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How To Send Gifts Without Address Information

In a world full of email and text messages, keeping up with the physical addresses of your friends, family, and colleagues is less of a priority. Thankfully – those same technology updates also make it possible for you to send gifts without address information! This opens up a world of gifting possibilities! From getting back in touch with your college best friend – to surprising your favorite Twitch streamer with some much-needed snacks!

The team at Gift Baskets Overseas strives to make it as easy as possible to send gifts to over 200 countries worldwide! So today, we’re giving away all the tips we know of to help you send gifts without address information.

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Old Reliable – Gift Cards

One of the oldest and most reliable ways to get a gift to someone without knowing their address is by sending them a gift card. Most companies allow you to send a gift card to someone using only their email address. Some even allow you to send a gift card via text message. With Gift Basket Overseas, you can send your recipient a gift card via email, text message, or WhatsApp.

Not only are gift cards a great way to send presents without address information they’re also excellent gifts on their own. Gift cards empower your recipient to pick the perfect gift for them and schedule the delivery for when they want it most.

Other Ways to Send Gifts Without Address Information

While you may not have your recipient’s physical address, chances are you have their cell phone number or email address. If you do – you still have options for sending your recipient a gift! When you send a gift with Gift Basket Overseas – our team is ready and able to help get your recipient’s address information for you.

In order to send gifts without address information, you’ll first need to pick out the gift you want to send from the correct country catalog. You can even build a custom gift basket to make your surprise extra special. From there, you’ll go through our checkout process as usual. However, when you get to the section where you usually input the recipient address, you’ll instead check a box stating, “I don’t have recipient’s delivery address.”

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After that, you just need to put in your recipient’s email address, phone number, or WhatsApp information. Our team takes over from there – reaching out to your recipient to get their address information and coordinate delivery. Once that’s done, you’ll receive an update on the estimated delivery time and confirmation once the gift has been delivered.

Keep in mind that your recipient can request that we keep their physical address private, so there’s no guarantee we can pass on the delivery information to you.

This service isn’t as widely possible as electronic gift card delivery – so don’t be surprised if other gift delivery services don’t offer it.

Sending Gifts to Celebrities and Online Personalities

The ability to send gifts without address information opens up the option to send gifts to your favorite celebrities, TikTok users, Twitch streamers, or other online personalities. While you aren’t likely to have their cell phone number or WhatsApp, it is possible to find their email address.

For celebrities – you’ll have the most luck finding an email address for an agent, publicist, or official fan club. Often these people will help coordinate fan mail deliveries, including gifts. Just keep in mind that they’ll take care to ensure the celebrities address doesn’t make its way back to you for obvious reasons.

When looking for an email address for an online personality, there are a few places to look. Many use a link tree or similar service to list all of their various platforms, partnerships, and more in the same place. They usually also list their email address and even a P.O. Box for accepting gifts. For those on platforms that allow longer bio information, such as Twitch or Facebook, you can often find their email address in their contact information.

That’s A Wrap

That’s a wrap for how to send gifts without address information! If you’d like help selecting a gift for your lucky recipient, try out our Gift Wizard. This handy tool allows you to filter gifts by your budget and occasion for sending the gift. Or, contact our 24/7 customer service team. Our gift experts are always delighted to help customers pick out the perfect gift for impressing their VIPs.  

You’ve learned how to send gifts without address information; now what?