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Customer Success Story – Client Appreciation Gifts

In a world where every company has competition, standing out is vital. It’s no longer enough to have a flashy website or catchy sales tactics. Today, savvy customers and clients are looking for a personal touch to help them decide which companies should get their business. That’s where the power of client appreciation gifts comes in! 

I was fortunate enough to be able to pick the brain of one of our valued corporate clients, Jane Allan – Head of Demand Generation at Velocix. Keep reading to see how Jane and her team utilized the corporate gift services at to show their key clients appreciation during the holiday season. 

Man writing Happy Client
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Meet The Company Bold Enough to Send Client Appreciation Gifts 

Jane works for a leading global supplier of video content delivery solutions, Velocix. Jane sums up the company and her role best:

“We build open, modular software platforms that span cloud and on-premises networks to efficiently record, store, stream, and monetize video and other media content. As head of Demand Generation, it is my responsibility to generate interest and authority of our brand, increase awareness and demand for Velocix products and services, along with other inbound and outbound marketing activity that results in leads with new opportunities, and delighting the customers we already have.”

It comes as no surprise that a creative and versatile company should look for equally creative solutions to reward client loyalty. 

Velocix logo - the company utilizing the power of client appreciation gifts

Finding the Perfect Company to send Gifts Worldwide 

Jane and her team did their due diligence when it came to finding the perfect company to send their client appreciation gifts.  After all, sending 251 gifts across 35 countries is no small task! 

“At the beginning of the project, I conducted research gathering prices and quotes from various suppliers. What was great about Gift Baskets Overseas was their pricing transparency, discount for bulk orders, and processes about their corporate gifting services, and all that information was available online. Once Gift Baskets Overseas was the chosen supplier, and had my first conversation with our assigned key account manager, it set the tone for the program.”

After all of their research, Jane and the Velocix team landed on Gift Baskets Overseas. The personal touch and dedication of Jane’s Corporate Gift Specialist proved to her that the decision was the right one. The personal attention Jane saw during the gift selection and delivery process proved that her gifts were in the right hands.

Ownership and Customer Delight

At Gift Baskets Overseas, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After all, when you work with a human team, human mistakes are bound to happen. Unfortunately, a few of Jane’s recipients saw some of these mistakes. Thankfully, Jane reported the issue to us in a timely manner and worked with us to find an appropriate solution. When Jane sent over the information to her Corporate Gift Specialist, she states,

“She was quick to respond, said she would investigate the issue, and apologized right away. The issue was quickly resolved, an apology was sent to the recipients and assurance that others would be checked. I felt in a safe pair of hands during the process, which is vital when dealing with a global project of this size, and our brand reputation in the eyes of our most important customers.”

Thanks to Jane’s feedback, our team was able to investigate and resolve an issue with greeting cards to ensure it was improved going forward. 

Satisfying Client Appreciation Gifts

After all 251 gifts were sent to 35 countries, Jane Allan reported that she was ultimately satisfied with her first time using our service.  And she wasn’t the only one on her team to show their appreciation:

“Our Holiday Gifting Program was met with delight both internal and external. We received photos and thanks via our local sales representative across the globe, and internal praise for the delivery and execution of the project which was completed on time, with 100% of the deliveries accounted for.”

Impressing our clients by delighting their recipients is exactly what we aim for at Gift Baskets Overseas. Sending client appreciation gifts is just one of many ways for companies to utilize our service. To learn more about what we can do for you and your team, take a moment to fill out this form to get paired with your own corporate gift specialist. Or feel free to contact us 24/7, we’re always available to answer your questions. 

You’ve read about the success one customer had sending client appreciation gifts, now what?