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How To Stay Top of Mind for Customers in Difficult Times

2020 continues to prove itself as the most unprecedented year. Millions of businesses around the globe are affected. Many went out of business already with even more struggling to keep up with the market. Knowing how to stay top of mind for customers during this challenging period can be a key differentiator between those who survive and those who file bankruptcy. Today, we sit with Gift Baskets Overseas’ brand manager in Germany, Larissa Heifneider, to discuss how to stay connected with the international clients with care and empathy when they need it the most.

Crisis times: how to stay top of mind for customers

Strategic approach to being top of mind for customers

Q: The current situation is unique. What do we see happening with clients in Germany and EU?

Given the global changes that the coronavirus pandemic has caused in all areas of society, it is important that large, medium and small entrepreneurs rethink the way they communicate with their customers. All companies had to take action to continue their business. Many companies had to maximize the physical protection of their employees, restructure schedules, implement remote work, and many even had to close.

Regardless of the measures business people can take during the crisis, the most important thing for maintaining customer relationships is to let them know what your company is doing to overcome the pandemic and how it is doing it. Make sure communication is clear and don’t panic with the information you give your customers. Do NOT lose communication with your customers, on the contrary, see this moment as an opportunity to get closer to them.

Q: So, being connected and communicating clearly is ever more important now?

Yes. The communication you establish with your customers has two important aspects. One of the ways to consistently communicate with customers is to speak openly about what’s going on. No matter how difficult the situation is, do not deny it. Make the information you give your customers relevant and useful during the pandemic.

Now, if the crisis caused by the coronavirus is most important, don’t avoid talking about it. On the contrary, be well informed, provide high-quality information and talk to your customers about this topic with content that will bring them closer to your company.

Q: Now so long ago, we talked about the business values that can help teams stay motivated. Does it help with staying top of mind for customers as well?

Your company’s mission and vision cannot remain on paper. This means that you must reflect the company’s values in business actions and communication. In these difficult times, communicating with your customers becomes easier and much more natural if you rely on the real purpose of your company.

One of our most important values ​​at Gift Baskets Overseas is the focus on helping customers connect with their loved ones through gifts. We don’t just want customers, we want delighted customers. For this reason, we are constantly working to achieve the impossible, to reach even the places in the world where it is most difficult to deliver during the pandemic. It’s difficult, but we commit to making the recipients and senders happy! With that in mind, we are constantly updating the countries to which we can deliver. And of course, we inform our followers and subscribers about these opportunities so that they can plan accordingly.

how to stay top of mind for customers: communicate and stay connected!

During the crises, it is important that you let your customers know that they are not always alone. They need to feel that you prioritize their needs beyond the business. There are positive messages that help build collective trust and simplify this time. Society is changing and will continue to change after the pandemic. If you manage to reinvent yourself as a company and adapt to these changes, you can be sure that you have a real bond with your customers.

P.S. If you want more of Larissa’s tips on gift ideas to send to Germany, check the video below!

How can we help you connect and stay top of mind for customers

Stay connected!