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A need for sustainable gift giving solutions for loyalty programs is on the rise, study from GBO says

“We are quite satisfied with your offer, but what about the ecology factor?” In recent years, Gift Baskets Overseas’ corporate account managers hear questions like that about sustainable gift giving more and more often. It’s not enough to provide high quality gifts in wide assortments any longer. We need to make sure that our products, orders processing, and gift delivery service comply with the highest international standards for sustainability.

Sustainable Gift Giving: how to make sure you comply


We jumped on in. Our team wanted to know more about what our customers are looking for! That’s why, in summer 2019, Gift Baskets Overseas’ sales and marketing team conducted research to understand what exactly is needed for corporate loyalty and employee recognition programs in terms of sustainability and environmental safety.

What is sustainable gift giving and why is it important for corporate clients?

Responsible gift giving — how your corporate gifts pay it forward, how eco-friendly the options are, the carbon footprint of delivery — all these questions arise when a business is looking to develop a sustainable gift giving program. Here is the list of top concerns that our research uncovered:
  • eco-friendly 100% recyclable packaging;
  • gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free gift options available for sending to recipients with sensitivities;
  • decreased carbon footprint, especially for long distance international deliveries;
  • charitable causes to contribute to;
  • positive impact on the local businesses and entrepreneurship.

Not surprisingly, those first three points received mentions from more than 60% of those surveyed. Other points in combinations were mentioned in 20% of interviews. Only 20% of corporate respondents were not concerned about sustainable corporate gifts.

Sustainable corporate gifts: make sure you comply

Sustainable gift giving is becoming a trend which seems likely to only gain greater importance in 2020 and beyond. To be sure that your loyalty program, international employee retention program, and / or client gifting initiatives comply, there is a check list of points to take care of:

  • provide eco friendly packaging for the gifts;
  • minimize transportation miles and on-route storage demands;
  • ensure that recipients with food allergies and sensitivities receive special gifts;
  • organize local delivery and processing via local services to support local economies, small business, and entrepreneurship;
  • look for gifts that contribute to charitable causes locally and globally.

Sustainable Gift Giving: make sure your gift baskets comply

Get professional help with gifts for your loyalty program

Working on the results from the research, Gift Baskets Overseas’ team launched its sustainable alternatives to gift wrapping initiative across all the major delivery locations we serve.

Now, when sending a corporate gift basket to a client, a partner, or an employee abroad, you can ask for your gift packaging be eco-friendly and recyclable. Then our managers will take care of it for you with regional managers and the delivery service.

Sustainable gift baskets available to corporate clients may contain gluten free products, vegan gifts, organic and many other options to account for potential recipients’ sensitivities and allergies.

When sending a gift to another country, you can be sure that the processing and delivery is accomplished in as little as 2-3 business days locally. Therefore, your order is supporting local business which is especially important in countries with developing economies.

Local processing and delivery also addresses one very serious contemporary concern: climate impact. With online processing and a gift delivery from a local facility, you minimize the distance of actual transportation in times in comparison to the delivery from your country to the recipient’s address. As a result, there is paper waste and carbon footprint minimization as well.

Sustainable Gift Giving: Rainforest Trust and Gift Baskets Overseas partnership

By partnering with Rainforest Trust, Gift Baskets Overseas now contributes funds to the ecological cause of saving rain forests from every purchase of specific baskets. You can make sure that your order donates also by speaking to the gift specialist servicing you.

Now that you know more about sustainable gift giving, what to do next?