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What to Do When You Need Your International Business Gift Delivered Today

Gift Baskets Overseas is proud of its 2-3 business day delivery available to almost all countries and regions around the world. But still our team occasionally gets questions from corporate clients who ask if faster delivery is available. They asked us repeatedly if it’s possible to have an international business gift delivered today or tomorrow! So this year, we decided to meet this demand. Thus, now Gift Baskets Overseas is launching three new services that will help you reach your recipients even faster.

What to Do When You Need Your International Business Gift Delivered Today

It’s possible to have international business gifts delivered today with GiftyLink, Gift Certificate, or the Gift IQ tool

It happens a lot: in a whirlwind of daily meetings, tasks, and deadlines you forget about a gift that needed to be sent to a partner abroad or to a colleague in an international office days ago. Things can get really complicated if multiple deliveries to many addresses in different countries are concerned. To solve this problem, Gift Baskets Overseas offers three options. GiftyLink: it arrives immediately as a link while your physical gift is on its way. Bulk e-Gift campaign: it sends gift certificates immediately to your recipients’ emails. Gift-IQ: it allows a recipient to define their selection within your budget.


Ideal for last minute physical gifts, when you know that there is not enough time left for a delivery. You select a gift in our catalog or use a bulk order form, as always, and your selected gift arrives immediately as a link, even before the physical one (you can think of it as a Gift-by-Email).

This option is available for every gift that you see on the website and for all countries. Your budget can be anywhere between $65 and $900. Also, most of the discounts and promotions advertised on the website can be applicable to that gift.

Learn more about GiftyLink service here.

Bulk e-Gift Campaigns

Ideal for your loyalty and retention marketing campaigns targeted for long-term customers, employees, or partners no matter where in the world they are located. For example, you can use it as a part of a campaign to keep employees motivated while working from home). Bulk e-Gift campaigns allow you to send multiple gift certificates and online gifts to your recipients. You can do this in email or text campaigns. Once you have decided on the format, fill into Gift Baskets Overseas bulk order form with recipients names and phone numbers or emails. Then, craft the message you want to add to your gift, and email us the form.

Option is available for campaigns from 5 to few thousands recipients, with budgets starting at as low as $40. Choose the amount to send in your e-Gift Certificates, and save $15 on the value of each gift. That means if you pay $60 each, they’ll receive a $75 e-Gift value, or pay $85 each, they’ll receive an e-Gift Certificate of $100. You can even assign a different value to your e-Gifts within the same order!

Learn more about Bulk e-Gift Campaigns here.


Ideal in cases when you don’t know your recipient preferences and want to allow them to pick a gift themselves within your budget. It’s really easy to send such a gifting experience with Gift-IQ:

  • Choose your gift budget (from $50 USD and up);
  • Fill in your recipient’s delivery details, including valid email addresses;
  • We’ll send them Gift-IQ’s questions

Once your recipients answer just a handful of questions, our smart human assisted AI will choose the corporate gift in your budget that fits their preferences.

International Business Gift Delivered Today: Chatbot helping your customer to select their idea gift
Chatbot helping your customer to select their idea gift

Learn more about Gift-IQ here.

As you can see, it just became even easier to have your international business gift delivered today with Gift Baskets Overseas. You don’t pay for using these services. You only pay for product itself and delivery fees for physical gifts. Also, you can apply corporate discounts and promotions that we offer to your order.

Many of our customers want branded gifts and experiences for their recipients. We can make it too, and your gifts and greeting cards will be customized accordingly.

Moreover, you can use all three services even if you don’t know your recipients’ addresses! Email or a phone number can be sufficient to send these gifts. You have full control over timing of your delivery. We can deliver it immediately or schedule to any future date and time.

So, what to do next?

  • Learn more about new services that allow you to have an international business gift delivered today, here.
  • Use our bulk form for your corporate order
  • Follow us on LinkedIn for regular promotions and timely updates