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How To Send Anonymous Gifts

We always tell our customers to be sure to sign their greeting cards so their recipients know whom to thank. We’re so serious about this; our customer service team will get in touch with you if we don’t see a name on the greeting card! But, what should secret admirers do? Or Secret Santas? For all those moments when you want to send anonymous gifts, this blog is here to help.   

If you’re wondering why someone would send a gift anonymously, we’ll cover that too.  Keep reading for a quick rundown of how to send anonymous gifts and when to send them!

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How To Send Gifts Anonymously

When it comes to sending anonymous gifts, first thing first: don’t mail the gift yourself! Almost all countries require a return address on their packages. Aside from that, you may accidentally give away some hints. Your handwriting, or gift-wrapping style, for instance. Depending on how close you and your friends are, they may even recognize your address even if you use a different name on the gift.

When it comes to sending gifts anonymously, gift delivery services reign supreme! Though not every gift service will allow you to send a physical gift anonymously. Luckily for you, Gift Baskets Overseas does! We’ll even work with you to help with custom gift requests or create a unique custom gift basket.

In order to send anonymous gifts through our website, two sections will need some extra attention. After you’ve selected your gift and started to check out, take care to write your greeting card. This time we’re going to ignore our earlier advice and ask you NOT to sign the card. Then in the special comments field, leave a note that you wish to send this gift anonymously and do not wish to put your name on the card.

From there, you’ll go through the checkout process as usual. This includes giving us your name, so we know who we’re speaking with when we contact you with updates about your order.

That’s it, it’s just that simple!

Working With Other Gift Delivery Services

The process with other gift delivery services is different. Many are more complicated, requiring you to work around their system. Many services require a sender’s name, so you may have to put something in its place, like “Secret Santa” or “Secret Admirer.”

Avoid using a fake name, as your recipient may know someone by this name and give the wrong person credit. Additionally, it may cause issues for you in the event you need to speak to customer service about the gift.

It’s always best to check with a company’s customer service team to see if it is possible to send an anonymous gift through them.

When To Send Anonymous Gifts

For those asking: Why would someone send an anonymous gift? We can’t give you all the answers, but we can give you a few.

Some may be trying to send a care package to a friend and want them to enjoy the gift without feeling indebted to anyone.

Maybe they’re having some fun, and the gift is the first clue in a scavenger hunt that will lead them to a surprise birthday party.

Perhaps they have a crush and want to take a leap into the romantic! Sending a gift as their secret admirer until the build up the courage to confess their feelings.

It could be part of an online gift exchange, much like Secret Santa.

Or maybe it’s Christmas, and they’re actually someone’s Secret Santa.

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Tips for Secret Santa

If you haven’t had a Secret Santa gift exchange before – here’s a super quick summary. A group of people agree to participate and set a gift budget. People are then randomly assigned someone to give a gift to for Christmas.

If you’re participating in a Secret Santa for your class, office, or group of friends, here are some rules to keep in mind.

  • – Don’t go over the gift limit. You’re likely trying to be sweet. However, this may cause the recipient stress or guilt.
  • – Take care to shop early and plan your gift so it will arrive on time for the holiday. For some countries, this may mean the gift should be delivered a week before December 25th to avoid closures.
  • – When possible, include a gift recipient. Especially for items like clothes or electronics. This way, the recipient can take care of exchanges if you got the size wrong or the item was damaged.

5 Anonymous Gift Ideas

What you choose to send to your recipient can be any number of things. Admittedly some items are easier to send as anonymous gifts than others. However, if you’re shopping around for gift ideas, here are a few of the most popular anonymous gifts.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are basically royalty in the world of gifting. They solve any number of problems, including not knowing what your recipient likes. With many companies offering electronic delivery for gift cards, they are some of the easiest gifts to send anonymously.


If your recipient is of drinking age, surprising them with their favorite bottle of alcohol is a great gift. As a bonus, alcohol keeps for ages. Meaning no matter how much of it they have on hand, your gift will be good to go when they’re ready to enjoy it.

Care Packages

Care packages are the kind of gift that may actually be sweeter as an anonymous gift. They can consist of anything from vitamins and fruits to soothing candles and cookies. Best of all, they’re a good anytime gift. You can send them just because to give them an extra boost. Or when they aren’t feeling well for that extra touch of TLC.

Spa Gifts

Spa gifts are an excellent way to brighten up their week. They also make for a wonderful romantic gift hamper, particularly if you pair it with a stunning bouquet.

Sweet Treats

Most people enjoy the occasional sweet. Sending a sweet gourmet gift anonymously can be a great way to help your friends get through finals. They’ve also become popular gifts for streamers and online personalities, especially when you include sweets from outside of their country.

Wrapping Up Anonymous Gifts

Make sure to send your anonymous gifts responsibly. If you send too many at once, your friend might actually get worried! If you still have questions or would like some help selecting the perfect gift, we’re here to help!

You’ve learned how to send anonymous gifts: now what?