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Three Exciting Updates for the Corporate Customers Gift Baskets Overseas Launched This Year

How does your company approach new service and product development? At Gift Baskets Overseas, we often answer our corporate customers’ requests. To make your gift sending experience as smooth and simple as possible this year our team has been working hard on new features. We’re proud to launch three updates for the corporate customers Gift Baskets Overseas is happy to serve.

Three Exciting Updates for the Corporate Customers Gift Baskets Overseas Launched This Year

Updates for the Corporate Customers Gift Baskets Overseas launched in 2021

Corporate buyers who are responsible for loyalty and gifting programs value flexibility, time, and cost efficiency above anything else. Our corporate sales and business development team got these insights from multiple interviews and surveys of long-time customers. This allowed us to come up with the selection of three features that we were thrilled to announce earlier this year.

  • – Store Credit that allows customers to invest their gift budget for future use,
  • – Online Ordering for bulk orders that allows customers to send multiple delivery requests in one transaction without worrying about a separate spreadsheet, and
  • – Corporate Referral Program that pays back when you refer Gift Baskets Overseas to your colleagues and friends.

Today, let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Store Credit

Sometimes, customer or employee loyalty program managers have excessive budgets that they would like to use in the future. To keep your budget from ever expiring, we now offer a possibility to buy store credit with Gift Baskets Overseas.

With store credit, you can invest in your gift giving campaigns throughout the year without putting unnecessary strain on the end-of-the-year budget. You can buy your credit in increments, quarterly, or whenever you have excess in your budget that your team might otherwise lose. It’s a flexible, time-efficient feature that allows you to have access to the support and assistance of our team. It also helps expedite payments when a situation requires speed delivery.

Updates for the Corporate Customers Gift Baskets Overseas : Store Credit

This feature is really easy to use. The only thing you need to do is fill in the form here. Our corporate gift specialists will create an invoice for you in the amount you requested. They’ll email you when your request has been processed, then send you a secure payment link to complete your purchase. No credit card? No problem. You can pay with an offline payment method, like a wire transfer.

Learn more about Store Credit here >>

Multiple Order Scheduler

This new feature added to the My Account area of the Gift Baskets Overseas website allows you to schedule bulk and corporate orders online. No need to download and fill the spreadsheet!

Upon registering, you can now start building your bulk order immediately in your account. You can be as personal as you would like to be with gift selection and greeting cards. All the information regarding the recipients goes directly into the form. You can upload a CVS file with multiple addresses if you don’t want to enter them manually.

Updates for the Corporate Customers Gift Baskets Overseas : Multiple Order Scheduler

As you know, corporate orders often go to the same addresses year after year. With our address book, you can store all addresses and relevant information for repeat sending. More than that, you can even clone your past orders if nothing changed from last time!

Learn more about Multiple Order Scheduler here >>

Corporate Referral Program

Last but not least, we are happy to announce the Referral Program! Among other updates for corporate customers Gift Baskets Overseas launched this year, it’s the one that affects your budget directly. Now, when you refer a new corporate client to us, they will get a chance to try our service out with a 10% discount coupon. They will get it immediately in their invitation email. Additionally, if they place an order with us, you’ll also receive a 10% coupon to use on your next order.

Updates for the Corporate Customers Gift Baskets Overseas : Referral Program

In short, when you want to recommend us to your friends and co-workers, be sure to simply fill out this form, so we know who to thank.

Learn more about the Corporate Referral Program here >>

Updates for Corporate Customers on Gift Baskets Overseas Launches: what to do next?

So, now you know of these three new updates for Gift Baskets Overseas’ corporate customers, here are some more ideas for you to explore:

  • – First, there are hundreds of corporate gifts for delivery in all the countries around the world that can give you an inspiration for your next gifting campaign
  • – Then, our blog offers some corporate gift etiquette advice that you might find useful when sending gifts
  • – Of course, we always happy to see you on LinkedIn! Follow us for updates and promos.

I hope this overview will help you schedule your international gifts with ease. Good luck!