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How We Used Gift Baskets Overseas for Corporate Gifts. Interview with Jooble Business Development Manager

Here at Gift Baskets Overseas, we call winter holidays “The High Season.” During this period, thousands of orders come from all over the world, oftentimes in the last minute before the actual holiday. However, the corporate holiday season is different. It starts as early as October. For many of our customers, their order means delivery of dozens or even hundreds of gifts to different countries, to residential and business addresses. One such customer is Jooble — a company that offers a vertical job search engine in more than seventy countries. Today we sit with Jooble’s business development manager, Marine Palienko, to discuss their gift programs and how they used Gift Baskets Overseas for corporate gifts.

How We Used Gift Baskets Overseas for Corporate Gifts. Interview with Jooble Development Manager

How Jooble is Using Gift Baskets Overseas for Corporate Gifts

Jooble is a vertical job search engine that aggregates and displays job ads from thousands of job boards, corporate recruiter pages, and newspapers. Jooble works in 71 countries and is available in 24 languages.  The company was founded in 2006 in Kyiv, Ukraine and currently, is the second-best platform in the world for jobs and employment, according to the analytical service SimilarWeb.

Who in your company is responsible for the corporate gifting program? Is customer loyalty or employee retention your main focus?

We should distinguish the corporate gifting program for the employees from the gifting program for the clients. Customer loyalty is the main focus of our sales department since they are people who work with our clients directly. We deliver corporate gifts to our clients each year.

What were your goals when you first decided to send gifts internationally? Were your objectives customer loyalty, employee retention, recognition, something else?

We wanted to bring some happiness to our clients and congratulate them on holidays. We also wanted to show our gratitude and simply say “Thank you for being with us.” Of course, all of the above may lead to customer loyalty, but we work on customer retention every day providing our clients with high-quality service. Providing high-quality service to our clients is the main goal for our company and sending gifts internationally is a part of our customer care.

What kinds of challenges did you face when working on this project? How difficult / easy it was to organize international delivery?

The biggest challenge we’d faced last year was the lockdown. It turned out that many of our clients had started working remotely and could not receive gifts that were already sent at the addresses that we provided. Therefore, we had to change the addresses during the delivery process. However, everything was sorted out with your representatives” help. The team at Gift Baskets Overseas did a lot to deliver the gifts on time.

What made you choose Gift Baskets Overseas’ solution? At what point did you decide that you wanted to outsource your gift deliveries to us?

We decided to use Gift Baskets Overseas for corporate gifts because your company delivers hampers worldwide. You have a huge variety of gifts for all budgets and tastes. There is always something to choose from. It’s easier to go with an international provider than try and arrange all the deliveries ourselves.

How was your overall experience with the service?

We have been working with your company for 3 years. We are very satisfied with your service. Delivery is also fast enough. Gift Baskets Overseas representatives take care of the whole process, providing support when it’s needed. On the other hand, the delivery notification system needs more improvement, not all the emails arrived on time and some were not delivered at all. It would be great to have this system improved! However, your representative informed us beforehand that notifications may arrive late because it depends on the courier.

What was the outcome for your business from sending gifts? Did you get any feedback from your customers or employees?

We receive a lot of good feedback from our customers each year. Some of the clients send photos taken with gifts they received. Therefore, we can definitely say that we’re bringing some happiness to our clients. 

If you did some tracking for the project, what were the KPIs and did they improve after your customers received their gifts?

We can’t say exactly that clients increase their budgets on our services right after receiving the gifts. We can’t see the correlation between our gifting program and any measurable KPIs and that is absolutely fine since the main goal of the gifting program is to bring some happiness to our clients. 

Thanks to Jooble and Marine personally for our conversation! Would you like to try Gift Baskets Overseas for corporate gifts too?

Good luck with your gifts!