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We do our best to perform every single order

Not all the deliveries go off without a hitch. Sometimes it’s really hard to perform the order of delivery because the recepient can be not at home. In such cases we do not give in and try to complete the delivery some other time or, if this doesn’t work, to contact our client and to find out more contact details of the recepient.

Our customers really apprecitate our concern in fast and quality delivery and write a lot of thank-you letters to our company.

Couple of days ago we attempted to deliver an order but all our multiple attempts failed. Anytime the deliveryman came, there was nobody home and there came no feedback to our voice mails. We found out some other contact details of the recepient and managed to perform the order at last.

The client was completely satisfied:
“Thank you so much for all your personal attention to this order!
Our information is that M and Madam Valat have received the gift basket!
We appreciate all your efforts in this. Thank you very much for your
attentive service.
Shirley B.”

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