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Success Stories: You need to use Gift Baskets Overseas! Oasis Ads Media, Corporate Client

Oasis Ads Media deals with clients on a global scale, which makes maintaining relationships essential. To show its partners and clients appreciation during the holidays, Oasis Ads Media sends out high end gift baskets. This is where office manager, Nicola Masterson shows how indispensable she is to the team.

During the holiday season, Nicola organizes hundreds of orders for gift baskets to be delivered all over the world, this is a lengthy process that typically begins in October. Due to the nature of the situation, no expense is spared including a number of tailored requests for high-end clients.

Today, we were meeting with Nicola in a cozy little cafe in Midtown Toronto after her busy work day in the office to learn what she has to share about the Oasis Ads Media experience with Gift Baskets Overseas.

Nicola Masterson of Oasis Ads Media
Nicola Masterson of Oasis Ads Media

Gift Baskets Overseas has been a trusted partner to Oasis Ads Media in regards to client care.

Nicola: “Our office gets pretty crazy around Christmas, sending baskets often takes up so much time and time is a precious commodity. When someone can offer a time-saving service, I’m all in!

If you need to show appreciation to clients anywhere around the world you can rely on Gift Baskets Overseas to provide a thorough, knowledgeable and friendly experience. And it delivers everywhere from Brazil to Germany, and even places as remote as Yemen!”

In Nicola’s opinion, the company consistently goes above and beyond the average standards of customer service, making sure clients like Nicola always feel valued during the most hectic time of year.

After our meeting, we received another comment from Oasis Ads Media management, and we are proud to cite it here:

Gift Baskets Overseas has always maintained strong channels of communication with Nicola over the course of their relationship. From providing appropriate gift ideas for specific clients to delivery updates and delays. If there was ever an issue with item availability or timing, Gift Baskets Overseas has always been upfront and provided potential solutions for any situation.

Maintaining client relationships is crucial to any business, and this couldn’t be truer for Gift Baskets Overseas. They always welcome feedback on how they can improve on their service and has even been known to take their clients to lunch to get a sense of how they can continue to grow and keep their clients happy. Nicola has used 30+ gift basket companies over her years as Office Manager. In her opinion, “if you are looking for someone to handle your order with care, professionalism and a genuine interest in serving you well: You need to use Gift Baskets Overseas!”

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