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Success Stories – The Power of Sending Corporate Thank-You Gifts

All hard work and cooperation in business deserve acknowledgment. The best companies around the world know this and take it to heart. While recognizing stand-out employees and business partners at companies can go a long way toward building positive relationships, you can take this even further! Allowing an annual budget for sending corporate thank-you gifts can significantly increase your team morale and your company’s relationships with valuable partners.

We’re fortunate enough to have sat down and interviewed R – an executive assistant to several of the VPs of successful enterprise solutions business. Keep reading to get her thoughts on our service and how sending corporate thank-you gifts has impacted the company’s relationship with the recipients.

Corporate Thank-You Gifts - Thank you ribbon on paper package

Sending Corporate Thank-You Gifts During Lockdown

R’s first experience sending out appreciation gifts came with a few unexpected difficulties. First, her previous work experience didn’t include sending out these kinds of gifts at all. Facing the unknown is challenging enough, but the trials wouldn’t stop there. R states, “I found this task very daunting at first since it was in December of 2020 – Covid! I had several VPs asking me how to get gifts out globally, and I thought this was really going to be a challenge. You can’t imagine my relief when I reached out and found Katherine.”

Katherine is one of our star corporate gift specialists. When R found us, Katherine had 10 years of experience under her belt, and she put those years of experience to good use! Working with different VPs meant that R needed help navigating different gift styles and budgets. Something all of our corporate gift specialists train extensively to handle. (But if you prefer comparing prices on your own, we also have a tool for that.)

Katherine walked R through every step of the process. Taking extra care to navigate multiple countries’ lockdown situations to ensure R’s corporate thank-you gifts arrived safe and sound. When asked if the service met or exceeded her expectations, she simply said:

“Exceed, exceed, exceed!”

Finding The Right Fit

R remains a loyal customer with us to this day. When asked what keeps her coming back, R stated. “I think the main reason is the consistency of your customer service, mainly due to Katherine Moore. Many companies these days have very poor customer service, to the point of frustration, or too time consuming when you call or email. With Gift Baskets Overseas I found that my questions were answered within minutes and always with friendly and professional service.”

R sends these corporate thank-you gifts annually to 15 countries around the world. Thrilled that the quality of the gifts lives up to the quality of the service. The gesture is a huge morale boost for her team and helps the company build long-standing relationships with its valued team members.

“The folks that received the baskets were overjoyed and commented on the quality, the presentation, and how each basket was more or less tailored to favorite things in the different regions.”

What R and her recipients comment on here is a testament to how the GBO gift catalog works. Every country’s catalog is carefully curated to include gifts that are popular for each region. Working with corporate gift specialists like Katherine gives you the power to streamline gift selection with expert gift recommendations. Thanks to customer feedback like R’s, there’s also a tool to help you narrow corporate gift selection based on your budget, the occasion, and more.

Corporate Thank-You Gifts - Gift basket with wine and goodies

Finding Your Own Success

Three years later, R has become a pro at sending her corporate thank-you gifts. She still relies on Katherine to help her with the process each year. You, too, can be matched with a corporate gift specialist who will act like an additional team member to make your corporate gifting goals come true! Take a moment to fill out this form to tell our team more about the corporate gift program you have in mind. A member of our team will be matched with you and get in touch to start you on the road to corporate gifting success! Or contact us directly; we’re available over the phone, email, and chat 24/7.

You’ve read about the success story of sending corporate thank-you gifts. Now what?