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What Corporate Customers Say About Gift Baskets Overseas

Recently, our marketing department sat together with the sales managers to analyze what corporate customers say about Gift Baskets Overseas based on sentiment analysis of the reviews they provided. At a certain stage of this process, we built a word cloud (below). Our team was happy to see how terms such as “good”, “great”, and “easy” stood out! But if we go deeper than the surface — what exactly corporate buyers are looking for in a gift service provider? Let’s see!

What Corporate Customers Say About Gift Baskets Overseas : Wordcloud

International Delivery Without Hassle : What Corporate Customers Say About Gift Baskets Overseas

Most often, customers are looking for international delivery without hassle, or the need to deal with customs and logistics.

I was looking to send overseas hampers to my family and I goggle for international delivery hampers and yours was the only that would do Malaysia. Most do Singapore and other countries but not Malaysia which I needed.

The fact that I could just complete a spreadsheet for deliveries to a number of different countries across the world and that delivery costs were not over the top expensive

1) I needed to deliver baskets around the world for a medical/scientific advisory board meeting and I wanted a vendor who could manage customs. You had vendors inside each country for direct delivery. 2) International experience 3) Extensive information on website re challenges of CV19 and delivering baskets within each country 4) Responsiveness of staff 5) Great looking baskets — classy and professional; ability to pick basket by country

“After having consulted several sites and the opinions, my choice fell on your site because you offer personalized gift baskets that can be delivered around the world.

We were looking to provide consistent gifts to our globally dispersed workforce, and seemed to be the only vendor with this unique capability!

We have employees in our group in the UK, Greece, India and Israel, so we needed an international gift option for corporate gifts. You were the only company able to send gifts to all the countries I needed.

We value that you are a one-stop shop for gifting in various countries. Other vendors that we use only ship to one country or area, requiring multiple gifts and shipments.

We like that you can [do] delivery worldwide! Multi-continent delivery options under one roof.

Personal Recommendations and Good Independent Reviews

A lot of our customers found it important to check online reviews before trusting their business to international gift service provider. They checked sources such as TrustPilot and BBB.

Ability to send multiple gifts worldwide without too much hassle and very good reviews online

You were recommended to me. […] I have been very pleased with your service that I use for important customers. Delivery is always on-time and the product is very much enjoyed by our customers.

My boss found you on line looking for way to get holiday gifts to a few members of our team that are scattered about the world. We checked out the reviews and options that you offered and we liked what we saw.

Usability of the Website and Easy Ordering Process

Many customers mentioned how important usability of the website was for them. Sometimes ease of ordering and streamlined process is more important than a price tag!

We have used them for about 5 years and have always delivered when promised. Delivery location and clients choice, ease of ordering gifts for delivery to different countries — […] services corresponded to my expectations.

We placed and order with you because of your capabilities to send baskets globally, and also because you accepted bitcoin.

I found you on-line and was impressed with your website. The website was easy to use, didn’t have any glitches and provided wonderful information on all the details of the big selection of baskets.

Gift Baskets Overseas has made bulk ordering for our customers easy and seamless. I value the simplicity, quick ordering and responsive customer service.

I was ordering for several associates overseas and usually that would cause a lot of issues, not with your website. Everything worked great.

World Class Customer Service and 24/7 Support

We werehappy to hear how often corporate customers mentioned attentive and accessible support that our customer service team provided!

We’re amazed [with] your ability to provide gift service to our overseas clients! Ease, great selection and amazing customer service

Gifts are always on time and the price is right. Communication is also great!

One point of contact for global gift purchase. The prompt replies I get from you good office.

Very convenient service and always have great customer service and good pricing.

Easy, smooth process. The customer service agent sent me the booking form and was processed quickly. I did have to call the operator to speed the process up with the order being last minute for the client

Good value for money, efficient delivery service, recipients always like the contents, excellent customer service

Customers Keep Coming Back Season After Season

Although we surveyed both first time and returning customers, many buyers highlighted how they enjoyed many years of collaboration with Gift Baskets Overseas. (Here, you can find the most recent success story from the corporate client that we published)

We are a repeat customer [because] you deliver gift baskets to all over the world. Working with Sempi is always great!

I keep buying from you because I trust you and you deliver a quality product. Buying for international companies is hard enough, knowing that I can trust where I am buying from and that the delivery is well taken care of is a huge comfort. because it makes international gifting easy. You offer gifting items internationally – makes it very easy for me to send international gifts from one supplier.

Easy and convenient since we already are an established vendor with you. The easiness.

We are a very loyal customer and if we find a vendor who can fulfill our needs and with easy process, we keep buying from you.

The variety and range of products available and the ease of placing the order as well as the follow up from GiftBaskets is why we keep buying from you.

Despite COVID & Lockdowns, International Gift Delivery Still Available

Some new customers mentioned that they turned to gift delivery service because of travel and event restrictions because of pandemic.

General panic in the unprecedented times of Covid making this type of service the only option for delivery of presents to staff.
everything was straight forward and simple

everything was super straight forward, and everyone was actually pretty patient with us.

Convenient for sending gift to overseas customers even in pandemics. We value price (value of the hamper gifts) / convenience / safety / responsibility the most.

It was the only company I could find that would ship to Ireland during the lockdown

What Corporate Customers Say About Gift Baskets Overseas and What’s in it for You?

How often do you perform such analysis and how do you act on it to improve loyalty? Oftentimes, collecting and analyzing customers’ opinions and updating your retention program according to this feedback can be extremely actionable. One of the steps you can make in order to improve sentiment, is sending unique and memorable gifts. So, how can you arrange it?