where pleasant anticipation and suspense collide! The payment methods available in your country are listed on the left, and you’ll fill in the billing details on the right. Callooh, callay — especially since your credit card went through; you did it, and you’re atop the mountain! In other words, you rock now that your payment has been accepted. It’s now on us, Gift Baskets Overseas, to take the basket and run with it. Now, have a picnic right where you are, on that mountain, with an order confirmation from us in your pocket. Where is your willow basket with the picnic stuff, by the way? We took it, haha.

The Resting on Your Laurels Part

Your order has now entered our system and is going through a quick check for missing information and transaction validity. If our team discovers missing pieces or needs to contact you with additional questions, they’ll do so within the first 24 hours after receiving your order. We typically don’t proceed with your order when something crucial is missing, like the recipient’s house or apartment number, before reaching you. A critical detail here would be having their local phone number for the courier to contact them when needed. This is particularly important for countries in Eastern Europe and all South-American, African, and Asian countries. In most Western European countries and the USA, a local phone number is not a matter of course, but it would be helpful to have it.

If your gift addressee is fortunate enough not to be working and is soaking up sunshine far away from home, the hotel’s phone number will suffice for us to organize the delivery in this case. The courier will not be allowed to join them on the beach to hand over your gift; instead, it will be left at the reception desk, as our delivery policy suggests.

What we do when we receive an order: a relaxed, laid-back man who’s done his job.


Crafting the Perfect Gift

Now that you’re familiar with the ordering process, you can sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest. We’ll ensure your carefully chosen gift arrives safely and on time at your loved one’s doorstep.

We hand the baton to a local agent when your order information is complete. In each country, we partner with a variety of local representatives. Some specialize in delivering your cakes and flowers, while others provide delectable sweet and savory gift baskets. We meticulously evaluate and examine your order and choose the most suitable agent. Our team diligently adheres to stringent product guidelines, ensuring only the finest selections for our valued customers. In the rare instance that a substitution becomes necessary, we promptly reach out to you for approval, keeping transparency and satisfaction at the forefront. Discover more about our dedicated approach by visiting our substitution policy page.

When all is approved, we give the green light to the local representative to proceed with the delivery arrangements. They mark the order as accepted, and a notification is instantly displayed in our system, which generates an email to you. The email states that the order has been transferred to your destination country. You’re now one step closer to that awe-inspiring gift-giving moment!

From the Warehouse to Their House

The delivery date is approaching, and you are welcome to follow up on the order status anytime. While we do not guarantee a specific delivery time, you have our promise to get your well-thought gift delivered on the day you select. Again, an important note for cakes here: do not request delivery on a Monday. Think of it like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole — it just doesn’t work! Third-party shippers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, Parcelforce Worldwide, and others facilitate some of our deliveries. If they are to get your perishable gift there on Monday, they need to send it out on Thursday or Friday, meaning it will spend the whole weekend en route.

You might think, ‘But their birthday is Monday, and I need the gift there that day.’ Well, while we are constantly seeking creative ways to accommodate every customer request, we cannot guarantee delivery of fresh items on Monday, just like any company on the globe. We all follow the instructions from the shippers, and in that regard, our hands are tied.

Gifts and how they’re processed: a man struck with a bright idea.


Our Hero GiftyLink

But not our minds; they’re creative and innovative. From time to time, they result in great solutions for our customers, such as GiftyLink. Interested to learn more? You can read about it here. In a nutshell, GiftyLink is our swanky feature allowing you to send your greeting card electronically, beautifully designed, and taking a second to deliver on that important date. It comes with a notification that you’re sending them a present, and it has a field the recipient can use to type in a thank-you message for you. They will have a gift to look forward to while the gift itself will arrive just a bit later, say, on Tuesday or Wednesday. GiftyLink is also a proper solution for other last-minute gifts, missed anniversaries, and late congratulations — it’s like a superhero swooping in to save the day!

Couriers work tirelessly to distribute all the carried gifts throughout the day, and, as mentioned in our delivery policy, they will show up any time from 9 am and as late as 9 pm in some very remote locations.

At last, the courier rings the recipient’s doorbell and hands over the gift. The journey is complete, but you have yet to learn about this. We timely check the delivery reports from every agent in all countries we serve, after which we send you an email confirming the fact of delivery — it’s like putting that last puzzle piece to complete the picture!

When All Is Sent and Done

It’s time to jump on a call with your addressee and share the happy moment with them. After the emotions settle a bit, you’re welcome to fill in our client survey, indicating if you enjoyed the experience and rating the level of your ordering experience with us, timeliness of the delivery, customer support, and product quality and presentation. We also offer you the chance to tell us how likely it is that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague, along with asking you to share what you think could be a great addition to our catalog or the website in general.

Journey of a gift. Processing orders in GBO: customer service experts sorting out feedback.

Driven by the goal of maintaining the highest standards of customer care, we consider all customer feedback. Think of us as the GPS to your gift-giving success. We hold quarterly meetings to discuss improvements suggested from all corners of the planet. So, do not hold back; let us know anything you want to share.

Another reason to participate in the survey is our delightful store credit coupon waiting for you at the end of the survey. Serving as an extra sprinkle of joy for your future gift-giving endeavors, it can be applied against the cost of your next order with us, so it’s worth it!

Now that you know the journey of a gift you’re ordering front and back, what are the next steps?

  • Flip through our catalogs featuring both sweet and savory options.
  • Explore our guidelines for delivering gifts to those special ones in your life with specific dietary needs.
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