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Remote Motivation: How to Keep Your Team Motivated While Social Distancing

It’s no secret that this is a difficult time for everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and companies are no exception. With the restrictive measures that governments around the world are taking, many of the employees who worked from the office, now had to move to their home offices and adopt working remotely. Today, let’s think about keeping your team remote motivation under these difficult circumstances.

Remote Motivation: How to Keep Your Team Motivated While Social Distancing
Work environment is really different now. How to sty focused and motivated?

Remote motivation: Why does it matter?

Although this style of work has already been implemented previously in many companies, it is very new for others that follow the traditional face-to-face work model.

This new work dynamic brings new challenges for companies, since working from home can create difficulties in communication, cooperation, team relationships, and accessibility. Likewise, distancing can cause great demotivation since now the contact with colleagues doesn’t feel the same. Plus, there can be additional challenges in adapting your own home as an office. Iis your family asking what’s for dinner all the time, too?!

This, of course, has consequences for the company’s work environment. It can lead to loss of connection with the workplace and loss of perception of unity and teamwork.

In order to combat the negative effects of working from home during quarantine, we want to share the Gift Baskets Overseas team’s experience of maintaining a good work environment and strengthening the company’s identity while working remotely full time.

Emphasize company’s values

The mission and vision of the company and the business philosophy are concepts that should not be left on paper. The corporate values of each company must be communicated in a didactic and effective way so that all employees can feel aligned and proud of the company they work for.

Try to allow each employee to take time to define in their own words what makes them proud to work there, or simply what they like best about the way the company handles business. This can be a topic of 1:1 short online meeting with the manager or between team members, and sharing their opinions via shared online documents can help.

Set communication channels and time

Remote Motivation: How to Keep Your Team Connected While Social Distancing
Using technology to stay connected

Being in contact with your team is essential when working remotely. However, be careful not to fall into exaggeration, define a calendar with specific meetings and topics to discuss.

It is important to establish a main communication channel for meetings and try not to resort to various tools as it can be exhausting for many people. In addition to this, it is recommended that meetings are held by video calls, not just over the voice, so that you get closer to the feeling of a physical face-to-face meeting.

Have a specific agenda prior to each meeting and try to to stick to it at all times to enhance productivity. This will prevent your team from falling into the typical meeting trap that leaves a feeling that this could have been an email.

Focus on trust

When you’ve gotten into the habit of evaluating work and commitment physically, having your team at a distance can be confusing. Adopt trusting approach and let your team members see this.

Trust them, and keep in mind that the remote work tools are very powerful weapons to increase productivity. Give your employees the power of self-discipline and you will soon see that the flexibility of working from home will positively influence the work environment and the overall results.

Recognize and appreciate

Remind your team members how important each of them is to the business. When someone has a good idea or their performance is outstanding, take the time and let them know personally with an email or a casual video chat, motivate them to keep doing their best.

In difficult times such as this time of pandemic or any crucial moment in the personal life of any of your team members, it’s a good idea to make them feel special. Sending a gift basket is a very comforting acknowledgment message, the members of your team will be very grateful to you and the company.

The most common recommendation during this time is to send a healthy gift basket, with fruits and products that contain vitamins. Another very popular gift is a gourmet gift basket with products that will surely be very useful for your collaborators and their families. These gourmet baskets can contain chocolates, crackers, a wine or some type of liquor and of course a card with a personalized text where you can share with your team a message of encouragement for difficult times and make them feel connected.

Remote motivation: What else can we do

Motivate remote teams by sending gifts!
  • Learn more about different ways to reward employees in our blog .
  • As a bonus tip, if during the social distancing season any of your team members has birthday, do not miss the date and send them a cake that they can share with their family or a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate.
  • No matter what country your employees are in, we ship to more than 200 countries, and by the way, why not send a corporate gift to your customers or partners?
  • Remember that we all need to be encouraged at some point, and how good does it feel when this message of tranquility and love comes from the company we work for.

Blog written by Catalina Cárdenas Chávez, Gift Baskets Overseas brand manager in Latin America, and originally published on