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Christmas Gift to New York, USA

Thank you for service that has gone above and beyond all expectations.
You’ve all spent so much time and given so much effort to this order.
I’m grateful for all your efforts, and I’m extremely happy with the
successful result.

But even more than the result, I am also extremely happy with the process.

One of the concerns that any customer has in doing business online,
and in doing business overseas in particular, is the fear that there
is no real way to follow up. In general, online customer service is
not always a skilled priority. Agents often do not respond in a timely
matter, if at all, and when they do respond, they are sometimes
powerless to get anything done. There is often no resolution to
problems and concerns, and there is no one to take responsibility.
Things fall apart.

At your company, solutions are the focal point, not problems. The
desire for success is backed up with first rate, skilled customer
service and follow through every step of the way, and it has been a
pleasure to do business with you.

Everyone at has been extremely diligent in every
detail and very generous with their time, from help with planning the
gift in the initial stages of the order, all the way through to
delivery. Of equal importance, the attention to detail and the
diligence continued after the delivery was made. Follow up was
excellent. Minor concerns were addressed and resolved at every
juncture; problems, if any, were solved quickly and intelligently, and
the focal point was always solution oriented, with an end point of

These traits are not common in a business, any business, online or
otherwise. With that in mind, I want to thank you and your staff not
only for helping me to create a custom order, and not only for
delivering this order successfully, and not only for making someone
very, very happy with the gift that she received- which was the point
of course, and mission accomplished!

I also want to thank you for running a business intelligently, in a
well organized and thoughtful manner. You’ve created the
infrastructure necessary for success, which is actually somewhat rare
in this world; but even less common and of greater value is the
investment of human effort and human care that is necessary to make
that infrastructure count.

Thank you all for working so hard to make this transaction successful.
It was one order and only one order on a very busy calendar, I know;
but I was treated as if it was the only order on your calendar, and
that makes all the difference.

Thanks again, and best wishes.



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