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Holiday Gift Basket to Warsaw, Poland

I think you guys are awesome. Pretty perfect I think. Your positive attitude and such quick, respectful and thorough responses to my constant questions is an inspiration. You should all feel very proud. Obviously I don’t see an end result in terms of the actual gift baskets, the packaging or specific content quality as such but I find you to be one of the best companies I have ever dealt with regards to customer service. I have been a personal assistant for over 20 years working with high profile people in the USA and originally Australia; so I have had experience with all sorts of places whether it’s hotels, airlines, retail outlets and what have you the list goes on and I honestly can you guys are my absolute favorite and you make my work easier due to how you function. I am curious to know how many full time employees do you have and are you all based together in the one office; apart from your external vendors etc of course. Just wondering how you operate and are able to keep it so organized and seamless with no crossed wires? How do you oversee things staying on top of the minutia and also to cope with the massive volume of orders and shipments going all over the world whilst at the same time responding to every little thing plus also caring about my health. Maybe you are superhuman?!!

You don’t have to answer tonight. I just realized its already past 8pm so very late for you.
Anyway just can’t keep thanking you enough.


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